Challenge War of the Worlds Episode 12 Player Recaps and Power Rankings

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Episode 12 is in the books. You likely watched the episode, so I am here break down the specifics of what every player did in this episode. If you want to know about only your favorite players, just jump around.

Here is how I rank the current individuals through twelve episodes:


1 Turbo
2 Wes
3 Paulie
4 Theo
5 Kyle
6 Hunter

If Turbo can win with a partner who does not trust him whatsoever, he can win with anyone. He is laser focused with the end in sight. Meanwhile, Wes continues to do his best when it matters most. Paulie’s biggest enemy is himself. He has safety and would be an idiot to give it up. Theo is not in a great spot as there is a high chance he goes into elimination if Paulie does not volunteer himself. Kyle is down to one good leg in a game that requires two. The only person worse off than Kyle is Hunter, a man who is breaking down and wants to quit.

1 Cara
2 Mattie
3 Georgia
4 Ninja
5 DaVonne
6 Dee

Cara has been solid all season. Paulie, Turbo, and Theo all have her back. She has cut a deal with Wes for mutual safety, and Kyle is likely going into this next elimination. Cara has set herself up perfectly. The deal Mattie cut with Wes, Cara, and Paulie has also given her an ideal social and political situation. Georgia is the most equipped to “RUN” the final. Ninja and Dee should be higher on this list, but their tantrums this week put a massive target on their back with a female elimination week being next. DaVonne has to win the next challenge because I do not see her eliminating any of the other five girls remaining.


Nany: She took a three-year break and had her best season since Free Agents. Unfortunately, Georgia got the first pick despite also calling Nany out into elimination. She took Turbo and thus took Nany out of the game as Wes was unable to tie Georgia up properly. Wes’s biggest weakness is tying knots and opening items, Nany should’ve known this

Turbo: I wanted to give him a hug when he cried after winning the challenge despite Ninja showing no trust in him and cursing him out. Generally, I find players of Turbo’s mold boring, but he has a certain flair and integrity about him that is extremely endearing.

Ninja: Even though she won the daily challenge, everyone is judging her big time. Her temper tantrum prior to hearing the results was very childish. At least when Evelyn did it on Fresh Meat 2, she put up a record-setting pace with an awful partner and knew she had lost.


Also, Paulie seriously getting upset when Theo picked Cara was hilarious. Paulie, it’s a game, the other players don’t need to let you have your girlfriend as a challenge partner.

Georgia: A good bounce back for Georgia after a couple of stinkers. She kept up with Paulie and ran with such great form. Georgia might be able to compete with the men in the final if she gets lucky with her puzzles and can succeed in the carnival game portions of it.

Hunter: Hunter wanting to quit looks bad on the outside; however, I think it is the most self-aware moment we have ever had from him. He is the sixth best guy left in the game as his cardio isn’t strong and he’s getting beaten in challenges he’s more inclined to. Hunter is not winning; he knows it. Packing your bags and threatening to quit is lame, but he is down on his luck in regards to the game.

DaVonne: Her wins with Bear as a partner were generally in more carnival-type challenges. This was a legitimate endurance/physical win for Day. She is so close to the final. According to the trailer, if she wins the next challenge, she goes straight there. Is she gonna win? Nah. Making it would be super cool for her and her fans though.

Wes: He might be the most clutch competitor in Challenge history. When the game dwindles down to its final players, Wes’s performance in daily challenges jumps up a level. He won a puzzle challenge and an endurance challenge in back to back weeks. Those are two of his general weaknesses when it comes to finals. Wes is here to win and retire.

Dee: This was a super bad look for Dee this episode. She jumped in and called Turbo aggressive while defending her best friend Natalie which was slightly admirable. However, Dee overstepped her boundaries because she saw her friend angry and figured Turbo was the cause of it and deserved it.

If you are going through a break-up, Dee is the perfect best friend because she will take your side, buy you shots, and will egg your ex’s house for you.

The problem is, here it was a bit much.

Kyle: He really tried his best and still lost. My heart goes out to Kyle. Generally, I’m a skeptic when it comes to most Challenge injuries, but Kyle looked like a homeless man in the Summer after that daily challenge. I hope he gets Paulie because I honestly think he can beat Paulie.

Some people are mad because he’s not happy with Mattie, and while Mattie made a game move for herself and he acknowledges that, it hurts seeing your #1 ally work with the people who have been gunning for you. Mattie pulled a Kevin Durant move on Kyle.

Mattie: She is chilling. Even though Kyle is mad at her, he cannot make a move against her anyway as she is still his top ally.

Theo: If Paulie does not volunteer himself, Theo will be going into elimination against either Hunter or Kyle. He should be afraid of Hunter because that dude is a small ball of thickness who can get under Theo and blow him over. Theo should not have any problems with an injured Kyle who he can sprint passed.

Cara: If Paulie volunteers himself to face Kyle, they should find a way to put Cara at the victory lane.



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