Challenge War of the Worlds Team Preview: Leroy Garrett and Shaleen Sutherland

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Excitement. Adrenaline. Arousal. All feelings which are synonymous with the Leroy and Shaleen duo.

Ok, I can’t keep this joke running. Shaleen has been a non-existent cast member through the first two episodes of War of the Worlds and literally has not gotten one confessional. I’m gonna keep this preview short because we know Leroy well and the Challenge editors do not care one bit about Shaleen.

Leroy took one season off to obtain his barber’s license. Since the backend of Vendettas, it seems like we have a more engaged Leroy. When Cara Maria chose to take Kyle to the final over Leroy, we saw him burst out in anger. Leroy, often known as everyone’s friend in the house, and the guy who deals with everyone’s bullshit, was thrown under the bus for Cara’s boytoy. A man who once eliminated Wes and Bananas (twice!!) in one season is now looked at as a lay-up. He feels he deserves some clout and I agree. Leroy is arguably one of the greatest competitors to never win… and he probably won’t.

Let’s break this down:

Physical Ability/Vitals Category:

Shaleen Sutherland: 29 years old, 5'8, 123 lbs

Leroy Garrett: 33 years old, 6'0, 195 lbs

If Shaleen was on Rivals 3 or Bloodlines, her size would be a major advantage. Alas, the female cast is this season is “bigger” and more competitive. Therefore, physically, she is average at best. Leroy is a brickhouse who can compete with any of the other male heavyweights on the cast. Yes, he is beatable as people like Hunter have shown, but his grip strength is insane. When Leroy is motivated, he is one of the scariest men in Challenge history.

Physical: B

Daily Challenges/Eliminations:

Leroy Garrett: 9 seasons, 3 finals, Highest Finish: 2nd Place Exes 2, (8–4) elimination record, 9 daily challenge wins

Statistically, Leroy is one of the all-time worst competitors in daily challenges. Something he will fully admit to as well. Leroy is not strong when it comes to puzzles, he is a poor swimmer, hates heights, and simply does not care to put in 110% on a daily basis. He knows he can coast through challenges and rely on his social strength to get him further in the game. However, being partnered with Shaleen will force Leroy to do his best in daily challenges. Shaleen has not done anything special so far this season and we know nothing about her (seriously, it’s like the cast doesn’t know her either). He needs to be a true veteran this season and lead them to win.

When it comes to eliminations, Leroy is one of the best competitors and has beaten Bananas (twice), Wes (twice), Zach, Brad, Cohutta, and Johnny Reilly. At the very least all of Leroy’s wins have come against above average competitors. Leroy has NEVER gotten a puzzle based elimination — I am dying to see if he finally gets one.

Daily Challenges: F
Eliminations: B+

Social/Political Potential:

Based on the second episode, where Wes concocted a plan for Hunter to call Leroy into elimination, it seems as though Leroy won’t be able to coast this season. Leroy also seems ready to play the game based on the fact he was not afraid to squabble with Hunter and Amanda. He knows he needs to make a mark to keep himself in the game and truly imbed himself in his veteran alliance. The Bananas train includes Bananas, Leroy, Zach, Jenna, and Nany at the core with various allies around them.

I want to see Shaleen get a confessional. That should be her goal this season.

Social: B+
Political: D

How Entertaining Will They Be?

If Leroy continues his mini-rivalry with Wes and is not afraid to mix it up in some fights this season, then this team will not be a complete zero when it comes to entertainment. MTV is teasing a love triangle between Leroy, Kam, and Theo where Kam seems to have moved on from Leroy, while is jealous and disappointed that he dropped the ball.

Shaleen might get credited as an extra this season.

Entertainment: D+

How afraid are the other teams of them/Winning Potential:

Nobody is afraid of Leroy anymore. People treat him as a joke because they know he does not care in the daily challenges and they know he has many weaknesses. It has been a long time since Leroy’s dominant stretch on Exes 2 and he’s dealt with injuries since. Likewise, players might target Shaleen. Unless Shaleen turns out to be a secret ringer, they WILL be called out by someone.

Can this team win? No. I simply do not see it due to the edit Shaleen is getting and I cannot see it because Leroy does not have the hunger to win. In his prime, Leroy could have won with Theresa on Exes 2 if the final had been a different format and did not focus on swimming/kayaking as much. He lost his chance of becoming a Champion and it’s a bit sad.

Fear Factor: D+
Winning Potential: F
Final Potential: D+


Leroy 83/100
Shaleen 62/100
Team 71/100



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