Challenge War of the World Post Episode 13 Power Rankings

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6 min readMay 2, 2019

The season is almost over now and instead of doing the same player recaps, I want to break down which players have the BEST CHANCE to win War of the Worlds from most to least likely. Before we get into the rankings here are quick notes about the episode:

Kyle Christie is a boss

Theo was so much faster than Kyle in this elimination, but Kyle did not give up. On the first round, it looked as though Theo had made it 60% of the way down the hall and Kyle pushed him all the way back to about 35%. You could tell Kyle body was taking a toll after each round and you could tell by the way he looked before the elimination that he was nowhere near peak condition. After being labeled as a coaster his first two season, Kyle definitely earned his stripes this one. Even though he couldn’t beat the pro sprinter, he was still able to beat CT.

Planes are scary

I personally love air planes mostly because I hate car rides and the amount of time it takes to cover ground in a plane. However, this daily challenge seemed terrifying and difficult. I can barely tie my shoes if I’m not sitting still, I can’t imagine solving a puzzle in this scenario.

Never Get on Turbos Bad Side


1 Turbo

It was between Turbo and Paulie for the top spot, but Turbo successfully punched his ticket to the final. Turbo might not be as good a runner as Paulie or Theo, but he’s pretty close behind them and has excellent problem-solving skills that supersede the other two. In the Junkyard challenge, despite going slowly, Turbo knew which pieces of junk would weigh the most. He also proved his ability to compete under pressure in this most recent challenge where he solved the puzzle much faster than any of the remaining competitors.

To win a final you have to work harder and smarter — Turbo is the most likely to do both.

2 Paulie

I genuinely believe Paulie would have lost the Hall Brawl elimination to a healthy Kyle. The thirty-forty lb difference would have been too much, and Kyle has proved himself adept with physical competitions.

However, he didn’t have to face Kyle on the Killing Floor because he has been so dominant in daily challenges. Paulie was succeeding in daily challenges even Ninja wasn’t, and now all he needs to do is not finish last in the final daily challenges, and he gets to run a final without a Natalie for the first time.
Paulie winning this season would be a huge middle finger to all his haters (including me).

3 Wes

If I had to pick one of the males most likely to finish last in the final daily challenge, it would have to be Wes. Even though he’s tied for the most daily challenge wins this season, Wes fails spectacularly when he doesn’t win. He either goes big or goes home.

The reason he is listed third is that nobody else left in the game truly grasps what it takes to win this game (sorry Hunter), and he is here to win and retire. Wes needs this moment, and he will be pulling out all his cards to finish on top. He is worst athlete left (considering age) and is the smallest guy, yet like Eddie Guerrero, he’ll lie, cheat, and steal to become a Champion once again.

4 Theo

I think Theo has struggled in almost every challenge or elimination this season, yet he is so athletic, talented, and skilled that he has still been at the top for most of the game.

He needs to show more upper-level problem-solving skills if he is going to win the final. Mostly, if we get peak Theo, there’s a strong chance he can win.

5 Hunter

If Hunter does not finish last in the final daily challenge, he will make his second consecutive final.

A 4–1 elimination record, two finals, and one win in four seasons will give Hunter one of the most impressive recent stretches in Challenge history. It’s just … his season feels so underwhelming.

1 Cara Maria

She has made it to her 8th final. Cara Maria has tied Johnny Bananas for the most finals appearances in Challenge history. Note: they both accomplished eight final appearances in thirteen seasons. Unfortunately for Bananas, his last appearance was on his 13th season (Rivals 3). Cara is on a hot streak of four straight finals appearances (five if you include Champs vs. Pros).

If the final goes down to a puzzle portion as it did on Vendettas, then Cara has a high chance of winning. On Vendettas, Cara pushed herself more than she did all season. A true champion does their best when it matters most, and Cara still has another gear.

2 Ninja

She should grateful there are no more female eliminations after Dee faces DaVonne. Turbo still wants to throw her in, and now all she has to do is not finish last in the final daily challenge.

Ninja has been good at everything this season, I just can’t put her #1 when Cara already has a spot in the final, and she has no experience compared to Cara. Running a Final is hard, and I wonder how Ninja will do by herself. Ninja is a straight A student who is going to get tested like she never has before.

3 Georgia

Georgia owns the label of the strongest female runner in the house. However, the final has puzzles, eating, and often heavy lifting. Compared to the top two girls, Georgia might struggle in this area.

Regardless, Georgia has a great shot at the final and should place well as long as she does not finish last in the final daily challenge.

4 Mattie

Out of the remaining women, Mattie has only been better than DaVonne in the daily challenges. She is big and strong, but as we have seen in the past, if you finish last in that Purge, you’re out. Nelson is a career 8–2–1 in eliminations and has only made one final because of Purges. Mattie needs to be at her best to guarantee herself a spot in the final. I do not believe she will win this final as she is not good with puzzles and is near the bottom when it comes to endurance.

She’s still had a solid season, and I believe she’d make no matter what it if there were a final elimination instead of a Purge.

5 Dee

Based on the ending of the most recent episode, I feel like Dee is going to lose the elimination to DaVonne. Dee is uber confident and Day is not at all, it seems like a reversed fortunes/underdog edit. She’s had a remarkable season, has been in multiple tribunals, and despite attacking Turbo, she deserves to get cast for next season.

If she does win, Dee is excellent with puzzles and may be able to edge out one of the stronger girls in the final. Sadly, I am not too fond of her chances in the Purge either as similar to Wes, she is going big or go home in these daily challenges so far.

6 DaVonne

She is not winning the final. If DaVonne were to beat anyone in the final, it would be a massive accomplishment for her. I am very proud of DaVonne. She has come a long way from Big Brother where she was nowhere near a competition threat.

DaVonne has already pulled out multiple daily challenge wins and two eliminations. If she can walk away with three wins, that would put her in a good group of strong competitors like Wes, Cara, Emily, Bananas, and Alton.

Beating Dee would also be vengeance for her beloved partner, Bear.



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