Challenge War of the Worlds Team Preview: Johnny Bananas & Morgan Willett

When you look at 6x Challenge Champion Johnny Bananas and Big Brother Winner Morgan Willett, you cannot deny the fact you could totally envision them being the greatest looking couple to ever be on an Old Navy Catalog cover.

Jokes aside, this is one of the teams who you can realistically see winning this season. Johnny Bananas is always a threat to win, however, he is no longer anywhere near his prime and has taken a significant dip since hitting his peak (Free Agents). His performance on Rivals 3 is more of an outlier now considering the incredibly weak cast and the fact his partner was one of the greatest players in Challenge history (Sarah Rice). Bananas is no longer an MVP caliber player, but he is still an All-Star, and an All Star is pretty damn good..

Morgan won Big Brother Over The Top due to her social game and the final overall America Vote. If this girl can get America behind her, she could probably get some alliances together real quick. Tori Deal was a rumored alternate this season, and it makes sense because Morgan seems like a buffer Tori. This girl has great abs and the prototype body for a great female competitor on the Challenge. If Morgan can be 80% of what Sarah Rice or Camila was for Johnny, they can win.

Let’s break this down:

Physical Ability/Vitals Category:

Morgan Willett: 24 years old, 5'6, 135 lbs* (total guesstimate)

Johnny Bananas: 37 years old, 5'10, 185 lbs* (listed online at 205, can’t be right)

As I mentioned above, Morgan has the perfect body for the Challenge. She has a strong core and sturdy arms. Morgan can probably keep up with the bigger girls in physical eliminations and be just as good in the more cardio based competitions. Johnny Bananas is the exact same way, he is not a heavyweight, though he can keep up with the heavyweights; and he showed in his elimination with Natalie that he could hold his own in an endurance competition with a gymnast half his size.

They are not going to dominate the game physically, but they might be the most balanced team overall.

Physical: A-

Daily Challenges/Eliminations:

Johnny Bananas: 17 seasons, 6 wins, 8 finals, (8–11 elimination record), 53 daily challenge wins

We all know Johnny Bananas sucks at eliminations. He is still great at daily challenges though, as seen on both Vendettas and Final Reckoning. Simply, Bananas has lost his luster and long-term consistency throughout seasons. As of late, he wins big early into seasons and then loses once it gets closer to the final. It is the opposite of how he performed when at his peak. Bananas is a good leader as he performs well in challenges with partners and has twice finished 1st, and finished 4th with a female partner. The best part about Morgan is she is young and could potentially get the older version of Bananas out of his shell. A young fling has the potential to liven up a mid-life crisis.

Daily Challenges: A-
Eliminations: C-

Social/Political Potential:

Bananas’ main allies are Leroy, Cara Maria, Nany, Jenna, and Zach. He has enemies in Amanda, Wes, and Hunter. Wes and Hunter are elite players who are not afraid to go against Bananas and gun for him early. However, Bananas and the other veterans should focus on going after any type of UK alliance. If Bananas gets too caught up in Wes drama, then he’ll expend too much energy going after one person — allowing the UK alliance to pick him and his allies apart. Morgan and Bananas hooking up limits their alliance potential as they both could solidify one or two more allies by venturing out and polidicking.

Social: C+
Political: B+

How Entertaining Will They Be?

Johnny Bananas is cast for entertainment purposes more than competitive purposes. He fully embraces the pot-stirrer role and has a full chest of rivals to get into arguments with, whether it be Wes, Hunter, or Amanda. He can also spark new rivalries among the rookies. It seems as though Morgan is letting Bananas take her for a ride as she wholeheartedly defended him on the Challenge Aftershow following the premiere. Morgan seems to be very anti-vet and talked shit about Amanda specifically, so maybe we see a blow-up between those two girls this season.

Entertainment: A-

How afraid are the other teams of them/Winning Potential:

On both Vendettas and Final Reckoning,nobody was afraid of taking on Bananas in elimination. If Devin is not afraid to take a shot at Bananas and then make good on said shot, there is no reason for anyone to truly fear him. Anyone can beat Bananas and they know it. Some people are GREAT at eliminations and they still lose them. For Bananas it is a true coin flip where his luck is often bad. Morgan needs to be an awesome competitor for teams to FEAR them.

Can this team win? Yeah, of course they can. Johnny is always a threat to win whenever he plays and Morgan has the body of a future champion. Would I bet on them to win? They would not be my first choice due to the massive target Bananas will have. I would still put money on them because they have a good chance. Their chances of winning/making the final are directly tied together. Bananas has been to 8 finals and won 6 of them.Therefore, you need to make sure he does not make the final, because he wins them.

Fear Factor: D

Winning Potential: B
Final Potential: B+


Bananas 90/100
Morgan 80/100
Team 86/100




25 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

Allan Aguirre

25 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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