Deconstructing the new Bachelor in Paradise Trailer — Possible Spoilers*

Allan Aguirre
4 min readJul 31, 2017


So I’ve done this with MTV’s the Challenge and other shows, but I will be deconstructing the new Bachelor in Paradise trailer put out by ABC. None of the spoilers will be like: “these two people get engaged” or anything like that. I will be taking the scenes from the trailer and pointing out what it is obvious.

Thank you to user Anna Marie who posted this on YouTube. ABC has only posted this on Twitter, which results in low quality stills when I slow it down. The YouTube version was almost as bad, it was better than the Twitter version though.

We open up with a date between Adam (father of Adam Jr.) and Sarah Hyland… I mean, Sarah Vendal. Sarah’s lips look great and she got to be in the opening of a promo, so she is doing better already than she did on Nick’s season. Swear to God, I spent five minutes searching for Adam Jr.

We get a shot of surprised Christen (Nick’s season)! If you did not know, someone made a tumblr of only Christen reaction gifs.

She was only on like 3 episodes.

We get a shot of a ATV date, then a shot of two girls running to jump into the pool (girls are Raven and Alexis).

We get a shot of Wells (arriving?) in Paradise. The rumor mill is that he will be on as the bartender. We then then get a shot of two people kissing. It’s hard to make out who they are. Maybe Dean, maybe Wells, maybe Alex W?

Amanda Stanton, a fresh face that is new to the Bachelor universe.

We get a shot of Adam and Raven being on a date. Is Adam this Summer’s hot ticket? We then get two individuals making out, I think one might be Taylor Nolan (emotional intelligence girl).

Beautiful scenes by the cameraman. Diggy is on a date with it looks like Lacey Mark.

These were hard to make out. I could speculate that maybe Dean is in picture 1, with Taylor in picture 2. Hard to tell the rest for me.

We get a ton of tears. Including Christen and Lacey.

It ends with Jasmine and Lacey in tears. This trailer was about a bunch of people who did not get a ton of air time on their season being featured in Paradise. Raven is the only person featured who got a lot of screen time on their season. We do see Amanda S., though at this point she is old news.

The first promo had a ton of Robby though.



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