Champs vs Stars Episode 7 Recap: Shane Knows Best

Allan Aguirre
5 min readMay 30, 2018

The Red and Blue Teams are no more! The game transition to pairs of dual Champs, dual Stars and mixed Champ and Star pairs. Partners were selected based on the money leaderboard.

Tony selects the 6'3 Boston prospect, Chris Tamburello. Tony getting the first pick with CT on the board is highway robbery. They are team Dad Bod.

Due to a four-way tie between Booby, Wes, Louise, and Casper, they pull names from a bowl to decide who gets to pick.

Booby selects Wes, going with a true Champ over the Stars. He says Wes can guide him through the game and he can learn from him. Wes is happy to be relieved from his Blue Team shackles. Hilariously, Wes names them the Good Guys.

Louise selects Casper. The dynamic duo must now navigate the game without number power.

Drake selects Kailah. He called her a bitch an episode earlier butves belief Kailah is an elite competitor because she has done well physically up to this point. Kailah is not happy to be paired with Drake, but not completely upset either.

Brooke selects Shane fifth. She worked very well with Shane during the jungle gym challenge and she hopes he can take over the social and strategic game for them. They hold down the name Turquoise Twins.

Lil Mama selects Tori. An easy pick as Selita and Jozea are the other two available. They are a ball of positive vibes who can stay under the radar.

Jozea and Selita are left together and neither is very happy despite their actual smiles.

After they are all paired up, they enter the common area. Wes is the happiest person in the world. He rubs it in Casper and Louise’s faces, saying that he no longer has to live under their reign of terror.

Shane joins Brooke at dinner with her mother,Linda, and brother, Nick. You might remember them from Hogan Knows Best. It is crazy to see the family reunited on MTV over a decade later.

The next morning at breakfast, Jozea informs Selita and Shane that he does not know how to swim. However, he feels that under pressure he will be able to learn how and compete just fine… Meanwhile, Casper and Louise talk about targeting CT and Tony to give them a better chance at the final.

The Challenge

Partners will dive underwater, grab a ring and run it through an underwater obstacle course. The beginning of the course is roughly 8 feet deep, increasing to 13 feet at the end. For weaker swimmers, 13 feet gets a bit difficult when navigating the obstacle course. Only one person can be underwater and traversing the course while the other stays above water.

Along with safety, the winning team gets 2,000 dollars, picks the MVP, who gets an additional 1,000 dollars, and the LVP team.

Heat 1: Drake/Kailah versus Louise/Casper

It starts off a close match with Drake and Kailah doing well in the opening. Kailah is from Florida and Drake competed in a celebrity diving competition the previous year, so they are both used to the water. Louise and Casper struggle at first, until they begin to communicate. As the depth increases, Kailah and Drake falter. Louise/Casper finish first with Kailah/Drake finishing what seems to be a couple minutes behind them. They are not happy about their time at all.

Heat 2: Shane/Brooke versus Jozea/Selita

Shane swims for fun and joined a swim club when he was in college. He kills this competition along with Brooke who looks like a natural in the water. She is not as good as Shane or Wes, though she is probably the 3rd best swimmer there. They kill it. Selita jumps in the water first and cannot even get to the bottom. Then Jozea jumps in and to everyone’s surprise (not), he cannot swim. Selita does not give up and tries her best. The pair can’t finish within the 30 minute time limit.

Heat 3: Wes/Booby versus Lil Mama/Tori

Booby describes himself as a good swimmer, not a great one. Lil Mama is a bad swimmer and Tori is solid. Wes decides to completely take over after Booby’s first time in the water.Booby is a solid swimmer, but it is apparent Wes is much faster. If there were two Wes’, it would be an easy win. Lil Mama struggles initially, but Tori coaches her up and carries some extra weight. Everyone is shocked by their performance.

Heat 4: Tony/CT

They swim with their shirts on. They do very well.

Winners: Shane and Brooke.

Post Challenge Talk: Teams spread off and discuss their strategies. Booby buys Shane and Brooke a glass of wine each to get on their good side. Shane and Brooke have three teams to choose from. Jozea and Selita is the lazy choice, Casper and Louise is the smart choice, and Tony and CT is the bold choice. Shane figures Casper and Louise will be the most efficient choice because they do not want to waste their pick on Jozea/Selita, but they do not want a CT/Tony coming back to get them.

Jozea and Selita have a talk about preparing themselves for elimination. Jozea tells her he fully expects them to win no matter who they go against. Selita is not so optimistic.


MVP Vote: Shane picks Casper/Louise as the team to automatically go into elimination.

General Vote:

Louise/Casper vote for CT/Tony.
Jozea/Selita vote for CT/Tony.
CT/Tony vote for Selita/Jozea.

Tori wants to vote for Jozea/Selita, but Lil Mama refuses to vote for any of her Stars. The Miz picks a name from a bucket between the two. He picks out Lil Mama, placing their vote on Selita/Jozea.

Drake tells Kailah they should go to the bucket and Kailah tries her best to convince him. In the end, they get the bucket and Kailah votes for Jozea/Selita.

Down to Booby/Wes; Wes is in Booby’s ear and wants to vote in Jozea/Selita. If Booby does not vote for Jozea/Selita, CT and the Champs will lose all trust in Wes.




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