Challenge WOTW cast members as Avengers End Game Characters

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I spent about $20 on a 1AM IMAX ticket for Avengers Infinity War. After watching the first Iron Man movie with my family back in 2008, I am so excited to watch the culmination of a decade long series of movies. Fun Fact: I skipped school one day for no reason and walked to 7–11 because the new limited edition Iron Man Slurpees and cups were coming out. The 7–11 was across the street from my school. (P.S. the Slurpees sucked).

As a Challenge Blogger who ran out of good ideas a solid year ago, nothing seemed more timely than comparing the War of the Worlds cast members to Avengers characters. Now, I know not everyone in this article is officially an Avenger and some of the comparisons are going to be awful, but some of them might be funny and decent, so bare with me.

IRON MAN — Weston

Wes could fill in for Robert Downey Jr on any given day on the set of a Marvel movie. He is a talented and cocky playboy and they’re even around the same height and frame.

Wes is both one of the most underrated and overrated Challengers all-time. He is a total showman who wants people to know how awesome he is and keeps his biggest aces up his sleeve. However, he does have many shortcomings, mostly mortality in a world of more talented people, however, both use their minds to get ahead. Easily one of the funniest and most entertaining characters.

Captain America — Turbo

He is a literal hero who saves lives in his country. Turbo plays the game straight up and his body is actually way more natural than Captain America.

Honestly, I’m a bit terrified Turkey will come for me because I am taking one of their heroes and giving him the Captain America label.

Black Widow — Nany

Largely a completely overrated competitor and hero, yet we all spent so much time with her that we are invested. Not to mention, she has important social connections with many of our favorite heroes and continues to put herself out there despite not being the strongest. Her flirtationship with Bruce Banner kinda reminds me of Nany’s relationship with Cohutta.

Thor — Mattie

Yes, the first two Thor movies sucked, sort of like Mattie’s first few episodes of the Challenge. However, both of these individuals are the most underrated strong individuals. We know Thor is a God with a mighty hammer, but until you watch him beat the hell out of Hulk or a giant fire monster, you don’t completely get it. Mattie stepped in and owned two girls in a physical elimination where they definitely teamed up against her. Both have accents, both are hot, and both seem like chill people to have a beer with.

Hulk — CT

We saw CT go from zero to one hundred this season when he got picked to go into elimination.

Older CT is more like Bruce Banner, just a talented funny guy. He can still get angry and the Hulk will come out, like when he got into it with Terrell Owens.

Hawkeye — Gus

He looks the most like Hawkeye and also happened to be around most of the time.

War Machine — Hunter

Hunter is Wes’s top ally in this game and has been carried by him politically in this game. Wes is Hunter’s right mind like Tony Stark is for Rhodes, aka War Machine.

Ant-Man — Bear

Two of the funniest people in the game, both often find themselves in sticky situations. Bear is more of a villain type so maybe he doesn’t fit Lang totally well, though Lang is a former criminal.

Captain Marvel — Cara Maria

For the people who hate Cara Maria, I am sorry. For the people who love Cara Maria, you already probably dislike me for previous articles. I will say, that Captain Marvel is one of the strongest and most powerful heroes ever. Cara is a two time Champion who is the first individual winner in Challenge history.

Rocket — Amanda

Amanda is one of the smartest competitors and Rocket is underratedly brilliant. They are both tiny with few friends, except the ones who love them, and those people LOVE them.

Dr. Strange — Bananas

Dr. Strange held an Infinity Stone and was the holder of the time stone. Bananas holds a massive appearance check and gets great edits. Dr. Strange mixed it up a bit with Tony Stark on Infinity War and neither seemed to like each other, though we can tell they’re friends at the end of the day.

Spider-Man — Kyle

Both characters can carry the show with their charm and charisma, and both are used for comedic relief.

Black Panther — Kam

Each character comes from royalty. Kam believes all women are queens and she herself is both Queen and Killa Kam. T’Challa is both the Prince/King of Wakanda and the Black Panther.

Scarlet Witch — Georgia

Strong females who are extremely powerful, yet they underestimate their own ability. Their true display of heart emerges when they are forced to fight.

Winter Soldier — Paulie

Like Turbo, they are both incredible fighters who play a straight up game. Paulie is more like the Winter Soldier because his wild and erratic personality is reminiscent of when Bucky was brainwashed by Hydra.

Falcon — Leroy

Generally underrated characters.

Drax — Ashley Cain

The competitor most likely to have sensitive nipples. Both are fighters who base their decisions on instinct versus thought.

I did more connections, but the similarity gap takes a massive leap with these ones. I will explain if asked, just know these were suspect:

Mantis — Zahida

StarLord — Dee

Gamora — Ninja

Groot — Theo

Loki — Natalie

Shuri — DaVonne

Vision — Josh



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