Challenge War of the Worlds Trailer Breakdown (Obvious Spoilers Inside)

Every season I like to breakdown the trailer of the new season of the Challenge. I do not reveal any spoilers besides the ones you can tell from watching the trailer super slowly. Hope you all enjoy.

The trailer opens with a shot of two trucks driving in the desert. It gives off a total Mad Max vibe and it is awesome. It looks like a daily challenge where teammates have to pass rings between one another while jumping back and forth from their respective trucks. We have had similar challenges in the past, like on Exes 2 when players had to jump from one truck to another (remember Sarah and Jordan getting their wires crossed). In the second photo it is clearly Ninja Natalie competing in the challenge.

Then we get a shot of the cast riding on ATVs into a challenge or for a challenge. It looks cool.

They mention they are bringing in America’s best and have three Challenge Hall of Famers in Bananas, Wes, and Cara. It’s great to have Wes back.

We then get a scene of all the men sprinting towards something while the women behind them cheer. Ashley Cain, Paulie, Stephen Bear, Kyle, Zach, and Theo Campbell are sprinting. You can see Mattie, Kam, and Cara in the back (along with others) This reminds me of the challenge(s) from Fresh Meat 2 and Gauntlet 3 where players had to go jump into a pit and then grab a ball in order to keep their team in the game. Meanwhile, their female counterparts would have to do to the same in the following round. There is a scene later in the trailer where a player is covered in mud and other girls are swarming her, they could be linked. The second shot is a much larger group of men running into an area for a challenge.

We also get a shot of Ashley Cain screaming his lungs out — he looks hype as fuck. This man is a former pro soccer player with some anger issues, he might be very scary on this show.

They list the countries being represented this season and then we get a shot of three different daily challenges from this season. In one photo, Cara is covered in mud and clutching an object/ball while three girls latch onto her attempting to take the object — one of them being DaVonne. In another shot a player is diving off a structure into water, or maybe falling into it. And then Turbo seems to be flipped in the air while on some strings where he somehow keeps his balance. Possibly a challenge where you have to knock your opponents down. Reminds me a bit of Shadow Fighter from the Ruins.

After this we see another challenge where a monster truck is squashing cars and it reminds me of the Challenge from Rivals 1 where players had to efficiently demolish a car using a Caterpillar to push it through the finish line in the fastest time. Wes should win this challenge as a monster truck owner.

In the following scene we see what looks like a carwash or a giant fan completely wrecking a room. Possibly competitors are being forced to endure whatever hell that may be. And in the other photo we see a player getting dragged in the dirt (probably by a car) while on a tire. It reminds me of the challenge from Invasion of the Champions where players had to jump from an inner tube to inner tube while being pulled by a speedboat, except WAY MORE EXTREME.

The next major shot is of the veteran cast and you can see them from left to right as: Ashley-Amanda-Wes-Leroy-Hunter-Paulie (in the back)-DaVonne-CT-Kam-Bananas-Nany-Jenna-Kyle-Zach. Cara is somewhere.

Josh Martinez (standing next to Amanda) yells “Let’s Go” to a mostly empty house which is curious.


This looks like an elimination between Wes and Zach as they are on “the Killing Floor” and their partners seems to be Dee and Zahida. I have no idea what it is, from this trailer, the only elimination it reminds me of is the one KellyAnne/Nany faced off in on Bloodlines where they had a literal race.

There is a sound byte of a rookie or two shading the veterans for being old. Honestly, looking at this trailer, Cara, CT, and Bananas are looking ROUGH in comparison to these baby faces who are fresh to the Challenge.

There is also a swimming challenge this season, and this person gets mad air on their dive.

Bananas is here to “make money, cause problems, and break up relationships”, so we get the same Bananas.

In the photo on the left, Ninja Natalie seems to be consoling Turbo before or after a challenge. On the right it’s the house drinking vodka with cranberry juice, soaking up a new challenge house. You can see Morgan, Jenna, one of the twins, Zahida, and Gus in the shot.

Cara (with a black eye?) and Bananas are not in their peak condition for the season.

CT has a little confessional complaining about all the strong personalities. Rookie Theo seems be doing a strip tease for the rookie girls in a tent. It reminds me of the tent the rookies in Fresh Meat 2 were forced to stay in during the rookie combine.

We get another look at the tire challenge and holy shit this season is intense.

Josh is doing a confessional at night, you can see a tent in the back (probably the one Theo was stripping in) and mentions there are some legitimate crazy people there. Then there is Ashley Cain letting out another yawp.

There is another Josh sound byte (I think) of him saying he is about lose his mind every second, which if you watched his Big Brother season, that totally happened.

We get a shot of the Killing Floor. Again, I’m really loving the Mad Max vibes of this season.

There is a heights/balance challenge. In the photo on the left it is Paulie(?), and on the right it is the Brazilian Jotape.

Hall Brawl returns this season and professional sprinter Theo is competing in it. He is the tallest person on the cast at 6'5.

Meanwhile, Ashley Cain is behind held back by a security guard as he yells “why are you such a fucking dick?”

Odds on who he is cursing out:
Bananas -200
Paulie +125
Josh +250
Zach +400
Kyle +450
Wes +800
TJ +10000

There is a blindfolded heights challenges. It looks like Dee has binoculars and Wes has a camera the top of his helmet. If I had to guess, Dee’s job is to tell Wes where to walk forward in order for them to complete the challenge. Coincidentally, Wes’s first challenge on Fresh Meat 1, he and Casey had to walk over a beam together on one of Australia’s tallest building (Dee is Australian). Here we are over twenty seasons later.

Another decently big spoiler is Kam and her partner (?) Ashley Cain are in a Killing Floor elimination where they are sliding down what looks like a giant metal slide/meat slicer.

Paulie… I don’t care…

Da’Vonne is holding on to what looks like a punching bag in this frame. This could be an upper body challenge similar to the Steak Purge from Final Reckoning where Veronica got her and CT eliminated. Or it could be a swimming challenge like Exes 2 where players could jump toward a similar bag in order to make their swim easier.


Kam is in at least two Killing Floor eliminations this season. I am not sure what this elimination is, we just know she pukes during it. Hopefully, the challenge was not a cookie eating competition where the first person to puke loses (that happened on the the first Inferno for those who forgot).

Rookie Mattie Lynn is looking strong as hell holding a barrell over her head. She’s a whopping six feet tall.

We get a shot of person sprinting into a wall, grabbing a chain, and falling to the floor (maybe scrambling to get up). It is incredibly difficult trying to figure who it is. Maybe Stephen Bear.

Cara’s mind is blown from something and Paulie is thinking about how he can juggle a third or fourth girlfriend at one time.

Some big men are fighting for a ball in mud. Kyle is telling people to kill each other.

There is a challenge where players race from the beach to the water and swim out to a certain distance. Wes is so pale you can identify him as the guy second to last on the right who is behind everyone else in the race to the water. Though in the actual swim you can see he’s already second by the time people are fully in the water.

We get even more Wes as he gets into it with Stephen Bear, telling him “you’re playing my game!” which is great to see, because we haven’t had this Wes since Rivals/Exes 2.

Does pole wrestle make a return this season?

Another shot of the mud pit challenge and it looks as though they are nearing the finish of it as Kam is wrestling Cara Maria and another girl.

It very much looks like Pole Wrestle is back and it is hard to tell who the two players competing are, however, it looks like the person about to hit the floor is Stephen Bear as you can kinda see the big “BEAR” name on the back. MTV does some editing as it switches to a completely different scene that you’d only notice if you slowed it down. I have no idea who the dude with the sunglasses and a scarf is though. There seems to be a bunch of camouflage bags similar to the one DaVonne was jumping onto in the photo above.


We have what seems like a three person elimination. In it are CT, Kyle, and Jotape. It looks as though CT is getting teamed up on. CT has only seen one legitimate elimination in the last four years and only three in the last eight years, so his appearance in an elimination here is rare. Natalie and one of the Nolan twins are in the background — possibly the partners of these three men.

Ninja Natalie is tearing up saying she feels like a “big bitch right now” and not in the bad ass way. Maybe this is why she was hugging Turbo earlier.

Turbo is competing in probably the same challenge DaVonne was. This daily looks intense.

Bananas and Bears are on top of some tires and seem to be celebrating like they won the challenge. A Bananas-Bear alliance could be why Wes is cursing Bear out. Wes and Bananas have a bit of history between them.

It looks like Bear takes off his jersey and celebrates like he scored a goal in the World Cup. Could be a continued celebration from the previous images. Ninja Natalie is crying and Kyle gives her an embrace.

Cara Maria is super happy to be riding an ATV. Maybe she just won a daily? There are multiple vehicles trailing her in this hot.

This one was hard to get a still of. Turbo and Ninja Natalie are in what looks like a desert junkyard trying to figure out something. I think I see DaVonne in the far back, along with two others, one who might be Wes.

MTV hid these little images in less than half second shots, there’s an Ashley Cain yelling shot that is the same from the one earlier.

Zach is pushing a tire and I believe his partner is Zahida as she has the UK flag on her shoulder and could be identified from the photo of a Killing Floor elimination.


Chase (name on shorts) is in a physical elimination this season with what looks like Hunter.

Ashley Cain is a whole ass man.

I think Paulie is trying to do a flip into the water like Jordan Wiseley used to do, which is cool if he knew they were gonna lose beforehand, but Jordan famously lost a swimming challenge by seconds, partially due to a performative flip instead of a straight up dive. A female competitor is struggling to remain on her tire in the second frame.

A bunch of players are puling giant ropes, probably reeling in something they will have to carry. Similar to the obstacle course challenge from Dirty 30 that CT/Cara and Nelson/Veronica won. From left to right in the photo are: Morgan-DaVonne-Ninja Natalie-Ashley Cain-Bananas-Bear-Paulie. Then we see a shot of CT, who seems to be also exerting some energy, probably from the same challenge.

Players are racing off somewhere while tethered together. As mentioned earlier, Zach and Zahida are partners and are clearly tethered together here. Next to them are Kam and Ashley Cain, who we saw on the Killing Floor together. Other than that, it is difficult to discern the rest.

This looks like the scariest challenge of the season. TJ pokes his head out of an old Airplane they have to decided to use in order to terrify challengers by using a crash/turbulence simulator before what is maybe a swimming challenge? We see DaVonne and Ninja Natalie in total fear. Then someone jumps out the plane (maybe Turbo?).

One of the last shots we get is TJ blowing the horn to star a challenge. You can see most of the male cast: Bear, Hunter, Bananas, Kyle, Wes, Zach, Theo’s torso and legs, someone, Leroy, CT, someone and I think Josh behind TJ.

The final shot is Kyle driving some Mad Max-esque death vehicle that I can get behind. This season is going to be lit.

People you see the most in the trailer:

Ninja Natalie
Ashley Cain

people you see in a good amount of the trailer:

Cara Maria

people you see a decent amount in the trailer:


people you basically don’t see:

Alan Valdez (rookie)
Chase McNary (rookie)
Gus Smyrnios (rookie)
Georgia Harrison (rookie)
The Nolans (rookies)
Shaleen Sutherland (rookie, literally not even a glimpse)
Big Brother Natalie



26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.