Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 6 Recap : 10 Biggest Takeaways

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Episode 6 is in the books and I decided to focus on the 10 Biggest moments/takeaways from the sixth episode. Since you’re Challenge fans reading this, I figure you likely have watched the episode already. These will be integral storylines that the sixth episode focused on. I’ll breakdown why they matter for the season.

Honorable Mentions:

  • CT is the captain and a floater
  • Bear is still a wanker
  • Kyle’s impending doom?
  • Kayleigh’s spotless political game

10 What would a new viewer think of Turbo?

Because most Challenge fans watched War of the Worlds 1, we have a conception of what Turbo can do as a competitor and how he acts. His approval rating following his rookie season was at an all-time high.

Fast-forward to this season, and he’s been incredibly quiet on a loud team. He has not stood out in any of the daily challenges; in fact, one could argue he has looked like one of the worst players in the game as he did not participate in the word puzzle or the trivia (in his defense, it is in English). However, he did have the worst male swimming time on the US team besides Leroy (not much of a bar). I like Turbo, but if someone were only to watch this season, they’d wonder why Turbo is on the show.

The good news is he seems to hate Jordan, and they could come to blows next week based on the teaser trailer.

9 Kam the Schemer

Kam’s game reminds me so much of Wes. She makes these big moves that put a target on her back. They are high leverage moves which give her a better chance of winning but get her thrown into elimination. Likewise, they both excel in the subtle parts of the social and political game. When Leroy becomes the speaker, Kam knows she needs to rekindle their past connection to further her game. By getting in everyone’s ear, Kam can make her desires the group desire.

When the paper trails get tracked back, Kam could get thrown in easily. If not, she is dandy. Kam has gone into 9 eliminations in three seasons. Her big moves are impressive, but she needs to figure out how to put blood on the hands of her allies instead of her.

8 Josh and Paulie’s friendship is no more

I noted in my article a couple of weeks ago that I felt bad for Josh because nobody in the Challenge house treats him like an adult. They all talk to him like a child and always take shots at him for being emotional. Even in his fight with Paulie, Kyle’s immediate note in his confessional is that Josh is emotional and weak. Not that it is two people fighting, just another shot at Josh. It’s hitting the “Tony is a dad” point of redundancy.

The funniest part of Josh and Paulie’s fight is you can tell when Paulie saw the cameras starting to move away from him; he began escalating his aggression. I don’t think Paulie wanted to fight Josh, but he wanted the camera time and did not want Josh ever to have a leg up on him in any regard.

7 The Brits are not as strong as Team USA and dumber!

Team USA is the honors student and the captain of the football team. Their only chance of losing to Team UK is via self-destruction. I will give Team UK a bit of slack as most of Team USA’s questions were a bit easier, though losing 6–0 is super embarrassing. Even worse, considering Team UK viewed the six people they chose to be their smartest.

I feel like the final challenge for this season should pit the two teams in a battle where they try to file their taxes. It would be much scarier than a 50-mile race for most of them.

Not going to lie, I did get a question wrong when watching. I forgot Tiger Woods real name. My answer was “Elwood” … Yes, I thought his name was Elwood Woods. It was Eldrick; I was close-ish.

6 Georgia needs to grow up

Georgia is an incredibly frustrating character. She is a phenomenal competitor, but the girl needs to use her brain just once. When Georgia sees Bear kiss Kayleigh, she kisses Josh which helps nobody. Josh gets used, Bear is less interested in her, and she looks like a fool who is jealous of Kayleigh. Similarly, the way she talked to Dee when at the bar, Georgia could have smartly made a deal with Dee to flip to their side as they were having a logical and fair conversation. Instead, Georgia attacked Dee’s emotions, guaranteeing Georgia would be next on the chopping block.

Also, her crying because Nicole was losing was embarrassing. I get it, she’s your friend, but this is the Challenge. If you want to be with her that badly, throw yourself into the next elimination.

When Georgia said two weeks earlier that she uses her heart instead of her brain, my immediate thought was “yeah, a regular human brain would have told you not to do blackface.”

5 The Numbers Game

Last week, I noted the game had become a civil war within the two teams. There is a UK alliance of seven people that includes Rogan, Joss, Idris, CT, Dee, Kayleigh, and Esther. No matter what, they hold the 7–6 majority, so even when they lose the daily challenges, they will keep a nominal power in the game. Now that the alliance numbers have shifted to 7–5, I am curious to see if CT has his alliance vote, Esther, in if they lose on another female day. He is a smart guy and knows Esther cannot run a final. I’m not sure if he willing to throw in Georgia or Jenny quite yet, especially if it means Team USA is targetting the strongest female of his alliance (Dee).

4 Dee and Rogan’s relationship

I don’t want to be the spoiler police, but based on Rogan’s social media behavior, it seems as though the two parted ways after the season and are amicable still. Regardless, it is crazy to see two free spirits get hooked onto one another. They both have thick accents and are both dummy thicc themselves. It’s a cute relationship where I feel they are both mutually benefiting. You don’t get many Challenge relationships where you wonder which player is getting more out of it; oftentimes it seems so one-sided.

3 Nany is killing her fanbase

I once had a dream that Nany and I were real-life friends. When I woke up to find out we didn’t go out for drinks and her number wasn’t in my cell phone, I almost cried. I’ve been a fan of Nany since watching her Real World season. It’s becoming increasingly frustrating to watch her play the game.

Nany is playing the game with the mindset that veterans should automatically be aligned. That is a backward way of thinking which would be a great way to play the game if this was Inferno 3. The bad news is it is War of the Worlds 2, and you need to adapt your gameplay. Nany does not understand why she should align with a rookie over people she’s known for years which is borderline ridiculous. Wes has pulled so many tricks on people, Bananas has done worse, Ashley stole a million dollars, Cara jerked off a guy on a bus for an alliance, Jordan pulled all the kill cards on himself, and Paulie is Paulie. At what point do you figure that everyone is playing dirty?

Nany needs to learn that to win the Challenge; you need to play the game and kill the challenges. Sitting back, smoking cigarettes, and doing confessionals saying you want to win finally is now how you win. Going for the weakest player on Team UK is a scared move. Nany needs to realize if she picks off the weak players, then she will eventually become the weakest player left.

2 Leroy is the man

Similar to Nany, I’ve been a massive Leroy fan since watching their Real World. I think we can all agree the peak of being a Leroy fan was Exes 2 when he won 4 eliminations and finished in 2nd place. Leroy established himself as a top competitor and seemed deserving of the title of Champion (assuming he’d achieve it).

Then it all went downhill. Leroy was disqualified on back to back seasons due to injuries (one to his cousin, one his own). When he was finally healthy enough for Dirty 30, his window of opportunity had passed. MTV had brought back elite veterans and ushered in some youthful talents. With Leroy’s back never being the same and him no longer being at his top physical form, he fell off. He did make the final of Vendettas, but he walked away with no money, and no daily challenge wins. After losing on WOTW, Leroy’s Challenge career began looking like Eli Manning’s without the Super Bowl rings.

This season, Leroy is playing the game. He is playing both sides of the house and acting as a leader. Leroy is not the smartest guy, but he knows how to manage people, and he can see that people on his team are acting like idiots when the game has gotten served to them on a silver platter. It’s fantastic to see the Leroy I loved almost a decade ago come back.

1 Nicole is gone, and Jenny is a beast

The elimination this week looked difficult. My brain saw it and thought, “wow, Big Easy would never be able to get himself to the top.” I do not blame Nicole for struggling in this elimination as it is physically intense and a claustrophobic nightmare. Could she have done better? Absolutely. All in all, she did fine. Had she went against Esther, I think Nicole could have won, and we would have a completely different perspective of Nicole.

Based on how impressed TJ was by Jenny, I imagine she went up and down the tube a crazy amount of times. It is a bit scary that it took Jenny that long to finish if she did go up and down the tube a lot. She might not be the brightest crayon. Then again, if you can physically dominate as she did, it might not matter.

I hope we see Nicole again, except without Georgia. If she is going to play second fiddle, I really don’t care to see her. She was funny in her confessionals, they were just too few and far between.



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