Challenge War of the Worlds: Breaking down the Wes and Day Drama

Allan Aguirre
5 min readApr 5, 2019

This past Wednesday, everyone watching sat up in their chairs after Wes made a statement about Da’Vonne not looking like a good role model for her daughter. The often witty Wes got his feathers ruffled and made a cheap shot at Da’Vonne’s expense. His choice to make a comment about Da’Vonne as a parent is a weak move because there are so many things he could go after her for, and instead, he went for low-hanging fruit which did not matter for the argument’s sake.

It could have been a small somewhat throwaway moment had Wes apologized right after. Instead, they are on completely different pages and the social media reaction is on another level. Both Wes and Day are being accused of lying, both are getting hate from ardent supporters of each other’s fan-bases and hate from their haters. Wes and Day are two of the biggest faces of the show, fans are waiting for them to fail, and they are not backing down from one another either. Here is what has went down and what we know:


Based on the episode we saw, Wes’s comment escalated the situation. He said it non-nonchalantly with some smugness in his voice. Now, Wes said on Twitter that this was edited and his comment was in reply to Da’Vonne saying the following:

Now, why was it edited this way? According to Wes, this is why:

Da’Vonne then calls Wes a liar:

and then…

and then…

If you read Da’Vonne and Wes’s social media feeds from here, they are going in completely different directions. Wes is writing as though he did not wrong, and Da’Vonne is accusing Wes of lying and is showing the repercussions via racist DMs she is getting from random viewers.

All we know is Wes certainly made a comment about Day being a poor role model for her kid as we saw/heard it on our television screens. Everything else is hearsay.

The remaining competitors in the game have surprisingly been mum on the topic. Dee got attacked for defending her partner, though she may have been lying for Wes’s sake. Kam defended Da’Vonne. It’s super weird how quiet the remaining players are about this matter. I feel like they are afraid of ending up on the wrong-side of this matter or possibly with the reunion filming soon they have been told to keep their lips sealed till then.

Here are the cases for Da’Vonne and Wes, and the cases against them:


From what we have seen, we know Wes crossed the line. Da’Vonne could have made a jab at Wes’s wife or family, but she did not from what we have seen. Wes’s accusation claiming she said she would have her family members kill him seems like a massive jump from all the fights we have seen this season. From a simple human standpoint, it is hard imaging Day saying any of those words in that situation.

You can’t even joke about something like this. The most convincing piece of evidence is the conviction Day has when accusing Wes of lying. She is fearless because she knows she did not say it. Marie and Kam have come to the defense of Day, stating she would never say anything like this, and Wes’s biggest supporter (his partner) won’t even outright confirm whether or not it was said:


At this point, all Wes has is his word and the fact nobody is coming through with legitimate confirmation of whether or not Da’Vonne said it. Editing has been so sloppy this season with fights being jigsaw edited together. The Hunter/Bananas/Amanda/Jenna fight from the second episode was completely disjointed, the Leroy/Kam drama similarly had weird editing, and Josh/Ash’s fight was made to look like it was about something different entirely. Zach’s apparent freak out over glitter and Amanda being tied up was also edited out of the season. MTV has dodged its most problematic issues this season, the only case for Wes right now is to blame editing.


The case against Da’Vonne is the fact she tweeted at Shane during Final Reckoning to keep the same energy when her male cousins would be at the reunion.

Wes is trying his hardest to prove himself innocent by manipulating these past tweets. It sucks for Da’Vonne because if she is telling the truth, Wes can still fall back on these tweets and misdirect the public.

Da’Vonne’s case is a tad bit weakened by the fact she is almost always getting into it with someone on social media. She fought with Ashley and Shane last season, and has somewhat feuded with Kam and now Wes this season. Part of it is she is a strong woman fights for what she believes in. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Day this season, however, at a certain point, you wish she was not a part of so much drama.


It’s plain and simple, we saw Wes make his statement, but we did not see what Wes is claiming Da’Vonne said. Not to mention, Wes does have a clean history of always telling the truth. Wes is someone who will bend the truth or twist a statement in order to curry the favor of the public. Remember when he asked Jordan if he thought Theresa was a bigger bitch than Jordan was an asshole, and Jordan replied Theresa was the bigger bitch in order to use on Jordan later on?

As much as I love Wes, he is always playing a game and he took it too far here. I do feel as though Wes has learned from the experience as he is not a complete idiot, however, Wes is not a fan of losing any battle and would rather dig himself a bigger grave than just flat out apologize to Da’Vonne. It’s almost like Costanza, it’s not a lie if you believe it.

Unfortunately, if it is a lie, he is hurting Da’Vonne and inflicting pain on her reputation. Regardless, all parties have taken a hit.

Conclusion: At the end of the day, I want to believe both parties and their character. Wes is in the doghouse because from what we have seen, he did make a comment about Day which crossed the line, and whatever he claims is something we have not seen/may not have happened. I hope both parties can come together have an adult conversation, thought it does seem like we will ever hit that point.



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