Challenge War of the Worlds Episode 4 Power Ranking & Player Recaps

Episode 4 is in the books. You likely watched the episode, so I am here break down the specifics of what every player did in this episode. If you want to know about only your favorite players, just jump around.

Here is how I rank the current teams through four episodes:

Tier 1:
1 Paulie & Ninja
2 Hunter & Georgia

Last week it was four teams in Tier 1 and this week it is only two. Paulie and Ninja continuing to win has separated them from everyone else. Meanwhile, Georgia proving herself as one of the strongest all-around girls as she kills the challenges and has politically aligned herself with the UK crew.

Tier 2:
3 Cara & Theo
4 Kam & Ashley
5 Nany & Turbo

Theo sucked in the daily challenge this week and still almost won. Kam and Ashley remain a strong pair. The sleeper team is now Turbo and Nany. Turbo is proving to be a Turkish cyborg.

Tier 3:
6 Kyle & Mattie
7 Wes & Dee
8 Day & Bear

Mattie vaulted this duo up the list. Her dominating win in the elimination should scare the other teams from calling them into elimination. Wes needs to step it up in these daily challenges. Even in the one daily challenge he won, he did not perform well physically. I expect more from a Hall of Famer. Day and Bear are playing a great social game and are doing meh in the challenges.

Tier 4:
9 Zach & Zahida
10 Jenna & Gus

Meh. Zahida is being carried by Zach, and Gus has been a bottom barrel competitor thus far.

Tier 5:
11 Amanda & Josh
12 Shaleen & Leroy

Amanda and Josh were nominated for elimination and only a tiebreaker vote away from going in for the second straight week. Leroy and Shaleen are also on the show.

Tier 4:

Paulie: The man of the hour! Is anyone else a bit disappointed that Paulie and Kyle have not thrown punches yet? I understand that violence is bad and both players would be kicked off the show along with their partners, but the Kyle and Paulie feud has reached a point where they NEED to fight. Nobody wants to see them fight, but they teased us enough that we have to see it. It’s almost like they keep throwing a ball at our face when asking if we want to play catch. Eventually, I’m gonna just catch the ball out of frustration and they’ll win.

Paulie sending Kyle into elimination was a win for Paulie, I think?

Ninja Natalie: Is anybody really surprised that the girl nicknamed “Ninja” was able to make the jump in the daily challenge with ease?

Turbo: Turbo’s never-ending speech about why he is sending Kyle into elimination was hilarious. Even TJ did not care for it. Unfortunately, he lost his best friend in the game, JP.

Nany: Nominating CT and Julia was a questionable and surprising decision. Nany seems to be afraid of nominating a UK player and that may lead to her and Turbo’s downfall, because if they played a scared game, eventually the UK guys will be gunning for them. The CT vote was a safe move labeled as a power move.

Hunter: Someone needs to inform Hunter that Amanda is his friend, fought with other people for him, and tried to keep him out of the first elimination.

Georgia: I maintain, Georgia is the rookie star of the season so far. WHO THE HELL EXPECTED HER TO WIN THIS CHALLENGE? She is a beast. Georgia looked phenomenal in her Harley Quinn outfit. Her relationship with Bear gives her a firm connection to the UK alliance as if she did not already have one.

Kyle: We saw some genuine urgency from Kyle during the daily challenge. He risked it all to get the win and came up short. Kyle endured a tribunal with Paulie where security had to separate them and later a fight with Paulie/Cara during the costume party. Usually Kyle wins his little quibbles with Paulie, though he proved to be an utter dickhead after calling Cara a slut. Not a cool move, especially ironic considering Kyle’s own sexual antics.

When he chose JP/Nat instead of Theo/Cara, part of me thought it was the obvious move to keep himself in the game long-term, but his voice had a bit of sincerity in his confessional. Kyle is a master manipulator and has a magnetic charm about him. I feel like he could be lying in that confessional, yet part of me wants to believe him. He is damn good television. Also, imagine telling someone before the season that Kyle wins a threeway physical elimination where CT is involved? Nuts.

Mattie: She is a badass partner. The way she supports Kyle is admirable. While Mattie has yet to stun us in the daily challenges, she put the girls on notice with her dominant performance in the elimination. Yes, Natalie is small, but Julia is a decent-sized girl.

JP: He finally got a confessional! JP was so happy when Turbo won, he really thought he was safe. His decision to call out CT was hilarious and I love it. THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO TAKE SWINGS IN THE CHALLENGE, BECAUSE ANYONE CAN LOSE IN AN ELIMINATION.

Natalie: She knew she lost that elimination the minute she was picked. Natalie has lost enough eliminations in the past that it no longer phases her. At least she got two confessionals before being eliminated and looked great in her white dress during the party.

CT: He was able to keep his cool when he got nominated for elimination. However, JP calling him out caught him off guard and blew his top off. CT has not been voted into elimination since Free Agents. The funniest part about his reaction is he says “I’ve been nothing but nice to the kid” as if that’s the baseline for what is required to not be voted in. If that was the requirement, Natalie and JP would never go into an elimination.

Julia: She outlasted her sister. The preseason trailer showed a clip of her and Hunter hooking up. Too bad we did not get to see it.

Josh: It was nice to see Josh get into fight along with Amanda. They are becoming a team!

Amanda: She looked stunning during the costume party and she got some significant camera time yet again. It looks as though her and Hunter’s friendship bridge has completely broken.

Theo: He should have won this challenge easily. Theo being afraid of heights could hurt them in the long-run, especially if there is a Purge (there have been multiple heights-related purges).

Cara: I appreciated her Harley Quinn outfit. Cara continually stating that her relationship with Paulie is the best she’s ever had seemed like she was trying to convince herself. Then she threw out the word love and I jumped out of my seat. However, I loved the ferocity that came out of her when Kyle called her a slut, we finally got to see a strong reaction from her.

Wes: Always great when you can make a power move and go completely under the radar the next week.

Dee: One of the funniest moments in the episode is during the Kyle/Para fight where Dee says that she realizes she is living with crazy people. Amazing.

Zach: He made the jump and completed the challenge. If Zahida was a bit stronger they probably could have won.

Zahida: She looked great in her costume. It was a bra. She looked good in a bra.

Gus: He was the only guy who did not make the first jump and busted his face in the process. Gus has a low clout level right now.

Jenna: Appeared on the episode!

Leroy: He appeared on the episode and kinda tried to hold Paulie back from fighting Kyle. Leroy needs to chill when it comes to Kam. She is a single woman who can do what she wants.

Shaleen: She may have completely failed the challenge but she got her first confessional of the season and it may have only been five words, but it’s a big win for Shaleen.

Ashley: Appeared on the episode, kinda.

Kam: Came up short in the challenge. It was cute watching her flirt with Theo. She is securing a #1 ally if they get together considering the UK connection between Ash and Theo.

Bear: He was loud and expressive. His relationship with Georgia is cute, even though he had a girlfriend at home during filming.

DaVonne: She tried her best in the daily challenge only to come up short. Other than that, she was not in the episode.



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