Challenge War of the Worlds Preseason Rookie Power Rankings

Allan Aguirre
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With the Challenge 33 cast having come out, I have decided to do a preseason power ranking of all the Fresh Meat entering the franchise, and boy there is a bunch. It is hard to keep up with all these people as you only have so much time in the world that I wouldn’t expect you to be watching the Bachelorette, Ex on the Beach Uk, and Brazilian AYTO. Here we go.

9th Zahida Allen — Ex on the Beach UK S6

Based on her Instagram, I am a huge fan of Zahida. She is an absolute smokeshow who should bring some entertainment to the show. In terms of being a competitor, she has had health concerns, specifically dealing with anorexia. Therefore, I am setting a low bar for her.

8th Shaleen Sutherland — Bachelor Canada 3

Her agent must be really good. This Canadian girl has an Instagram with less than two thousand followers and she made no mark on her Bachelor Canada season. Somehow she got on the Challenge. Based on her modelling profile, she is 5'8 and 123 lbs. In many ways, the Challenge will be another reality television debut for her.

7th Georgia Harrison — Love Island 3

Another smokeshow coming to us from the UK. Georgia has been on multiple shows already in the UK and looks rather fit. My only worry for both Georgia and Zahida is that we have not necessarily seen much competition wise from the UK girls. Yes, Kayleigh and Melissa had glimpses and flashes, however, we have not yet seen them establish themselves as forces in the game. Georgia and Zahida have the ability to change the narrative.

6th/5th Liz and Julia Nolan — Big Brother 17

I understand the two twins are vastly different, the problem is I simply cannot separate them. Julia was originally seen on Big Brother as the more athletic and fit twin, as she is 5'8 and about 125 lbs, while her sister is about 5'8 and 137. Despite being the more athletic twin, Julia was not good at Big Brother competitions, whereas Liz excelled in them. Liz was also part of a showmance and generally seemed more inclined to hookup with someone. Maybe on this season it will be Julia’s time to shine. They finished a strong 2nd (Liz) and 6th (Julia) respectively on Big Brother.

4th Dee Nguyen — Geordie Shore 17

Another girl who seems like she was plucked out of thin air. Dee is an Australian girl who made the jump to the UK’s Geordie Shore. If you Google her, you’ll find out she is a pole dancer (I don’t think she has been a stripper). Despite her small frame, her body looks toned in all the right areas. Her ability on the pole means she can support her own body weight. I think we can compare her to Natalie who has used her frame to her success on the Challenge.

3rd Morgan Willett — Big Brother Over the Top/Ex on the Beach US 2

She won her season of Big Brother and is an all-around physical, mental, and social threat. When you look at her photos on Instagram, you get the same type of Tori Deal esque vibe. The only difference is she actually looks like she might be in better shape than Tori (who is already very fit). Morgan has displayed the ability to win in the past — let’s see if can follow up on her success.

2nd Mattie Lynn Breaux — Party Down South

I have no idea what channel Party Down South was ever on. I can tell you from researching this girl and going through her social media, she not only keeps a fit body — she is a whopping 6'0 tall. It is not often we get a woman this big on the Challenge as the show often skews more petite. The obvious comparison fans will make is to Laurel and that is not fair. However, Nia Moore, Brook Hogan, and even someone like Jenna have found success due to their size. If she is an athlete, she will be scary.

1st Natalie Duran — American Ninja Warrior

Did they really put a person from Ninja Warrior on this show?

9th Josh Martinez — Big Brother 19

It might surprise some fans to learn Josh Martinez won Big Brother 19. He won Big Brother by being underrated. Despite not being a social, political, or athletic, Josh was able to win by being putting such a massive target on himself that he was able to push back any chance of being evicted till later and was used as a pawn by stronger players till those players turned on another. Add in a bitter jury and Josh became one of the worst winners in Big Brother history. He has slimmed down considerably since his debut on Big Brother, however, Josh is probably still the most out of shape guy on the cast. Perhaps there’s an athletic element to him we did not see on Big Brother?

8th Gus Smyrnios — Florabama Shore

From a fitness standpoint, Gus seems to be in phenomenal shape. He posts on his Instagram about fitness all the time and even has his own meal plans you can subscribe to. The reason I am ranking Gus so low is because he seemed a bit emotionally weak on Florabama Shore. In the the testosterone fueled Challenge House you cannot show weakness.

7th Jotape Andrade — AYTO Brazil

The foreign prospect from Brazil looks like an athlete. There simply is not much about this guy I could to help me make this prediction. Putting him ahead of Gus and Josh because I know their weaknesses.

6th Alan Valdez — Soft Porn/Telemundo

Similar to Jotape, there is not much online about him. You can find some NSFW videos of him online if you dig. Coming out of Mexico, Alan Valdez lists his IG profile with him being the 2012 Model Universe Winner and 2x Fitness America Champ. My only concern is that his body looks built like a bodybuilder, and those types have had less success on the Challenge. Looking at you, Rogan.

5th Stephen Bear — Celeb Big Brother UK/Ex on the Beach

Based on his Instagram, Stephen Bear is in great shape and he looks good. The issue is I am not sure whether he is athletic. Looking at Bear, he seems like an non-athletic guy who figured out how to get a six pack for his Instagram. He could be a power player due to his celebrity status in the UK. Players might attempt to hookup with him in order to get booked on some UK Reality TV.

4th Chase McNary — The Bachelorette/Ex on the Beach US

If you watched Ex on the Beach, you might have noticed Chase loves to work out. He is 6'3 and just vanilla enough to coast in a game where people will not think he is a lay-up. This guy is a bore — sometimes that helps in the game.

3rd Turabi Kamkiran — Survivor Turkey 8

This man looks like a mini Dothraki warrior. A two-time Survivor winner, Turbo is the opposite of Bear in that he oozes athleticism. If you check out his Instagram, it seems like he is a modern day gladiator. However, he has a massive uphill climb when you consider he will be speaking a language nobody else knows. At least one or two challengers know Spanish — nobody else in the house speaks Turkish. Maybe I should rank him lower because of this.

2nd Ashley Cain — Ex on the Beach UK 2

While Ashley Cain lacks some height at 5'8, he is able to compensate with strength, agility, and balance. He is a former professional athlete as he played soccer in some of the sub-divisions of England. We have seen how successful people like Wes, Hunter, and Paulie have been with a soccer background due to the skills they acquired from the sport, Ashley will likely be able to torch heights and balance competitions (which the Challenge has a lot of). The reason he is not #1, is he fights, kind of like a young CT, his biggest opponent might be himself due to his own temper.

1st Theo Campbell — Love Island 3

If you have not found out, Theo was a professional track and field athlete who specialized in sprinting. His modeling profile list him at a whopping 6'5 to go along with a lean and muscled frame. Theo is not a hulking giant, though his legs carry an incredible amount of strength and explosiveness from his time as a sprinter. He is the fastest guy on the cast, which does not sound like much, but have an extra step on a person in a physical elimination matters so much. If you’ve played any sport, a person getting an extra step on you is devastating. A failed track and field athlete is still an elite physical specimen on the Challenge. It also helps he fits the tall dark and handsome description that a lot of people fall for — Theo could kick some major ass this season.



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