Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Super Tease Trailer Breakdown

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There was some demand for the trailer after the first episode to be broken down and so I did it in my small bit of spare time. This small one minute trailer was actually a bit juicier than the trailer before the season.

There will be NO SPOILERS in this article other than those that can be deduced by simply looking at the trailer slowed down as I did.

There is a quaint view of a grassy field with a giant Challenge logo. Then there is an explosion. Typical.

We get a view of an elimination between two females. It looks like they have a giant climbing pole for each and the first one up wins? I see a ton of pegs on these poles, so it could be similar to the elimination Kailah/Jenna and Tony/Ammo participated in on Dirty 30

We get early 2000’s music video filters of the gym. Jorgan is spending a considerable amount of time in there. Joss is asserting himself as the biggest Brit by curling 45 lb weights, while Rogan curls 40 lbers. Why does Joss, the biggest Brit, simply not eat the smaller Brits?

Zach exists.

Bananas looks really good in this photo. Really gritty. Not a Bananas fan, but he looks good here.

Bananas has a bit of mud on his face, probably from this daily challenge. CT is stiff-arming Josh, and Leroy looks as though he’s carrying a football and is maybe afraid for Josh’s life.

Rogan and Kam are talking to their teams and each has their own worries about their team’s direction.

Sidenote: Kam has the best hygiene on the Challenge as I feel like I always see her in a towel or taking a bath. She’s most likely to smell good out of anyone on the cast.

Cara and Laurel get into a tiff. Cara and Laurel entered this challenge world together as the #1 and 2 picks of the Fresh Meat draft in 2010, and now at the close of the decade, they are fighting on War of the Worlds 2. Time flies folks.

Theo calls someone a little bitch in what looks like a UK team meeting as Georgia, Kayleigh, Jenny, Nicole, and Georgia are in the area, however, so is Josh (either he’s there for Georgia or for a team swap).

The trailer makes it seem like he’s telling it to Rogan, but Rogan’s intensity does not match-up with Theo’s statement. Theo seemed to be very close to whoever he called a bitch. If Rogan was that angry after being called a bitch, he likely would have clocked Theo. Dee is a good exclusively casual partner by holding Rogan back.

Turbo shoves Jordan in what loos like the aftermath of a daily challenge. Turbo is mad thicc. In the background is Ninja, Kam, Nany, and Cara. There’s also this giant stone head. Johnny Bananas is carrying a similar item in one of the later photos.

CT looks like 7 year old me trying to figure out how I can open the new Chips Ahoy without anyone noticing.

Cara and Paulie story-lines continue!!!

MTV seems to be implying that Georgia is still into Bear and thrusts herself onto Josh as a reaction of her hurt feelings. I think we all understand what it feels like to be both Georgia and Josh in this scenario.

There’s an over water obstacle course where two players have to meet in the middle and possibly get physical. MTV outdid themselves with this one.

Cara is getting mauled in the mud pit challenge from earlier.

Jordan carries a giant panel through a shallow bed of water.

Kam and Esther (?) jump with hooks and attempt to attach themselves to a zipline. This daily challenge is very Batman-esque. As you can see in the second photo, Kam is not Batman.

Dee and another human in the background are on climbing walls. This seems like your classic “make it from one way to the other without falling” challenge, and it looks quite intense. I expect Ninja Natalie to kill this as an expert climber. I also expect her to fail, preceded by everyone hyping her up and her doing a confessional about rock climbing being her life. I’ve watched the Challenge before; I know the cliches.

Zach is holding two panels a bit similar to what Jordan was carrying in the water. Bananas holds the giant stone head I mentioned above.

CT is angry this season. He went from talking Ashley off the cliff dad to “i’m done with your shit” dad in only two years. It’s staggering. Laurel and Tori make faces for the camera.

Turbo is being held back by Theo and security.

Paulie is going so balistic that it even has Bear and Nany shook. Bear and Nany … two people who have gotten in some fucking crazy fights in their life.

The best part about this is Kyle can be seen and you just know he’s like “it’s cool not being on the receiving end of this”. Paulie looks like he’s going to have an aneurysm in this photo.

This reminded me of the yoga challenge from Free Agents where a team had to stay in the air for a full minute. If you could not tell, this is the UK team participating as Bear, Kayleigh, CT, Dee, Theo, and Kyle can be clearly seen it.

Jenny, Dee, and Joss are cranking something.

Hall Brawl!

This was shown in the original trailer. It is a daily challenge where a team must use their upper-body strength to pull themselves in a small cart from one side to the other. Kam and Leroy fail as they are falling out of their cart.

Correction: Nany and Leroy?

We’ve got ourselves a swimming challenge. Josh can be seen in the first photo. He’s in the trailer quite a bit. Wes is swimming in the second photo.

There’s a giant storage container and it’s tilted vertically. I truly have no clue what’s going on with this daily challenge.

The British boat. I find it weird when the Challenge is able to brand certain things and not others.

We have a UK vs US elimination. Through deduction, you can tell the UK person is Bear, and the US person based on the complexion of the legs is either Wes or Bananas (more likely Wes).

And it looks like Georgia sees an elimination.







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