Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Mid-Season Trailer Breakdown

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I am breaking down the mid season trailer of the Challenge War of the Worlds 2 similar to how I do the preseason trailer. There are no spoilers in this article that you won’t figure out by watching the trailer super slowly. YES, there are spoilers, but they are spoilers via inference. I will breakdown what I think is happening in the scene, or what we can obviously deduce. I hope you enjoy.

Also, here is the trailer breakdown I made before the season:

Most of the shots from that breakdown have happened, but there are a few tidbits that have not.

The first shot is of the two teams walking to a daily challenge. I am guessing this is next week’s challenge as every girl left in the game is in the shot, except for Dee (although she’s probably somewhere in the back).

Two meaningless shots with a soundbyte of Turbo saying: “I will do my best to send him home.” Considering the angst on social media and the previous episode, we can imply Turbo is referring to Jordan.

A shot of Cara, (Ashley or Tori), Nany, Paulie, and Leroy walking to or back from a daily challenge. There is a Kayleigh soundbyte where she says: “you’re a traitor to your own country.” I am hoping this means someone turncoated.

It is followed by a snipet of Theo wondering whether he hates his team or team USA more. Either way, he is one the outside of both.

A scene with Nany saying “I literally feel like I’m on my own.” She’s not wrong. Jordan and Tori are in her alliance, but they have their backs over hers any day. Leroy and Zach are playing the middle as well.

Jordan yells across the table to a male next to Cara and says “Be a tough guy and vote!” They are at the nomination ceremony table. This means Team UK wins at least one daily challenge from here on out. I’m really proud of them.

TJ mentions something about “the first turncoat” of the season as Zach and the other men are walking onto the proving grounds. A shocked Ashley face is perfect for future memes and gifs.

We get a shot of Jenny, Georgia, and CT. This shot mirrors the one of Team USA from above. As you can see, CT and the girls are covered in mud. There is a mud pit challenge this season where it looks as though players have to retrieve balls for their team, similar to the Gauntlet 3.

We get a Paulie and Kayleigh interaction where he says “Tori and Jordan now think they’re calling the shots on your team.” Either this means that the majority UK alliance is now working with the minority US alliance, or Tori and/or Jordan have turncoated to the UK.

Joss realizes he forgot to cancel his free trial to apple music before coming on the show.

A scene with CT and Jenny where he states that he needs to draw a line in the sand. It is likely that CT does not want Jenny to go in as she is one of their strongest females, but she is on the outside of the UK majority alliance.

A shot of Theo falling during a heights over water challenge.

A close up shot of Jordan, Paulie, Cara, and Leroy. MTV is potentially foreshadowing these four as the major figures for the rest of the season.

The mud pit challenge I was referring to. So if you look at the group not participating in the daily challenge from Left to Right, I believe these are the people in the game at this point. Leave the article if you don’t want to know:









Jordan, Nany (?), Josh (?),CT, Paulie, Zach, Leroy, Joss, Rogan, Theo, Ashley.

There is also the female members in the pit.

This is obviously a female round, and thus we can deduce that something happens to Turbo and Idris. Whether it be elimination or them simply being out of shot for whatever reason. We can infer Georgia and Jenny are still in the game at this point based on a previous photo.

Tori is competing in the Proving Grounds. She is either attempting to solve a 3D puzzle, playing Tomb Raider, or playing an elimination similar to Jenna/Larissa from Bloodlines where you attempt to close a door on opponent.

Regardless, this elimination has my attention. Tori’s legs look strong as fuck.

The first photo is from this trailer. CT and a female seem to be falling out of a basket. The second photo is from the preseason trailer where it seems to be the same challenge. My guess is teams use their upper body strength to pull their baskets to the finish line (the red hash mark). Potentially, once a team finishes, they can release the other team and end their run, similar to the tire challenge from War of the Worlds 1.

A clusterfuck of a daily challenge. Players are sliding down a hallway and attempting to get their hands on rubber balls and puzzle pieces. Idris, Theo, CT, Leroy, Zach, Joss, and Rogan can be seen in the shot. Eventually, Jordan and Josh slide through.

Zach is rocking climbing over water and attempting to get from one side to another. Based on the original trailer, Dee also participates in this daily challenge, and this what it looks like from afar:

There is a waterway obstacle course/hall brawl daily challenge this season and it excites me very much.

Kayleigh looks at the rock climbing walls with a tremendous amount of fear. She is wondering how signing up for Ex on the Beach in 2014 got her to this point. There is a player diving for a ball in the mud pit challenge.

Paulie seems to be falling in the same challenge CT and Theo did. Maybe you have to fall in this game and there’s a swimming element. Ashley and Nany are running through the forest with what I assume to be puzzle pieces.

Theo comes in like a wrecking ball on the Proving Grounds. Theo goes into at least three eliminations this season.

Cara and Tori are butting heads with Cara asking her if she wants to meetup in elimination. Turbo and Paulie are both in the shot. Kam has a face of shock/interest.

Leroy yells at someone “we are putting her in, what are you mad at me about?” Since Nany is in the next shot, I can assume he is speaking to her. The only female Nany would get mad at Leroy for voting in other than herself would be Tori. She’s likely disappointed that Leroy chose to align himself with Cara and Paulie in the end.

Dee bursts into tears, noting that she believes Rogan used her.

Ninja tries to console her, I guess.

CT is stalking in the background with a cute stuffed animal on his shoulder. He says “there’s a whole other side to Turbo.” Followed by a shot of Turbo being held back by multiple challengers and security guards:

We get a close up shot of the waterway challenge. Leroy and CT meet in the middle, and either CT jumps off, or Leroy knocks him off. I am proud of Leroy if he managed to stay on when CT couldn’t.

Another game of Hall Brawl. Classic.

Ashley is summoning the Challenge gods to help her get a third win.

The people we see most prominently in this trailer are:

  • Jordan
  • Tori
  • Cara
  • Leroy
  • CT
  • Paulie
  • Theo

People we see a healthy amount:

  • Kayleigh
  • Nany
  • Ashley

People we see a decent amount of:

  • Rogan
  • Turbo
  • Zach
  • Jenny
  • Kam
  • Joss

People we either don’t see much of:

  • Dee
  • Ninja
  • Idris
  • Josh
  • Georgia



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