Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Alliances, Hook Ups, and Enemies Breakdown

With Season 34 starting this week, I projected the potential alliances, enemies, player social game, and past/current hook ups for the entire cast of War of the Worlds 2 as it was going into the season. I know based on current social media that we can imply certain people are now friends/aren’t friends, yet I feel like that’s spoiling too much. Thus, I focused on what the relationships were between cast members before departure.

Some of these are wrong. It’s difficult to keep up with the relationships of all these grown adults and whether they like or hate each other. Likewise, for some players it is difficult to call a friendship an alliance because they are friends with everyone.

Johnny Bananas

Past Hook Ups: Ashley Mitchell, Nany Gonzalez, Kayleigh Morris
Allegiances: Leroy Garrett, Chris Tamburello, Nany Gonzalez
Enemies: Wes Bergmann, Paulie & Cara?

Bananas will struggle this season because, excluding Leroy, he’s not real friends with anyone on the cast. He isn’t going after certain people, but he doesn’t have them in his pocket either. He and CT get along due to mutual OG respect. I do wonder which rookie girl he will attempt to hookup with this season.

Cara Maria Sorbello

Past Hook Ups: Paulie Calafiore (current), Kyle Christie
Allegiances: Paulie Calafiore, Theo Campbell, Georgia Harrison, TURBO, Chris Tamburello, Kam Williams (?)
Enemies: Laurel Stucky, Zach Nichols, Nany Gonzalez, Ashley Mitchell, Jordan Wiseley

Ironically, most of Cara’s enemies were, at one point, her friends, and one (Laurel), her real life best friend. Cara’s game is intertwined with Paulie. Last season, Theo was her partner, and they found themselves playing the game with Turbo. If her and Paulie continue to dominate, they will be fine. If not, there are a ton of competitors who wouldn’t mind seeing her eliminated. Cara benefits from the team challenge format as she’s one of the strongest players on her team, and thus, there’s no reason to throw in one of your strongest players.

Chris Tamburello

Past Hook Ups: Nany Gonzalez, Laurel Stucky (?)
Allegiances: Leroy Garrett, Wes Bergmann, Cara Maria Sorbello, Johnny Bananas, Zach Nichols
Enemies: Jordan Wiseley

CT is cool with all veterans. They respect him and allow him to exist on his CT Island, while he kicks ass in daily challenges and floats through the game. It has not worked the last two seasons for him due to a Purge and a rogue JP call out, but CT should be able to laze through this. It’s a team game and you always want CT on your team.

Jordan is listed as an enemy, not due to CT, but due to Jordan’s own actions and CT’s lack of trust in him.

Ashley Mitchell

Past Hook Ups: Johnny Bananas, Kyle Christie
Allegiances: n/a
Enemies: Cara Maria Sorbello, Theo Campbell

Ashley has stuck to her Lavender Ladies in the past and this season she gets to be a Free Agent. She is an incredible social and political player. It will be fun to see who she aligns herself with this season now that the field is open for her. She was only around for two episodes of War of the Worlds, but she was able to make an enemy in Theo.

Wes Bergmann

Past Hook Ups:
Allegiances: Dee Nguyen, Chris Tamburello, Nany Gonzalez
Enemies: Johnny Bananas, Jordan Wiseley, Kam Williams, Theo Campbell, Georgia Harrison, Stephen Bear, Leroy Garrett

All of Wes’s true alliances are people who were his partners on previous seasons. He played a great social, political, and physical game last season. However, in doing so, he got on the bad sides of Kam, Georgia, Theo, and Bear. Now he has 20% of the cast against him, and then a whole bunch of others who are indifferent. Wes needs to play his best physical game this season in order to make power moves to strengthen his social game.

Last season, Bear became Wes’s new Kenny/Bananas. This season he has to deal with two of them.

Nany Gonzalez

Past Hook Ups: Chris Tamburello
Allegiances: TURBO, Leroy Garrett, Wes Bergmann
Enemies: n/a

She is in a weird situation. Everyone loves to hangout and drink with Nany because she is a great presence in the house who makes the experience all the more fun. Sadly, once the game accelerates and we get to the midpoint, people do not value Nany highly and simply throw her into elimination. Nany needs to play an active game in order to succeed. It’s just hard to envision her completely changing her style of game-play after almost a decade.

Paulie Calafiore

Past Hook Ups: Cara Maria Sorbello (current)
Allegiances: Cara Maria Sorbello, TURBO, Ninja Natalie, Josh Martinez
Enemies: Kyle Christie (kayfabe), Johnny Bananas, Zach Nichols

Paulie and Cara dominated the daily challenges last season and it gave them the power to decide who goes into elimination. Later in the game, they aligned with Turbo and they all got to the final daily challenges together. I assume he is cool with Josh based on the Big Brother connection.

It’s tough to tell whether he and Kyle still hate each other in the game. They obviously do not hate each other off the show, but for show purposes, they may continue their feud. Paulie and Bananas have genuine animosity for one another and have taken many cheap shots at each other on Social Media. I’m not sure if Paulie hates Zach, I just know he took out his girlfriend with the double cross on Final Reckoning, and then Zach and Cara feuded on War of the Worlds 1. Paulie has strong enemies.

Kam Williams

Past Hook Ups: Leroy Garrett, Theo Campbell
Allegiances: Theo Campbell, Kayleigh Morris
Enemies: n/a

Kam plays a much more active version of Nany’s game. She remains cool with almost everyone and will play the game politically. However, Kam has gone into elimination nine times in three seasons, which is tied for the record for most eliminations in a three season span. Kam’s goal from here on out should be to avoid elimination. She needs to form a clear cut alliance, and not simply be a number in a big group. Floating was cool when the female cast was weaker, but the last few seasons have seen incredibly strong casts.

Zach Nichols

Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: Chris Tamburello, Kyle Christie, Jordan Wiseley
Enemies: Laurel Stucky, Cara Maria Sorbello

It’s quite clear that Laurel has not liked Zach for a long time and even voted him into elimination on the last season they appeared on together. Considering Laurel’s history in daily challenges, Zach should either try to make amends with Laurel or win every daily challenge for his own safety. Zach is a confused player. He works with Wes whenever he wants to make a big play, but he never wants to get blood on his hands, so he plays a scared game by sticking to the male veteran alliance until it bites him in the ass for his own passivity. Zach can never lose in a normal fashion, he has to go down in flames first.

Laurel Stucky

Past Hook Ups: Chris Tamburello, Jordan Wiseley
Allegiances: n/a
Enemies: Cara Maria Sorbello, Zach Nichols, Paulie Calafiore

Laurel re-entering the game is exciting, however she doesn’t have any true allies going into this season and she has tons of people who either actively dislike her or have a bad history with her. Wes and Laurel do not have a good history, yet he’s probably not an enemy compared to Paulie and Cara who have a vendetta against her.

If we get the same Laurel from a decade ago, then she should coast through the game on her physical merits alone. If not, Laurel could have some legitimate trouble navigating her way through the game.

Jordan Wiseley

Past Hook Ups: Tori Deal (current)
Allegiances: Tori Deal, Zach Nichols
Enemies: Wes Bergmann, Chris Tamburello, Cara Maria Sorbello

Normally, having Wes, CT, and Cara as enemies would be scary, but for Jordan, it’s a regular day in the park. He has often poked fun at their legacies and abilities, which is wild considering many fans praise those three as some of the greatest Challengers ever. Jordan competes with a level of excellency that he does not fear challenging other great players. In a world of Challenge entitlement, Jordan is an anti-hero who is hard to cheer for, but you cannot deny what he is saying might be right.

On Dirty 30, Jordan had no true allegiances and won the game. This season is a team game where it’d be dumb to get rid of your best player. I see Jordan doing well as long as he doesn’t tell a girl she looks like she has down syndrome again.

Tori Deal

Past Hook Ups: Jordan Wiseley (current)
Allegiances: Jordan Wiseley
Enemies: n/a

It feels weird writing that Tori’s only allegiance is Jordan when you consider she’s one of the most amicable characters in Challenge history. Except when you’re in a pre-existing relationship with another person in the game, it is like that. There are no alliances or bonds stronger than the one Tori and Jordan already hold. Tori plays the Sarah Rice game where everyone feels like she has their back and she makes mostly safe and efficient moves to get herself to the final.

Josh Martinez

Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: Paulie Calafiore (?)
Enemies: n/a

In the past, Big Brother players have inherently aligned together. This season, it’s only Paulie and Josh. I think the two are completely different people and will likely play their own games. During the first episode, Josh seemed very shy in comparison to the more outgoing personalities. Josh needs to find a way to be an asset for his team or else he will likely go into elimination early as he is the obvious male outsider of Team USA.

Ninja Natalie Duran

Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: Paulie Calafiore, Dee Nguyen
Enemies: Stephen Bear

History says that elite female athletes like Natalie can rely on their physical abilities to make it to a final. If she proves herself to be as valuable as she was on War of the Worlds, it will be difficult to argue why the US Team should ever throw her into elimination. Ninja does have a bit of an ego (as seen in the Tribunals last season). If she goes on a tirade like she did against Turbo, Ninja could become public enemy #1. She needs to play nice.

Part of me wonders if Cara dislikes her for the shade thrown by Ninja during the finale last season.

Leroy Garrett

Past Hook Ups: Kam Williams (current??)
Allegiances: Johnny Bananas, Nany Gonzalez, Chris Tamburello, Kam (?)
Enemies: Theo Campbell (?), Wes Bergmann

Leroy is a simple man. He comes on the Challenge, gets his appearance check, cuts some hair, and chills out. It’s honest work.

Kam has lit a fire under his ass the past couple of seasons. Most were not fans of Leroy or his edit last season, yet I enjoyed it because we saw a Leroy who actually cared about something in the game. The biggest positive for Leroy entering this season is he’s the ultimate teammate. He may not be the best player on his team, but he’s easy to work with and definitely isn’t a weak player. Leroy should go far this season as long as Wes doesn’t find a way to dominate the game.

Faith Stowers

Past Hook Ups: Kyle Christie
Allegiances: n/a
Enemies: Cara Maria Sorbello

It is going to be a rough season for Faith unless she can perform at a high level in daily challenges. Her goal to hookup to further her game on her rookie season failed and she’s now found herself in a game where she’s the only new-ish player on an established team of veterans. The only way she can guarantee an earlier exit at this point is by hooking up with Johnny Bananas.


Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: Nany Gonzalez, Paulie Calafiore, Cara Maria Sorbello, Georgia Harrison
Enemies: Stephen Bear

Whichever teams gets Turbo will be getting a top player who has innate talent when it comes to challenges. Turbo had a good relationship with Paulie last season, I’d bet on them resuming their friendship this time around. Turbo did not see an elimination last season (besides the Nany/Georgia debacle), it will be interesting to see how he does in a physical elimination. Bear is his one enemy as Turbo had a general distaste for the way Bear carried himself in challenges last season.

Dee Nguyen

Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: Wes Bergmann, Ninja Natalie Duran
Enemies: Stephen Bear

Dee got herself in trouble last season when defending Ninja on a blind notice against an innocent Turbo. In the end, she went into elimination, went home, and overall it seems the two are on good terms now, and are not going to be aligned or maligned. Now that this is a true individual game for Dee, she must choose whether or not she will want to keep her ties with Wes. She loved him as a human and partner, but at the end of the day, the game sometimes alters based on whether you’re with or against Wes. Considering she hates Bear more than Wes does, it’ll be an easy choice for her.

Kyle Christie

Past Hook Ups: Cara Maria Sorbello, Ashley Mitchell, Faith Stowers
Allegiances: Joss Mooney, Zach Nichols, Kayleigh Morris
Enemies: Cara Maria Sorbello, Paulie Calafiore (Kayfabe), Rogan O’Connor

I don’t know whether or not I should put Rogan on here, I just know he was listed as Kyle’s vendetta for season 31. Five seasons later (two years), Rogan has returned with a healthy back and ready to take Kyle out. Just kidding, they’ll likely work together as their vendetta was based on Rogan banging Kyle’s ex, and by now, Kyle has had twelve other exes.

Kyle could get thrown under the bus by his own team for being too connected to Team USA. He’s assimilated himself well with the US team and is not as assertive as Bear, Theo or Rogan. Ironically, Kyle should be the leader of the UK as he is incredibly sensible when it comes to the game. Similar to Wes, Kyle has an understanding of the social landscape of the game and how to navigate the challenges. He needs to be the alpha or else he will be on the chopping block.

Georgia Harrison

Past Hook Ups: Stephen Bear, Rogan O Connor
Allegiances: Stephen Bear, Theo Campbell, Zahida Allen, Nicole Bass, TURBO, Cara Maria Sorbello
Enemies: Wes Bergmann

You can tell going into this season that Georgia is being pushed as a future face of the franchise. A petite British girl with great facial expressions who’s a good talker, has poor choices in men, and is a phenomenal competitor… she is production’s wet dream.

Georgia is the greatest female British athlete in Challenge history and it’s not particularly close. She should be able to breeze through the game unless something catastrophic were to happen.

Joss Mooney

Past Hook Ups: Kayleigh Morris
Allegiances: Kyle Christie, Rogan O’Connor, Kayleigh Morris
Enemies: Stephen Bear (?), Johnny Bananas (?), Zach Nicols (?), Paulie Calafiore

Joss returns this season and will definitely take a shot at Paulie if he can. On S32, Paulie infamously went back on his word and threw a grenade at Joss which ultimately led to him and Sylvia losing out on a million dollars. Joss played an incredible game on Final Reckoning as he and Sylvia won multiple eliminations and were the only team to last from day 1 in the house to the final, no redemption house, no twists, just pure competitive skill.

A few years ago, Joss found himself in a love triangle with Bear over UK star Vicky Pattison. Could they be at odds this season? Likewise, Joss was not a fan of Bananas and Zach and their treatment of Amanda on S32. While he is no longer associated with Amanda, there could still be bad blood among the fellows as Bananas would often take shots at Joss when arguing with Amanda.

Kayleigh Morris

Past Hook Ups: Johnny Bananas, Joss Mooney, Stephen Bear
Allegiances: Joss Mooney, Kyle Christie, Kam Williams, Rogan O’Connor, Zahida Allen
Enemies: n/a

Kayleigh has a good relationship with the initial UK imports who debuted with her. She also is good friends with Zahida, and was able to link her up with Kam. Kayleigh had (most likely) her best physical performance on Final Reckoning being partnered with Kam. Without having coach Kam in her ear, I wonder if she regresses back to the level she was at on Vendettas (the literal worst). I can see Kayleigh playing a Jemmye social game where her performance in challenges will really only matter once the outcasts of the UK team are first taken out.

Stephen Bear

Past Hook Ups: Georgia Harrison, Kayleigh Morris
Allegiances: Theo Campbell, Stephen Bear, Georgia Harrison
Enemies: Wes Bergmann, Dee Nguyen, TURBO, kinda Cara Maria

Bear is an interesting case study for this season. He plays the game horribly and is at best a slightly above average competitor. He is good at simple sprint-like challenges, yet fails at anything requiring a higher level thought process.

His biggest strength is his clout. Whether you like it or not, Stephen Bear is the biggest celebrity on the show. Him being on the Challenge is the British equivalent of Pauly D being on the show. Georgia might like Bear as a human, but she knew he had a girlfriend when hooking up with him last season. Why did she do it? Because he’s a celebrity in his country and hooking up with him will only strengthen her profile. Reality star relationships are followed like actual celebrity relationships out here. UK internet is fascinated with who is shagging who. Players in this game may align or fight with Bear just for clout.

Zahida Allen

Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: Theo Campbell, Georgia Harrison, Stephen Bear, Kayleigh Morris
Enemies: n/a

The relationship between Zach and Zahida is unclear. There were reports he treated her poorly last season. The edit showed something completely different and makes me confused regarding how they feel about one another.

Zahida is good friends with Kayleigh and Georgia and is one of three UK girls with Challenge experience. She needs to step up as a competitor for their team and should be able to stay out of the first elimination at least.

Theo Campbell

Past Hook Ups: Kam Williams
Allegiances: Stephen Bear, Cara Maria Sorbello, Georgia Harrison, Zahida Allen, Kam Williams
Enemies: Wes Bergmann, Ashley Mitchell

Theo got into arguments with Ashley and Amanda quite early last season. Luckily for him, Amanda is not on this season and Ashley will be trying to play her best social game. My favorite thing about Theo is that he calls Wes “Wesley”, but his name is Weston.

There might be a clash between the OG UK challengers and the Newer UK Challengers. Bear and Theo want to run the team and they’re gonna run into a brick-wall with Joss and Kyle. Rogan and the other rookies will be the X factor. If Theo can take control early, he can go into cruise control.

Nicole Bass

Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: Georgia Harrison
Enemies: n/a

Nicole is a gorgeous girl who made the rounds on the UK Reality Dating show scene and has now made her way to the Challenge. She is good friends with Georgia and that’s a perfect relationship to have entering the game. I hope Georgia made Nicole train with her. If Nicole can be 80% of what Georgia is, the British team is looking good.

Rogan O’Connor

Past Hook Ups: Georgia Harrison
Allegiances: Joss Mooney, Kayleigh Morris
Enemies: Kyle Christie (?)

I’m happy to see Rogan get a second chance. When I studied him for my player preview before Season 31, Rogan seemed truly dedicated to fitness and had a good mix of cardio and weight lifting. If his back is better, it will be exciting to see how he mixes in with the cast. Rogan has an alpha personality, which is much different than Joss and Kyle who simply blended in and had fun. Rogan banged Nicole Ramos after being eliminated on Vendettas. If he banged someone without ever making it to the house, it proves he was born for this show.

Jenny West

Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: n/a
Enemies: n/a

Jenny enters this season with a clean slate. Fun fact: she has a twin sister who is just as hot as she is, and for some reason, MTV did not capitalize on the twin factor by casting both of them.

She won a reality show called Survival of the Fittest in the UK. Her life is dedicated to fitness, yet in a more glamorous way in comparison to Emily Schromm. I’m interested to see whether she’s more the Ashley Kelsey type, or the Emily Schromm type.

Idris Virgo

Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: n/a
Enemies: n/a

A wild card entering this season. Idris is a “pro boxer” who currently boasts a record of 3 wins, 1 draw, and 0 losses. He actually had a match a few weeks before the Challenge started. The Challenge has not had any boxers besides Darrell, and he did pretty damn good. If I’m forgetting someone, I’m sorry.

Boxers are built for the challenge as they are not averse to the physicality portion and they have incredible cardio. If you’ve ever watched a Rocky movie, Rocky runs during his training more than anything. Idris is built to win an elimination and run a final.

Esther Fallana

Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: n/a
Enemies: n/a

Similar to Shaleen, Esther is an out of nowhere casting. Her origin show is actually an all black web series geared toward giving black people representation in London. She is a hair stylist, model, and owns a company that dabbles in clothing, fashion, make-up, extensions, etc.

I pray she has a better experience than Shaleen.

Sean Lieneker

Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: Big T
Enemies: n/a

History dictates that Sean will be thrown into the first elimination. He is a gay male rookie and that makes him the biggest early target. No matter how strong a gay male is, there’s often a perceived weakness. He must be good at the challenges in order to establish any game alliances.

Tula “Big T” Fazekerley

Past Hook Ups: n/a
Allegiances: Sean Lineker
Enemies: n/a

I don’t think Sean and Tula are close based on my basic google researching of the two. I do believe they will be forced to be each others #1’s based on the fact that they were on Shipwrecked together. She is in the same position as Esther, except she has Sean, which isn’t much as Sean will be an initial target in the game.



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