Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 10 Recap : 10 Biggest Takeaways

Episode 10 is in the books and I decided to focus on the 10 Biggest moments/takeaways from the eighth episode. Since you’re Challenge fans reading this, I figure you likely have watched the episode already. These will be integral storylines that the tenth episode focused on. I’ll breakdown why they matter for the season:

10 Turbo got Terminated

What an anti-climatic way for Turbo to go out the door. I think we all expected Turbo to go full Duel 2 CT up in the house. Ultimately, Turbo got disqualified for his behavior. I think it is a bad sign for Turbo that he was mostly wallpaper throughout the season, and when he got shown, it was his more violent side. Turbo may not be coming back on the show based on this editing. Does anyone else remember the lack of Camila confessionals during the Dirty 30 final that she won? It reminds me of that.

I feel bad for Turbo. Jordan is mocking him to his face, while his team is winding him up because of their hate for Jordan. Nany is genuinely the only person who cared about Turbo, and he let both sides get the better of him.

9 Nany’s not so excellent adventure

I have mentioned in the previous weeks, my frustration with watching Nany as a player. As a human, I still support Nany because even with her poor decision-making skills, she remains a kind person. When everyone is using Turbo for their gain, Nany cares about her friend’s well-being and him not being removed because of manipulators.

When it came to Leroy, I think Leroy did have a good point that Nany is not bringing him a better option. Nany needs to be proactive when playing this game. I feel bad that’s she gotten put in this spot, but lamenting about her game situation is the worst thing you can do. Once you have that mindset, you’ve already lost.

8 Who the hell do we even consider strong?

Paulie made a solid point about how everyone left in the game is good at the Challenge. Everyone individually has strengths and weaknesses as competitors, so to call someone like Ninja weak when she was the only female to finish the hardest final in Challenge history is ridiculous. In a team game, having no weaknesses is almost more important than having any strengths. Tori is perfectly balanced, while Ninja has highs and lows.

When Zach calls out Leroy, Leroy aptly notes that Zach has died in a final (Zach’s only title was in mid-2012). Josh calling Leroy weak is crazy because Josh hasn’t done anything of merit in his career. Jordan did have leverage over Leroy as he has beaten him in a final and a physical elimination before.

Perceptions of strength are so weird. Dee trails Jenny and Georgia physically, but mentally she outpaces both. CT carries a lot of weight, but he likely has much better endurance than Rogan. At this point, I wish this season was Free Agents.

7 An Amazing Daily Challenge

This daily challenge ended after the first round of both male and female heats. Once a team got the numbers advantage, it was too difficult of a lead to overcome. However, the visual of watching men and women wrestle in the mud was quite exciting and made up for the inherent flaw of the game. I would have preferred to watch them play a handball/rugby type game similar to Invasion. It was not a great daily challenge for Jordan, not having the extra fingers to grip the ball when in slippery terrain is suboptimal.

Kayleigh breezed through this challenge as her alliance is all of the Team USA women, and none of them we’re going to tackle her. Cara Maria showed why she’s one of the strongest women in the game by wrestling with Kayleigh and Dee for a significant amount of time.

6 Leroy is Fed Up

I don’t care what anyone says, Leroy is an all-time Challenge character. Some might find him boring, and some dislike his gameplay; Leroy has brought a generally calm demeanor and chill vibe to the show that makes me feel comfortable when he is on-screen. I genuinely feel like Leroy is my friend from watching this show for years.

I respect Leroy for not allowing Jordan, Zach, Nany, and Josh to take dig after dig at him simply because he made a play for himself. Is Leroy making a poor choice for the current version of Team USA? Yes. Is he making a good move for Leroy? 100%. Leroy guarantees that Paulie’s alliance has the numbers on each side with this game move and virtually assures himself a spot in the final. In a team game, having a place in a two-team final gives you a 50–50 shot of winning. If you’ve watched the Challenge, anyone can fail in a final. Hell, a random spider bite knocked Coral and the Real World team out of the Final back on The Gauntlet 1. Random shit can happen, but if you have a spot in the final, that means you have a shot at winning. Leroy is aware he is not a star, and if he’s going to win, it’s going to be as a role-player.

5 Kayleigh’s Killer Political Game

Kayleigh is the worst physical female player remaining. You can make an outside argument that she might be better than Dee, but I’m not biting on that. I think the gap between her and Dee is probably more significant than Dee and the next person. Yet, because of her relationship with Paulie and Kam, Kayleigh is running the UK Team. We are living in a world where the weakest player on a team is calling the shots, making big moves, and getting blood on the hands of her allies.

I cackled watching Jenny and Georgia lose their minds because Kayleigh outplayed them politically. They need to grow up and realize that politics is part of the game.

4 Joss is a Ken Doll

A beautiful specimen who has different sets of hair and accessories. Joss is a great physical competitor who lets other people use him far too much. Rogan rides their friendship to establish himself more, Kayleigh calls him an idiot and then puts blood on his hands to make her move, and is even getting put in elimination by Team USA when he’s actively working with them. Joss needs to get his priorities in order.

3 CT doesn’t give a shit about Georgia going in

When Kayleigh first said Georgia’s name, I expected CT to have a bit more of a reaction. I’d assume CT would be afraid of losing her as she is a strong player. Instead, CT watched on and thought, “cool, either we keep Georgia or get a better Tori.” CT gives no fucks.

2 Goodbye Georgia

Georgia has been the most featured player this season. She has had the most confessionals this season, been in two different showmances, and won two eliminations. Her elimination was a bit anticlimactic. It was weird to see this all come together very last minute.

Regardless, I’m weirdly happy Georgia got eliminated. My opinion of her has dwindled since the beginning of the season. At this point, I am tired of seeing her cry. Georgia’s elimination record is still an impressive 4–1, and she either can come back in the future and go after Kayleigh, or potentially team up with her in Rivals based season. Hopefully, she can learn how to play the game more than the challenges and eliminations.

1 Tori, the Turncoat

I fucking love the confident and cocky version of Tori. Too often, Tori has been a nice girl. This time around, she’s like, “fuck it, I think I’m the best; I’m going to prove it.” The elimination reminded of the game Laurel/Cara played against Camila/Theresa on Rivals 1. This elimination was just so unique because you can’t tell who is winning till it’s over, and if you can never give up because a player can slip a piece to the other side at the last second.

My favorite about Tori’s turn coating is she looks at Jordan, and they both have this look of joy and happiness. You can hate them as individuals, but Jordan and Tori are legitimate couple goals. These two are each other’s biggest fans and support one another without any jealousy or any artificiality.



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