Challenge War of the Worlds Episode 11 Player Recaps and Power Rankings

Episode 11 is in the books. You likely watched the episode, so I am here break down the specifics of what every player did in this episode. If you want to know about only your favorite players, just jump around.

Here is how I rank the current individuals through eleven episodes:

Tier 1

1 Wes
2 Paulie
3 Turbo

I truly believe Wes flipped the script this week. The only person in the game gunning for him anymore is Theo. Wes has pit two alliances against one another and cut a deal with Paulie to keep the target off of him. Paulie and Turbo are less likely to make the final than Wes right now, but are the favorites to win the final.

Tier 2

4 Theo
5 Kyle

These men need to win the next daily challenge or else there is a good chance they end up on the Killing Floor.

Tier 3

6 Hunter

He’s won challenges and an elimination this season, yet it feels like he’s the worst guy left by a significant margin. A partner like Ashley was perfect for Hunter and she made up for his weaknesses, by himself he’s too one dimensional.

Tier 1

1 Ninja
2 Mattie
3 Cara

Ninja is coasting through the game, Mattie is in the best political situation, and Cara is a seven time finalist with a great shot of making it eight this week.

Tier 2

4 Dee

The deal she cut with Wes, Mattie, Paulie, and Cara this week puts her in a good position, however, I wouldn’t be shocked if someone calls her down to the Killing Floor after a Tribunal Vote.

Tier 3

5 Nany
6 DaVonne
7 Georgia

Georgia is last because there is a 50–50 chance she is going home. Nany and DaVonne are good competitors who are not as good as the four people above them, or they are not in as good of a social/political position as them.


Wes: He is putting on a show rather than playing a game at this point. Yes, he loves to play the political game and make deals, but he is carrying himself in these episodes almost like a cartoon version of Wes. What separates Wes from the other all-time greats is he cannot merely be good, he must let everyone know he’s excellent.

It pains me he never became a professional wrestler or fighter as he would have had Apollo Creed level entrances. The Ginga Ninja wins big and loses extravagantly. He made a great move this week as he aligns with three of the strongest girls in the house remaining, is still aligned with Hunter, and now is cool with Paulie (kind of). Wes put himself in a good situation with one daily challenge win.

Dee: She came up big this week after flopping on the previous challenges. Dee won this challenge despite going first and is proving to be a puzzle master. She won the puzzle elimination and solved the puzzle in the swimming challenge for her and Wes.

Dee is a dark horse in a final considering how big of an equalizer that puzzles have become in recent finals. She needs to continue to win daily challenges to make it to the final as she is the smallest girl left in the house and a target for elimination call out.

Mattie: I went to take a sip of water from my cup, and when I looked up, Mattie finished the daily challenge. All the girls are afraid of Mattie because of her size, and now she is solving puzzles in ten seconds … Mattie has soared since becoming an individual and has aligned with Wes, Dee, and Cara.

She made a move that is against Kyle, but she still has his loyalty and ultimately will not target him. I think she has the best chance to make the final out of the remaining girls because if Cara Maria is no longer gunning for her, then nobody is.

Kyle: You have to feel bad for Kyle. Mattie was his golden ticket, and now he has to kill himself to make the final. He saw the Killing Floor last week and likely will be an elimination next week if he cannot win the daily challenge. I found it hilarious how much Cara dug into Wes for not targeting Kyle as if it his job. If you want Kyle out that badly, then do it yourself, it’s not Wes’s duty to go for Kyle. It’s not Nany’s either, it’s nobodies job but your own.

Georgia: She is going to pick Cara Maria or Nany to face on the Killing Floor. I believe she will pick Nany because she fears Cara. I respect Georgia not taking Wes’s deal for her integrity. However, I think it was dumb not to take the deal secretly if you know DaVonne isn’t taking the deal. She would have guaranteed herself safety as DaVonne would have picked Nany or Cara to go into elimination. She isn’t required to hold up her part of the deal either; you can let Wes save you one week and turn on him the next.

Hunter: He is not winning this season. If he cannot solve a puzzle and has poor cardio, then it’s hard to imagine him beating any of the remaining males and most of the females.

Cara Maria: I side with Cara Maria regarding her fight with Nany. I understand Nany is upset that Cara is siding with players she has met this season, but if Nany/Cara don’t already have an alliance, then Cara doesn’t have to protect Nany. Cara might be more afraid of the rookies than Nany as well. The rookies are unknown commodities, while Cara knows how good Nany is.

Also, Cara needs to get over Kyle, or they need to become a thruple.

Cara was smart to take the Wes deal, it should guarantee her a spot in the final as she aligned with most of the males, Mattie and Dee, and the women likely won’t call her out to the Killing Floor out of fear.

Theo: He is chilling. He should worry about Wes making a deal with Paulie as it will leave him as the person on the outside of his semi-alliance with Paulie and Turbo.

DaVonne: She is a badass. DaVonne could have easily swallowed her pride and cut a deal with her devil (Wes). Instead, she remained true to herself, convinced Georgia not to take the deal either, and is ultimately not going into elimination next week. Ironically, she inadvertently snaked Georgia.

Turbo: Is anyone else shocked Turbo struggled with this? Slider puzzles might be his kryptonite. Next week he needs to bring the regular Turbo fire as it will be a male elimination week.

Nany: She entered the game with so many good friends. Bananas, Leroy, Jenna, and Zach, have all been eliminated, and now the only veteran she can somewhat trust is Wes. I love Nany, but there is no veteran alliance, herself and Cara are the last true vet females, and they are not on the same page whatsoever. The fact she did not attempt to create a deal with Georgia or Day was disappointing.

Paulie: I want to see Paulie betray Wes after cutting this deal because it would result in a hilarious and messy television outcome. Likewise, I want to see Wes betray him. Paulie’s ego is hitting critical levels, and it will be fascinating to watch how he conducts himself in the next few weeks. He reminds me of Battle of the Seasons Frank Sweeney so much.

Ninja: You know you’re in a great position when you’re eligible for elimination, and nobody is even considering throwing you onto the Killing Floor.



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