Challenge War of the Worlds Episode 7 Power Rankings & Player Recaps

Allan Aguirre
5 min readMar 21, 2019


Episode 6 is in the books. You likely watched the episode, so I am here break down the specifics of what every player did in this episode. If you want to know about only your favorite players, just jump around.

Here is how I rank the current teams through six episodes:

Tier 1:

1 Paulie & Ninja
2 Wes & Dee

Paulie and Ninja have not won the last two weeks, but they have not failed either of the last two weeks either. They are still the strongest team in the game. Meanwhile, Wes and Dee have found a great chemistry. Wes is the only true leader and champion left on the cast, I also believe he operates at his best when the odds are stacked against him.

Tier 2:

3 Nany & Turbo
4 Hunter & Georgia
5 Cara & Theo

Nany is engaged and focused this season, while Turbo is a cybord. I love them as a pair. Hunter and Georgia have been a watered down version of Paulie and Natalie with much more tolerable personalities. Cara and Theo are the favorite to make the final as nobody is truly gunning for them. Yet, they are lacking some oomph.

Tier 3:

6 Ashley & Kam
7 Mattie & Kyle

Easily the two most physically intimidating teams in eliminations. Nobody wants to face Mattie one on one in anything physical. Likewise, Kam and Ashley are monsters. Hilariously, they are 6th and 7th because they are not great at daily challenges and the rest of the cast is much more balanced.

Tier 4:

8 DaVonne & Bear
9 Gus & Jenna

The two teams at the bottom won this week’s daily challenge. THIS SEASON IS STACKED.


Wes: Oh Wes, my dear Sweet Wes. In the last few weeks he has won an elimination and two daily challenges. Ironically, these wins may be setting him back. By winning, Wes looks like a top competitor who the UK alliance can target. Unless Wes continues to win daily challenges, he and Dee might see more eliminations.

Dee: She is proving herself as a capable partner and strong competitor. Her low-key rivalry with Bear is hilarious.

Bear: I would have respected Bear a ton if he allowed DaVonne to nominate Turbo and Nany. He has been a bad partner to Day. I was highly impressed by his performance in the daily challenge.

DaVonne: She displayed loyalty by refusing to vote for either Josh or Paulie. I’ve never been a DaVonne fan and feel fake becoming one now, but now is a better time than ever. She makes for great TV.

Gus: There was a scene in which Gus said everyone should come together to take out the UK alliance. When he actually had voting power, he put in Amanda and Josh instead. Weak move. I respect Jenna for doing so because she has all the reasons in the world to, but as a spokesman for the anti-UK alliance, it showed Gus is more smoke than action.

Jenna: I am happy Jenna won a challenge. She’s had a shitty run for over a year and a half dating back to the end of Dirty 30. Jenna did not make the best game move by voting for Amanda, but she made the best move for herself as a human. The Amanda/Jenna rivalry is an all-timer.

Josh: Woof. Tough look for Josh this episode. He was rejected and friend-zoned by Amanda and totally flopped in their elimination by trying to speed through it.

Josh defending Amanda against Ashley was cute, though he needs to work on getting into a fight without crying. It is tough for some people.

Amanda: The Amanda Garcia run is over. She is a table-setter who brings good drama and is able to fight for herself. Amanda was saddled with a weak partner and just is not good enough to carry him. I would have been interested to see how her and Josh would have done against Gus/Jenna or Day/Bear as they are the two teams closer to them in strength, unfortunately, those teams picked up their first wins of the season out of nowhere.

Ashley: Up until this episode, I had been a massive Ashley Cain fan. Him getting mad at Amanda for politicking was hilarious. Of course she is trying to get you into elimination instead of herself.

Ashley was impressive in the elimination. The elimination was not built for a guy his size as he is a bit too bulky. This was an elimination built for a Paulie or Wes, not for an Ashley.

Kam: A sixth elimination win for Queen Kam. She is rising the ranks of all time elimination competitors. Kam mentioned that Amanda was making a big move by going for her and Ashley, but in all honesty, Kam and Ashley have been the worst team out of the available teams. That’s a testament to how good the teams this season are.

Paulie: He continues to put up good performances in daily challenges. Paulie either wins or finishes near the top every time.

Ninja: I appreciated Ninja carrying herself with swagger in Tribunals when she won, but acting rude when being nominated for eliminations was kinda bullshit. Nobody should respect you when you have power if you’re gonna act like that when nominated.

Kyle: He made out with Mattie in the bus!

Mattie: She made out with Kyle in the bus!

Cara: Amanda getting eliminated is a win for Cara.

Theo: He got to make out with Kam in the club without Leroy watching. Big win for Theo.

Turbo: This man is precious. He is a global treasure who we need not protect because he can protect himself. The moment he asked Nany if she was proud of him with a shit-eating grin was comedic gold.

Turbo saying he loved Amanda even though most people don’t was also adorable.

Hunter: Another good performance by Hunter in a daily challenge.

Georgia: Another good performance by Georgia in a daily challenge.



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