Deconstructing the new 3 minute Challenge Dirty 30 Trailer *Spoilers*

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There is the trailer for reference. We will be deconstructing it, mostly scene by scene. If you do not want spoilers, this probably isn’t the article for you. I do not know elimination spoilers, I am basing this off of what I see in the trailer:

The opening scene is as clear as day, Cory getting in the face of Bananas. Nelson is heavily intoxicated, he goes to get in Bananas face it looks too, and he can barely make it over there, and pants/shirt is slipping off his body.

Jordan states he doesn’t want to talk to “Dum Dum”, unclear on who that is, maybe Camila? Then you see the fight between him and Aneesa. Best parts of this are Nicole eating Ice Cream, Cara eating, and Derrick in the way back eating.

The music begins and we get a shot of Hunter and LeRoy. It looks like a paper wall Hall Brawl. If that’s true, and this is an elimination, the money would be on LeRoy, except in this photo it looks like Hunter puts a crazy good hit on him.

This is a shot we saw in the original teaser from Buzzfeed. Not sure if this is a Challenge, elimination, or what at all.

The format is similar to Free Agents, so teams/pairs/individuals will switch up a lot. In this missions, Cara, LeRoy, and I’m pretty sure CT are all on a team. I like those chances of winning that mission with that group.

This looks exactly like the trivia challenge from Free Agents. The one falling is Nelson, you can tell clearly in the second picture. In the first picture, it looks like he was next to CT or Tony. Trivia challenges are usually mid season or earlier.

Tell young ones telling Derrick that his name was being called up by the veterans and that he should with them. Looks like the AYTO room.

Derrick is in the water with a giant ball he is carrying. Reminds me of a mission from the Duel 1.

A blind wrestling elimination or something? I ws able to deduce that one of the girls in elimination is Marie or Tori. Only girls with hair that blonde. The girl in blue has a super short name. Maybe Tori vs Marie? Tori’s roots weren’t blonde.

Another elimination similar to Wall Brawl from Free Agents. If you look at the booty, it’s definitely Kailah.

Oh yeah, the helmet also says Kailah, I guess.

Another mission, Jordan and Tori are partnered, you can see Derrick K, Hunter, and Kailah behind, all in separat teams.

Nelson in elimination similar to Back Up Off Me from Cutthroat (Backpack). Behind him in the first photo is Cara Maria, Bananas, CT, Jordan, and I think Tony (only person taller than CT). They are shocked and amazed by what looks like a fierce battle. In the second photo, it’s hard to make out who Nelson is playing, but I believe it’s Hunter based on face shape, and who is watching. Everyone else with that big of a head are either not that skin color, or watching.

Another shot from the teaser. Darrell/Tony/Cory running up cannonballs, either an individual or a team mission.

This reminds me of the Duel 1 mission where you had to flip your opponent of the side of a deck into the water. Here you can see that the one closer to the water is Devin.

This looks like a mission where one person does a puzzle and their team or partner lifts them up. If you notice, the pieces are Challenge season logo. Nicole R is in baby blue and she has the the Inferno 3 in her hand, with the Duel 1 already on the board. If you look at Britni in the yellow, she has all the seasons up to Inferno 3 up. Good thing she is a super fan. I think Aneesa is in the pink, and since she debuted on MTV in 2001, that will help.

Veronica in the trivia challenge.

Looks like a two part mission. These teams are in the same color from the mission where the girl are putting the Challenges in order. This looks like the puzzle from Cutthroat.

A lot of hammers or hitting stuff in the trailers this season. LeRoy putting down a hit on a box. Nelson and Veronica behind him.

A pair mission. Hunter and Marie are partners (pink), Nelson and Veronica (yellow), Cory (light blue), and Dario (blue).

This looks like some ninja warrior shit. In the original teaser, Tori falls. Any girl that can do this would be highly impressive. Jordan is on the team for this one, as is Tony.

The best new generation competitors and Cory talking to Derrick about the vets wanting to throw him in. Derrick asks for names, then MTV pans in on Bananas.

Then MTV pans in on Camila, from there we get Kailah complaining about someone kissing everyone’s ass. They’re implying Camila, could be someone else.

A bit out of order. Cory complains that the two people he trusts the most stabbed him in the back (Hunter and Nelson?). Cory also in elimination.

Aneesa with her regular tears.

This mission was teased in the first trailer. The light blue team is Johnny, Derrick, Nelson, Hunter, and Tony. Which means CT is coming down the pipe at them.

Tony is fighting in the same game that Devin was earlier. Hard to tell who he is fighting until the next screen where you see it’s Darrell ripping Tony off as he falls.

People that show up a lot in the trailers (background or foreground):

Derrick K
Cara Maria
Nicole R

People that show up a good amount:


I saw them more than once or twice:


Saw once or never:

Derrick H



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