Challenge War of the Worlds Episode 6 Power Rankings & Player Recaps

Allan Aguirre
5 min readMar 14, 2019

Episode 6 is in the books. You likely watched the episode, so I am here break down the specifics of what every player did in this episode. If you want to know about only your favorite players, just jump around.

Here is how I rank the current teams through six episodes:

Tier 1:

1 Paulie & Ninja

Ninja failed one challenge, no reason to overreact.

Tier 2:

2 Cara & Theo
3 Wes & Dee
4 Hunter & Georgia
5 Nany & Turbo

All four of these teams are neck and neck. The teams have been to multiple tribunals and are not teams I see being called out into elimination due to how good they are. If one of these teams can win the next challenge, I think they will separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

Tier 3:

6 Kyle & Mattie
7 Kam & Ashley

Kyle and Mattie are surging following and elimination and a daily challenge win. Kam and Ashley have not been as good as I expected.

Tier 4

8 DaVonne & Bear
9 Gus & Jenna
10 Amanda & Josh

Day and Bear have a massive target on their back, but they have the relic to keep themselves in the game for an extra week. Gus and Jenna are … around.

Amanda and Josh are in a tough predicament. After this week’s daily challenge, they are clearly the worst team. At a certain point, they are going to have to go into elimination.

Wes: Watching Wes kill this challenge was a joy to see as his performance in daily challenges up to this point has been subpar. I believe Wes is gunning after Bear because he acknowledges Bear’s potential as a screentime superstar. Wes cares an incredible amount about putting on a good show and he knows Bear is perfect to fight with due to his loud-mouth, and the fact Wes is simply better than him.

Dee: She makes the most of her time on screen. Dee is a firecracker with a ton of confidence. Her and Wes make a perfect pair.

Hunter: I am proud Hunter is acknowledging the political game is not his strength and is letting Wes take the lead. Hunter made a great point about how throwing Paulie and Ninja into elimination would have been a waste as it would have given them the relic.

Georgia: She gets the most consistent screen time out of any of the rookies. I feel bad for Georgia. She is a total badass and is settling for a lying Bear. Hopefully, she sees him for his true colors soon.

Kyle: I am also proud of Kyle. He is normally an average physical player who relies on a strong social game. With this back up against a wall, Kyle went out and killed the daily challenge to keep him and Mattie in the game.

Mattie: She seems nice. More Mattie Lynn is on my season 33 second-half wish-list.

Bear: The Wes vs Bear rivalry is going to be hilarious. We all know Wes can get in someone’s face, but he’s now mastered getting under the skin of his enemies while calm. Bear is already a loose-cannon. With Wes riling him up, the house might get burned to the ground.

Also, a tough look for him to get beat in the daily challenge by Wes after calling everyone bums the previous week.

DaVonne: She was the reason their team won in elimination. I am happy her and Bear get to stay an additional. It might not be best for Day’s sanity, but watching them together has been enjoyable.

Leroy: This was the worst all-time Leroy showing. He watched the girl he has feelings for get swooped in on. He then sulked on national television about it as if he was Cara Maria, and then got eliminated to mark his tenth season without ever winning. I feel bad for Leroy.

Shaleen: Every time Shaleen speaks, I enter a state of shock. Partially due to the fact she never gets camera time and I simply do not know what her voice sounds like. Honestly, I still do not. She got smoked in this elimination and we have seen the last of Shaleen.

Paulie: I respect Paulie being quiet when Kyle won and nominated him. Paulie was cool under pressure and torched the daily challenge.

Ninja: People were disappointed by Ninja in the daily challenge, however, she was the first person to go and is still a rookie. There was definitely a learning curve in the challenge.

Josh: A meatball whose relationship with DaVonne kept them out of elimination.

Amanda: Height mattered in this daily challenge. Cara and Dee being able to get any tires was quite impressive. Amanda flopped, but I don’t blame the small girl for getting tossed like a rag doll. She does not give a shit about getting nominated anymore at least.

Ashley: I want more Ashley. He’s consistently funny and magnetic while on camera. It’s bullshit we have not seen more of him.

Kam: If she has feelings for Theo, she should be able to act on them. Sorry, Leroy. I was a bit shocked to see her struggle in the challenge.

Theo: It felt like Theo was almost too tall for this daily challenge. Whereas height was an advantage for most competitors, Theo’s lanky body stretched a bit too far and it seemed like he was hitting the dirt hard sometimes while his body was on the tires.

Cara: Her getting three tires despite being only 5'4 was super impressive. I am glad Cara the competitor is back this season.

Turbo: It turns out Turbo might be a human. Or a cyborg who was created with a tire jumping flaw in his code.

Nany: She should stay away from Bear. He will just bring trouble to her life and have her in tears, I can feel it. Her killing this daily challenge was awesome. We have not seen a competitive Nany since Free Agents/Exes 2.

Gus: He is on the show. I want to see Gus in an elimination just so we can see how he acts when under immense pressure.

Jenna: She is still on the show apparently. I figured she was a package deal with Zach.



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