Deconstructing the “This Season on Trailer” For the Challenge Dirty 30

Allan Aguirre
5 min readJul 19, 2017


With every premiere, you get a trailer that shows what happens on the season after the premier, get some new looks into the drama, and we get to understand the game more.

I will be deconstructing the trailer, giving insight into what is happening in specific scenes. I slowed it down so hard to get certain screenshots. If there is something I do not talk about, it is because I have discussed the exact same scene in one of the prior two deconstructions:

TJ tells the cast to welcome back their enemies. Guessing they will be competing in redemption for everyone to watch, or to take someone’s spot in the game. Will be interesting to see how redemption works.

CT enters the house with Briana LaCuesta (Ashley’s replacement).

Marie, Cara Maria, Derrick K, and Nicole are all together, possibly they’ve won a mission and are discussing who to nominate. Otherwise, this in awkward quartet. Cara/Marie are in the same colors.

TJ asks Cory if he has a “hit list”, to which he responds that he does. And who is on it?

Kailah is standing behin CT and Bananas,

My guess is that they nominated Cory, and now Cory wants to get them back. Even more interesting is that later in the trailer you see this:

That’s Cory in elimination. Behind him you can find Hunter, Camila, Aneesa, and Nelson.

Cara Maria gets into it with Tony and says it’s not her fault that he doesn’t know how to use a condom. If I had to guess, she nominated Tony for elimination and is dealing with Tony trying to guilt her. You can also see Blonde hair like Marie’s next to her, and considering she was in the scene above, I’m guessing it’s the same episode.

It looks like two individuals making out on the bus. If I had to guess who, their names rhyme with Tony and Camila. And no, it’s not Bony and Bamila, it’s Tony Raines and Camila Nakagawa. Guess he’s not out of the game after all.

The group’s respone to TJ informing them that they are playing for their share at a million dollars.

Two different scenes of Tony breaking stuff and being a fool.

A fight in the bed between two girls.

Derrick and Nelson getting into, Hunter is behind, in the front it’s Jemmye, an Camila(?), and off to the side it’s Cara Maria.

This was the hardest to slow down as MTV kept flickering light an dark in this one second scene of the trailer. I was able to make out that it is Aneesa and Camila fighting.

TJ blowing the horn for elimination. The leggings are Cara Maria’s, that’s her style. The chunky ankles on the shorts are CT’s. If I had to guess who is in the red shorts, either Jordan or Dario, seems their style.

A physical elimination. The red hair is Ammo’s.

This was one I mentioned during the past trailer deconstruction, but now I can confirm it. The team are split up into fours or fives, and they must lift up one person, up and down a post where they put the logo of each Challenge season in order from top to bottom, 1–30. You can see in the back the logos.

This has been in all the trailers. Maybe an elimination or Challenge. Nicole and Hunter compete in this, maybe more people.

Camila in elimination on a giant wheel. Maybe she is racing in it, or maybe it is an endurance game.

Briana and CT again.



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