Challenge War of the Worlds Episode 3 Player Recaps & Power Rankings

Episode 3 is in the books. You likely watched the episode, so I am here break down the specifics of what every player did in this episode. If you want to know about only your favorite players, just jump around.

Here is how I rank the current teams through three episodes:

1 Paulie & Ninja
2 Cara & Theo
3 Kam & Ashley
4 Hunter & Georgia

Paulie and Cara have great partners and have been near the top in all of the challenges so far. Kam and Ashley physicall dominated their opponents in the most recent episode. Hunter and Georgia won an important elimination and Georgia displayed a ton of heart in episode 3. They are the sleeper team.

5 Wes & Dee
6 CT & Julia
7 Turbo & Nany

The three veterans have a strong social game and are flying mostly under the radar. Since Wes got his biggest rival out of the game he has a clear path.

Tier 3
8 DaVonne & Bear
9 Kyle & Mattie
10 Jenna & Gus

Teams who have great social games who have yet to be stellar in any of the challenges (besides Day/Bear in the first purge).

Tier 4
11 JP & Natalie
12 Zach & Zahida

JP and Natalie aren’t even on the show, and Zach is having a mental breakdown.

Tier 5
13 Josh & Amanda
14 Leroy & Shaleen

Both teams are not very good. One team is relevant and the other isn’t.

Wes: This was an all-time episode for Wes. He flexed his social and political muscle by winning the challenge despite completely sucking during it! He was unable to find a ball in the first round and needed Dee to steal a ball from Shaleen. Zach threw him the ball in the second round, CT handed him a ball in the third round, and Hunter threw him a touchdown in the final round. His friendships carried him to the win and he used the power to force his biggest enemy (Bananas) into elimination and BANANAS LOST. Everything’s coming up Wes!

Dee: She stuck by Wes and killed the challenge, forcing a ball out of Shaleen’s hands.

Paulie: A big win for Paulie and Natalie. Paulie juked out Theo and ran circles around his other competitors, meanwhile Ninja Natalie wrestled balls away from girls. He gunned for Kyle which was expected.

Ninja: She stole a ball from Amanda and Julia! The Ninja flexed her strength.

Ashley: In the first round, nobody dared to tackle Ashley. In the final round he stole a ball and got to the finish with three men mauling him. Even though he was pressed by the possibility of not being safe, he to voted in Bananas, showing that the UK alliance doesn’t really fear Bananas at all.

Kam: Another beast performance. She was not afraid of getting into a physical endurance battle with Ninja and Morgan, and she won. Choosing Amanda as a burn vote was SMART … Josh and Amanda are the most hated team already with neither player being a massive threat. Deciding not to vote for Bananas was less thrilling considering her Queen Kam persona, though Amanda was the smart choice. The only better option was JP/Natalie.

Gus: He got a few confessionals which is a win considering so many cast members still do not have any. We learned Gus is fast in this episode, he quickly got Jenna a ball during the rounds he had to search. However, the other male competitors are not intimidated by him physically. Ashley Cain clobbered him during the final round and he had no chance when it came to wrestling the remaining men.

Jenna: A quiet episode for Jenna. She had little resistance in the daily challenge. Zach did not get eliminated which is good for her, I think?

Hunter: Choosing to help Wes win the daily challenge was perfect. He ensured safety for himself and his number #1 ally while also ensuring Bananas would get nominated for elimination. It was probably Wes’ plan, but Hunter had to help him.

Georgia: She wrestled a ball away from both Nany and Amanda this episode! Georgia gets a confessional every episode and she has shown a ton of charm and charisma. Georgia is the low-key star of this season.

Theo: Theo was too fast for his own good. When Gus threw his ball away in the final round, Theo sprinted past everyone to steal the ball and win his team the challenge. Unfortunately, he ran so fast that he outraced the ball as well. Top 3 in the Purge, won the second challenge, and made it to the final round this time around — Theo has done well.

Cara: We have yet to see Cara Maria have a personality or a story-line built around her own goals this season. In the first episode she was obsessed with Paulie, the second episode she talked despised Amanda and assisted Bananas in his exorcism, and in this episode she attempted to warn Mattie of Kyle because she is totally not into him, and mentions there are way more good-looking guys in the house (which is why Cara chose to bang him instead of all the others).

Turbo: He did well in the challenge. Turbo won his “battle” for a ball with Zach.

Nany: Was unable to out-wrestle Georgia and cost her team the challenge.

JP: Still has zero confessionals. At least he didn’t suck in the daily challenge.

Natalie: Also, has zero confessionals after three episodes. I didn’t even see her in the daily challenge.

CT: When CT had to run through the mud pit, nobody dared to tackle him. Watching him help out Wes in the daily challenge was cute because it shows he their Rivals 2 bond is still alive and in the choice between Bananas or Wes, he still chooses Wes . Wes and CT’s relationship since Rivals 2 has been hilariously adorable.

Julia: I am guessing CT was not happy after she lost her ball to Ninja pretty easily.

Zach: Oh my God! Zach throwing his ball to Wes was easily one of the most head-scratching moments in Challenge history. Zach regretted throwing Wes that ball more than he regretted throwing away his chance at a million dollars on Final Reckoning. Because of their past, the move angered Bananas, as the two worked together on Exes 2 to eliminate Bananas. Bananas was convinced it was a planned move.

It was a big elimination win for Zach considering it moves his 3–4 elimination record to 4–4 and it’s his first elimination win since Free Agents.

Zahida: The wonderful Zahida came in clutch during this elimination. Being born in Bangladesh proved to be the difference-making point in a match where the max score was 20 and ended 18–15. I laughed so hard when Zahida directed Zach to place the British flag higher. Zach, don’t doubt her, SHE LIVES THERE!

Bear: I wonder if he has banged Georgia yet? I feel like they are editing out some of the hookups in order to give us a daily challenge and elimination in the same episode. I hope we get a really good “shit they should have shown” episode this season.

DaVonne: She was hilarious while watching the Josh/Amanda interaction. Her jokingly saying “no Amanda don’t go” had me cracking up.

Kyle: Kyle telling Paulie that he shouldn’t vote him into elimination because he should eliminate Kyle himself was amazing. You could tell Paulie was basically thinking “fuck, he is right”.

Mattie: She is the seventh female in Challenge history to have kiss Kyle, I believe. For years men have picked their female partners based on attraction. I am glad Mattie flipped the script.

Josh: I felt bad for Josh this episode. He was able to find Amanda two balls and watched her get mauled by multiple girls each time. He also had to deal with her cursing him out while drunk. Josh is kind of a softy, I think Amanda is good for their team because Josh needs part of what she brings, and at the same time, she desperately needs Josh’s warmheartedness.

Amanda: Not a great episode for Amanda after a good showing in episode two. Amanda did have a point, Kam should be willing to make a bigger move, and Amanda needs to lighten up a bit.

Leroy: He was on this episode.

Shaleen: The fact Shaleen hasn’t had any confessionals is funny. The fact that Leroy and Dee got confessionals about Dee stealing Shaleen’s ball and Shaleen didn’t, is even funnier.

Bananas: Bananas’ fall has not been graceful. He lost two eliminations to veterans who came back after seven year breaks on back to back seasons (Darrell and Derrick). Those were not embarrassing. Losing to Devin on Vendettas was pretty embarrassing. Getting the best partner for Final Reckoning and losing two eliminations is not good. Going out early after being voted in by Wes, calling out your opponent, and then losing an elimination to a notorious elimination flopper is a bad look.

If anything, the worst Bananas moment this episode was when he attempted the schmooze the UK rookies in order to establish a friendly alliance of sorts. Bananas displayed no interpersonal skills and spoke in generalities.

Morgan: I do not feel bad for Morgan. She chose to ride the Banana train as her meal ticket and it proved to be a poor choice.



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