Challenge War of the Worlds Episode 1 Player by Player Recap

Welcome to the Challenge War of the Worlds! During this season’s recaps, I am going to break down what happened to every single player in the episode. If you only care about 3–5 people, this is perfect for you. If you have no idea who Shaleen is or that Leroy is even there, ditto. The good thing is that as the season advances, we will have less players to deal with.

I am assuming you all watched the episode because y’all are big enough Challenge fans to read a recap about it.

In this episode we had the first daily challenge of the season (which was also a Purge) where the last place rookie gets eliminated. Josh Martinez and Liz Nolan are the two who finish in last. If you want to know the places of the rookies and veterans in this first challenge — the player blurbs are literally in order from first to last. As you can see, Ashley Cain is 1st and Josh is 9th for the Rookie Guys. The same goes for the rookie girls, veteran guys, and veteran girls. The rookies then got to pick who they wanted as a partner based on their finish in the first challenge. This was following a night at the house where everyone celebrated making it into the game.

Ashley Cain: He enters the season like a wildebeest. His testosterone level is through the roof. It was impressive to see him finish first as one may doubt his mental ability due to his physique. Ashley mentions he is called the Gorilla and good God I hope he gets a round with Bananas. Picking Kam as a partner was smart, and possibly influenced by his close relationships with Joss and Kayleigh.

Stephen Bear: The only comparison I can make for Bear is that he is like a television set where the volume is stuck on max, and when you unplug it, the tv continues playing like some twilight zone shit. He is amped at all times, it is both obnoxious and riveting. With two champions on board, his DaVonne pick is questionable, though DaVonne is socially connected to her Big Brother friends and they could dominate the game with a Big Brother/UK alliance.

Theo Campbell: This dude is tall as fuck, it is so distracting. I watch basketball all the time and whenever there is a 7'3 guy on court, even in a realm of giants, everyone in the room looks at him like “wow that dude is tall”.

Okay, digression over. Theo finished 3rd in the challenge and made sure the British male trifecta took the top three spots. He got into a fight with Ashley, creating an enemy immediately. Theo seems to get off on starting drama, he gets this amazing smirk. He should make a formidable team with Cara Maria as his partner.

Alan Valdez: Sadly, Alan had to go home due to a broken arm. He still finished fourth out of all the rookies in the first challenge despite the broken arm. So long Allan, it was good seeing you.

Turbo Kamkiran: He was quiet, very composed when most of the rookies were overexcited. We only got to see a hyperactive Turbo after he finished his puzzle and shoots a fireball out of his hands. Turbo makes a good choice in Nany as his partner — she can use her social relationships while he focuses on carrying them physically.

JP Andrade: There was almost no JP this episode. He has a perfect smile and a great body. A good amount of Brazilians can speak Spanish, so picking Natalie was probably the best choice for him. JP obviously knows English, but he is probably more comfortable with Spanish.

Chase McNary: It is insane how many L’s Chase took in this episode. He did not do well in the challenge and had his ball stolen by Leroy. Then he had a makeout session with Nany, where only minutes later he got super duper jealous about her sitting on Bananas’ lap. Chase is a fuckboi.

Gus Smyrnios: He barely escaped the purge. Gus picked Jenna as his partner. Hopefully he is more interesting as the season goes on.

Josh Martinez: We saw Josh get eliminated and come back from the dead this episode. His partner Amanda is much less compassionate than his #1 alliance from Big Brother (Christmas). It will be interesting seeing a soft Josh play with a cutthroat Amanda.

Natalie Duran: The ninja finished in first place like most would expect. She was much more lively in the Basic Training special. Picking Paulie was a decent choice, though I don’t think she is quite ready for the drama he will bring.

Morgan Willett: She made it a point to be and immediately made a spark with Bananas. She picked him as her partner and they should do well this season, whether it’s on the field or in the bedroom.

Georgia Harrison: One of the big surprises was Georgia finishing 3rd in the first challenge. She seemed shocked herself. Georgia is attracted to Bear as seen in the Basic Training special and she picked a hulking Hunter as her partner. She got one of the best physical players available and has British allies — Georgia’s surprise finish in this small challenge might set her up well.

Julia Nolan: Watching Julia lose her sister was sad, though it will allow her to play her own game this season. There will not be anyone focused on splitting them up as they are already split up. She has CT as a partner which gives them an excellent shot at making the final.

Dee Nguyen: She did well in the Challenge and brought a nice energy during the episode. Her picking Wes because she thinks he has no enemies is kind of hilarious and shows you how much Wes has changed over the years.

Mattie Lynn Breaux: An okay showing from Mattie. She seemed to be having fun playing beer pong. Mattie chose Kyle as her partner because she thought he was hot, a classic Challenge trope.

Shaleen Sutherland: We really did not get much Shaleen this episode. She picked Leroy as her partner which should give her a ton of camera time as Leroy is always the star of the show.

Zahida Allen: Another person who got to show more in the Basic Training special. Zahida is attracted to Ashley Cain and friends with Georgia. She struggled in the challenge, but she didn’t finish last and that’s all that matters! Zahida will be Zach’s partner and I am praying for her as she does not seem the most athletic. Zach can be a bit demanding.

Liz Nolan: After finishing second place on Big Brother 17, this is a massive disappointment for Liz. She took a fall down the dunes similar to Alan. While Liz was not injured, she was clearly shaken by the fall.

Paulie: He is still obsessed with Kyle and trying to be “the alpha”. Cara is so into him, and Paulie is so into himself. GHim getting picked first overall will only feed his ego.

Bananas: We got a heavy dose of Bananas in this episode, yet there wasn’t any depth. He inserted some funny commentary. Finishing second was impressive and he got properly rated as a top pick by Morgan. Bananas might be more focused on hooking up with her than winning with her.

CT: One of the best moments of the episode is watching everyone run into the house to find a room/bed and CT simply walking in with Turbo. Being CT, he still gets a good room and a great bed. He also has a funny comment about being back on the Challenge to pay for his wedding like MTV didn’t finance it.

Zach: He finished fourth out of the veteran males in the first challenge, yet none of the rookie girls picked him. You have to wonder what Zach did to not get picked considering he is a giant man who finished in the top half of the challenge. I do not think him and Zahida will be a good pair, she gives me Jonna vibes and that did not go well.

Leroy: We have hit a point with Leroy where all his confessionals and all his seasons have begun to meld together. The one big difference this season is Leroy legitimately likes Kam and it seems as though he dropped the ball with her.

Wes: The super chilled out Wes brings good vibes and hilarious commentary. He failed in the puzzle challenge, only beating the two dumbest guys. Wes is bad at puzzles, but he was able to get Dee to pick him and that’s a win considering he wanted her as his partner. Wes’s first season was in Australia, and now in what could be his last season, his partner is from Australia.

Hunter: At least he didn’t finish last! Hunter was a top pick and should be. He can literally carry his female partner on his back and dominate daily challenges.

Kyle: I feel like Kyle and Paulie called each other before the season and talked about how much they are supposed to hate each other. He talks about Cara and Paulie becoming one human being and it is hilarious. He does refer to Cara as his ex-girlfriend and I’m not really sure they ever had that label considering he ghosted her for a couple months.

DaVonne: This episode was a huge win for Momma Day and her fans. She finished in first for the first time in her Challenge career. On top of that, she was picked by Bear (the person she wanted) as the second female selected. Everything was coming up DaVonne in this episode.

Kam: A second place finish in the challenge has Kam resuming her run as one of the top females. She is the first female selected in the draft and is going to be with the gorilla Ashley Cain. Theo has some interest in her, meanwhile Leroy is still fawning over her. Kam might be in a love triangle of sorts and not by her own volition.

Nany: What an incredible comeback for Nany. She finishes third in her first challenge back, she gets picked by the mysterious Turbo as her partner, and she makes out with a guy! Not only that, but said guy got pissed when she sat on Bananas’ lap and already had a little fight with a guy who she barely met. NANY IS BACK!

Ashley: It really feels like Ashley only came for the appearance checque. Her willingness to blow up and fight Theo where she threatens to quit if she is his partner is hilarious. Ashley is very much embracing the villain role after stealing the million dollars.

Natalie: A quiet episode for Natalie. She was so thrilled to get picked. Her and JP will look great together. Will they be a good team? No clue.

Amanda: Even though she is usually a good puzzle person, Amanda struggles in this challenge. Partially due to one of her pieces being flipped the wrong way the whole time. She does not get picked in the draft, which Zach makes sure to let everyone know, which is hilarious because he also did not get picked. Also, how crazy is it that the duo who won 4/8 daily challenges on the previous season did not get picked at all!!?!

Jenna: She is hoping to win the money to help support her life with Zach in Michigan. Jenna says she is going to live her normal New York life in Michigan… Okay…

Jenna gets Gus as a partner. They are a very Ken and Barbie-esque team.

Cara Maria: Man, Cara Maria has simply not been on her A-game since she won Vendettas. She was still a top pick because of her reputation, but it seems like Cara’s focus is completely on Paulie. I get that she loves Paulie — but she simply needs to focus on herself a bit.

Luckily for her, she got a really good partner where they can legit win this game if we get Free Agents — Dirty 30 Cara back.



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