Evaluating how ready each person is for the final

The final is upon us, and I will be scoring from 1-10, how ready each person currently in the final is ready for it, and we will use 8 categories, to score it out of 80.

#1 Experience

CT: 9.5/10
This is CT’s 12th season on the Challenge, this is his 6th final ever, he has more mental and physical experience than anyone else left in the game by far. I fully expect CT to destroy this final, but the only reason he does not get a perfect 10 is due to the fact he has not run a final since 2013.

Cory: 2.5/10
It is true that Cory has run a final in the past. He and his cousin finished in 2nd place on the Bloodlines final, where it seemed like a battle between his and Jenna’s team for 3rd.

Nelson: 0/10
If you have never been in a final, you’re about to be punched in the face.

Camila: 7/10
Camila won the Exes 1 final, one of the most grueling finals in Challenge history, however it has been 6 years since then, and since 2013 when she’s been to a final. Even then, her Rivals 2 final was cut short. It’s been a while for Camila, but she definitely has the experience over the other girls.

Nicole/Ashley: 0/10
First time here, let’s see what they have in them.

#2 Endurance

CT: 8/10
He’s not in peak CT shape obviously. Then again, he is CT. He has been breathing heavy a lot on this season. Like an older athlete, CT has played himself into game shape all season.

Nelson: 7/10
Say what you will about Nelson being lame or dumb, I have not seen him give up much this season. He’s one of those dudes that will run at a wall until his bones are broken.

Cory: 4/10
He got winded hiking a few miles in his elimination against Theo. Flop.

Camila: 8/10
She has never been in Paula type shape when it comes to running, she’s always been solid though. This season she has come into the Challenge with the best shape of her life, and she looks fit to run a final.

Nicole: 6/10
She did track in high school, however it has been quite a bit of time since then, and she’s added quite a bit of mass. She trains for body building, not for marathons.

Ashley: 6/10
I’m not entirely sure that Ashley has enough in her body a strength point of view in terms of endurance. She does spend most of her training time doing cardio.

#3 Swim /Water Athletics

CT: 10/10
After Wes and Tyler, CT is the 3rd best swimmer in Challenge history? Is there anyone I’m forgetting.

Cory: 3/10
Cory has been lucky to not get a ton of swimming missions during his time on the Challenge. He’s semi-competent, not good. He and his cousin did meh on the kayaking during the Bloodlines final.

Nelson: 1.5/10
Swimming is not looking too good for Nelson.

Camila: 9/10
Maybe it came from her time on Brazilian beaches, but Camila has been a top female swimmer on many seasons.

Nicole: 5/10
Not sure. Not bad?

Ashley: 5.5/10
Ashley has always been competent in the more extreme types of events.

#4 Mental Endurance

CT: 10/10
While he is older, he is more likely to give up due to physical endurance and years of smoking than anything mental. After already dying on the Exes 1 final, CT understands the value of pacing himself and as a dad, he understands the value of 100,000 dollars.

Nelson: 8/10
As dopey as Nelson gets when he is drunk, he does not quit when it comes to these things. He fails quite often, but often pushes himself to never stop.

Cory: 5/10
Top tier excuse maker for when he is not winning.

Camila: 7.5/10
She’s a whirlwind of emotions.

Nicole: 6.5/10
Nicole gets quite angry and frustrated when certain things do not go her way. If she can’t physically break something open to get the job done, she struggles.

Ashley: 3.5/10
Her nickname is paranoid Pam for a reason.

#5 Mental Ability

CT: 8.5/10
The last final CT was on was Rivals 2, he destroyed all the puzzles in the final.In the final elimination, he used his brain to beat Darrell, and for some reason, his experience in real estate and carpentry the past few years has made me to believe he is improved his problem solving sense.

Nelson and Cory: 1/10
Nelson is dumber than Cory, though he has a real job, while Cory is a “model personal trainer”. Both get a 1.

Camila: 7.5/10
She has seen many puzzles in her 7 year Challenge career. She tends to be very hit or miss when it comes to puzzles, usually doing well in most puzzles.

Nicole: 2/10
Her brain is not her best muscle.

Ashley: 8.5/10
Word on the street is that Ashley has an actual college education and had a family that put her in good schooling. She’s kinda crazy, but it comes with some intelligence.

#6 Strength

CT: 10/10

Nelson: 8/10
Dude is in superb shape. Not sure he’d win a fight, he lifts though.

Cory: 6.5/10
His popcorn muscles are very sketch.

Camila: 6.5/10
In her many seasons, Camila has shown to be powerful for her size. She just doesn’t have super brute force.

Nicole: 9/10
This is her category. Her life is all about the gains. We saw her pull in two girls during the tug of war, so when it comes to carrying weight, she will be ready.

Ashley: 4/10
Small girl. Decent core strength, but if she has to carry a ton of weight, I am not liking her chances a lot.

#7 Communication

CT: 9/10
If you look back at CT’s history with partners, he gets out the best of a lot of people. Only time he does not do well is when he gets angry and yells a bit.

Nelson: 7/10
While he does not seem good with words, Nelson seems very supportive as a person.

Cory: 6/10
Just like Zach, Cory loves to have any excuse that does not include blame himself. He was a good with partner with Ashley & Mitch, but his attitude this season has been atrocious.

Camila: 3/10
When Camila gets a partner, you better listen to Camila, even if she is wrong.

Nicole: 5/10
None of the points where she had to partner up with someone this season were actually good.

Ashley: 7/10
She loves to butter the biscuits of her partners.

#8 Eating

CT: 10/10
CT on Exes 2: “I destroy eating Challenges.”

Nelson: 2/10
Was not the worst on the eating challenge this season.

Cory: 1.5/10
Struggled mightily on the eating portion of the Bloodlines final.

Camila: 9/10
Has had a lot of experience over the years eating gross shit.

Nicole and Ashley: 1/10
Both could not hang eating spicy curry. Curry is delicious.

Total Scores

CT: 75/80
Nelson: 33.5/80
Cory 29.5/80

Camila: 57.5/80
Ashley: 35.5/80
Nicole: 34.5/80



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