Challenge War of the Worlds Team Preview: Amanda Garcia & Josh Martinez

Allan Aguirre
5 min readFeb 8, 2019


This pair…. holy shit! They are going to be messy. Like seriously, messy. If Amanda is the stable one in the partnership, you know this team is going to be like a live grenade throw into a pinball machine. After placing last in the Purge, Josh Martinez thought he was going home. Instead, he replaced Alan Valdez as the last male player in the game, meaning his partner would be the lovely Amanda Garcia, aka the Spawn of Satan to others.

Amanda and Josh are fully expected to be the first team eliminated due to the fact Josh was already eliminated and Amanda was the last pick. On paper, they are the worst team. Are they physical powerhouses? No. Are they social powers? Well, Josh will be an easy target as he’s already been eliminated, and Amanda has many enemies, including three former champions (Bananas, Zach, and Cara Maria). Then … what are they going to be good at? Outside of Amanda’s mental ability in puzzles and memorization competitions, probably nothing. However, Josh and Amanda will be an explosive pair that will bring drama to the game and add a level of unexpectedness. Despite being known for her drama, Amanda is a fighter who has always shown heart in competition. Josh is an emotional wreck, but he won Big Brother 19 because everyone underrated him and he picked up quiet competition wins throughout the season.

Let’s break this down:

Physical Ability/Vitals Category:

Josh Martinez: 25 years old, 5'10, 170 lbs

Amanda Garcia: 26 years old, 5'3*, 115* lbs (guesstimates)

Josh lost a considerable amount of weight in the Big Brother house and seems to have gained some weight back (though some might be muscle now). Based on his BB19 performance in the physical competitions, Josh is not a natural athlete whatsoever. Amanda has surprisingly good endurance and her small frame allows her to hold her own body weight up in upper body and core challenges. The problem is Amanda is a complementary physical player who can keep up with good athletes, she cannot elevate a below-average, possibly bad one.

Physical: D-

Daily Challenges/Eliminations:

Amanda: 4 seasons, (1–3 elimination record), 8 daily challenge wins, highest finish: 5th Place Invasion

Even though Josh won three HOH’s and Vetos on Big Brother, most of his competition wins were luck-baseduck in the Challenge could mean something considering all the people with bad luck). When it comes to daily challenges, Amanda might be the best veteran girl on the cast (seriously), as she is solid with height challenges, has solid athleticism, and kills the mental portion of the game. On the other hand, she also might be the worst veteran female competitor in eliminations this season. If her and Josh get a weird carnival game elimination, they can win. If they get a physical elimination, they are just out. Josh cannot stack up with most of the men in a fight and the women on this cast are much bigger than the average season.

Daily Challenges: C
Eliminations: D-

Social/Political Potential:

I believe Amanda was single when this season filmed, so making a move on a strong guy to further her spot in the game would not be a bad idea whatsoever. Right now, Amanda’s allies are Ashley and…

Yeah that is it. Tough break for her as she had three amazing allies in Ashley, Shane, and Nelson last season, along with Joss and Sylvia. She will have to lean on a volatile Josh to use his Big Brother connections in order to get in good with Julia and Natalie, unfortunately, Morgan being with Bananas means that is another vote against them. The goal for Amanda and Josh is to raise hell and divide the house. If they make it clear they are going against the Bananas alliance, someone like Wes, who will probably have actual power in this game, won’t be gunning for them.

This team lacks friends and likely will not have power from winning challenges. They NEED to make a mark somehow.

Social: F
Political: D+

How Entertaining Will They Be?

Every few days Josh broke down in the Big Brother house. Now you put him in a house with a bunch of muscled out bros, camera whores, and add alcohol into the mix… Yeah, this is going to be a wild ride! Amanda makes an impact almost every season she is on, so you can expect the same this season. It will be a massive eye-opener for Josh to deal with Amanda. He is volatile and soft, while Amanda is much more reactionary and hard. They both blew up, they just operate in completely different fashion. In many ways, Josh needs an Amanda to be the alpha in their relationship, and Josh’s nature might soften up Amanda.

Entertainment: A-

How afraid are the other teams of them/Winning Potential:

Fear is the most underrated Challenge factor. Part of CT’s greatness is because everyone’s afraid to face him in anything. Nobody wants to be the next Backpack. CT is beatable — his reputation just precedes him and he can coast on it. No guy on this cast is afraid of Josh, and while some girls may be intimidated by Amanda’s words, she’s at best 125 lbs soaking wet.

Can this team win? No. Can this team make the final? Probably not. So many little things would need to go their way, it’s not a zero percent chance, but it just might not even be a one percent chance. I like this team, but it is hard to envision them running a final with the stacked cast.

Fear Factor Grade: F
Win Potential: F
Final Potential: F+


Amanda 84/100
Josh 63/100
Team 67/100



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