Challenge War of the Worlds 2: The Great Reinforcement Debate — CT or Turbo?

If you follow Challenge social media, you’ve probably seen hundreds of posts, tweets, and comments about Team USA picking Turbo instead of CT. Fans were incredulous over this decision because to many, CT is the greatest challenger. I was stunned by the overall reaction because fans love Turbo and I expected it to equal out.

Based on pure numbers, I think Team USA made the RIGHT decision. In 15 seasons, CT has won twice and is not currently in his physical prime. Turbo has done 1 season, won it, and is in peak physical condition. This is like asking an NFL fan whether they want Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes this season. I see the virtues of both, one is a leader and can uplift your team not only in his individual performance. Meanwhile, the other could be the best competitor in the game and give you an automatic advantage in any challenge.

Let’s break it down:


This is a big one. CT’s endurance is actually much stronger than people give him credit for. However, he did almost lose a final which involved puzzles and swimming to Nelson, and he finished 3rd place on the Dirty 30 final. I’m not saying CT is bad at finals, but he’s not in the upper half of competitors anymore when it comes to the running portion of them. Meanwhile, Turbo is coming off a 50 mile final win where he defeated a Pro Sprinter and multiple champions. At 260 lbs and 2600 packs of cigarettes smoked, it’s hard to imagine CT killing a final like Turbo would.

In a team challenge CT is dead-weight compared to Turbo, but CT is probably just as good of a runner as most of team USA.

Advantage: Turbo


Historically, CT is one of the greatest daily challenge competitors ever. He is good with puzzles, swimming, eating, balance, and carnival games. Based on Turbo’s one season, he is mostly the same. Turbo won almost every kind of daily challenge last season: speed, balance, endurance, and mental. CT has an edge on food and puzzles, but Turbo has better physicality at this point. You can bank on either.

Advantage: Push


CT’s career elimination record is 5–4, though if you include his mercenary wins, he’s 8–4. Turbo has never seen an elimination, besides assisting Georgia last season.

We as Challenge fans want to see Turbo in a physical elimination. We haven’t gotten to see what Turbo can do in a Hall Brawl or Pole Wrestle situation.

Until we see Turbo in full force, I have to give the edge to CT.

Advantage: CT


Turbo and CT are like two superheroes in the Challenge world. Turbo’s ego is consumed by his attempt to fulfill an image he’s created. He is always trying to be the best version of himself. He is always “ON”.

CT is a Superhero who is either a lone-wolf or the commander of his team. There is no in-between. During Dirty 30, CT ran the house for a good portion of the game and forced a dichotomy of game-play where it’s the Vets vs everyone else and everyone was simply picked off one by one. This was until Jordan shaked up the game and Hunter fought his way into power via winning challenges, redemptions, and eliminations.

For Team USA, CT is not a smart choice, because he becomes the omega alpha on a team with 3–5 other alphas. Turbo is an alpha as well, yet he doesn’t have the social or political pull that CT has. For this reason, you want Turbo over CT.

Edge: Turbo


This is the big one. Turbo is a great leader. He pulled out Nany’s best season by far in daily challenges as the two never saw an elimination and found themselves in the tribunal quite a bit. He can lead when needed, even if it is a little by force.

Compared to CT though … Turbo still has a ways to go. CT got the best career performance out of mortal enemy Adam King, the best performance out of Diem, helped Wes get his second win, and was with Cara during her best career daily stretch during Dirty 30. Likewise, CT has always been on the dominant side in the Champs vs Series. There is a bit of a blindspot with Veronica, however, she couldn’t reach the giant steak on the purge and their season ended because of that.

CT knows how to motivate and coach. He has years of experience and can teach teammates how to attack challenges. If he can figure out how to do this for Team UK, then Team USA will have made a huge mistake.

Edge: CT

At the end of the day, it’s pretty even. Personally, I’d go with Turbo, but I understand why people were mad CT didn’t get picked. It’s almost like choosing between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Who would you have taken?



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Allan Aguirre

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