Challenge War Challenge War of the Worlds Episode 10 Power Rankings & Player Recaps

Episode 10 is in the books. You likely watched the episode, so I am here break down the specifics of what every player did in this episode. If you want to know about only your favorite players, just jump around.

Here is how I rank the current individuals through ten episodes:

Tier 1
1 Paulie
2 Turbo

The supermen. These two have been good at every daily challenge and are now aligned together. Not to mention they are allied with Cara, one of the strongest girls in the game.

Tier 2
3 Theo
4 Wes

Theo has watched his two best allies get eliminated back to back, however, he continues to make it into tribunals and having Cara Maria as his partner will lump him in with Paulie and Turbo. Wes is probably the worst athlete left, but you can never underrate someone with his Challenge pedigree.

Tier 3
5 Kyle
6 Hunter

I never imagined putting Hunter last on this list, but his actions have put a big target on his back in a game where all the remaining players could theoretically win. Kyle is going to see another elimination most likely unless he wins a daily challenge.

Tier 1
1 Ninja
2 Cara
3 Mattie

If you watched this week’s episode, the list speaks for itself. Pound for pound these are the strongest women in the house.

Tier 2
4 Nany
5 Georgia

I don’t really know who these two are aligned with which is a bit scary considering how late in the game it is. Georgia was aligned with the UK trio of males, however, Theo is the only one remaining out of that group. Likewise, Nany has Hunter and Turbo, I’m just not sure how much they are looking out for her.

Tier 6
6 Dee
7 DaVonne

Dee has flopped on the last couple challenges, I want her to step it up next week. DaVonne needs to continue to win on the Killing Floor, if she’s going to make the final, she’s going to need to become a cutthroat assassin in eliminations.

Paulie: He needs an ego check. He is a great competitor, however, he only acknowledges his own performances. Similar to Bananas, Paulie diminishes the accomplishments and strengths of others. In this episode, he said Wes, Hunter, and Kyle do not deserve to go to the final because they have been all talk. Hunter and Wes are Challenge Champions who have won multiple daily challenges this season. Kyle has now won two physical eliminations. The lack of self-awareness from Paulie is a bit jarring.

Paulie did kill the daily challenge and made a smart move by allying with Turbo. The game on the male side has become Paulie/Turbo/Theo vs Wes/Hunter/Kyle.

Ninja: She killed the daily challenge. I worry this season will play out like Vendettas where the men will have the ultimate say in both their games and the women’s. Optimally, we would have had a men and women’s tribunal this week. There is no reason to have split elimination days at this point.

Turbo: His fight with Hunter was so EXTRA and so entertaining. Hunter is a bit of a twat sometimes. Watching Turbo curse him out felt like a relief because Hunter needed to be humbled. Turbo is a true competitor who gives it his all. When he passed out from exhaustion, his first question after being given air was how many balls he got. I love this man and his genuine nature. He is a Turkish Darrell.

Nany: Her performing well in the first individual challenge proves Nany is here to play. Losing Turbo as a partner is a massive hit to her game, however, it might be easier for her to socially maneuver her way through the game without him. She has to win an upcoming daily challenge because she will be a target for call out in eliminations.

Theo: The most underrated competitor this season. Theo is consistently near the top and found himself in the Tribunal again this week. His closest ally (Bear) was eliminated this week. Theo must align himself with Paulie and Turbo as he has clearly been going against Wes and Hunter.

Cara: If the tribunal is mostly male-dominated like the Troika in Vendettas, Cara is in a good spot because Paulie, Turbo, and Theo are great at daily challenges and can keep her out of elimination.

Kyle: He refuses to give up. Kyle is giving it his all just to survive this season. In a season where the male competition is stacked, he continues to fight as Champions and heavy hitters lose every other week. As Paulie said, Kyle makes people underrate him — in this elimination he had to show everyone what he can do.

Mattie: A goddamn icon. Mattie demolished the daily challenge with ease. While other girls were getting blown away, Mattie was taking a stroll in the park. She needs more screentime.

Bear: He had the perfect mindset in the daily challenge. He sprinted at full speed because if you go slowly, you’re just going to get pushed back by the wind. Anyone who has played Mario Kart would have known the right strategy. Unfortunately, he spiked the ball at the one yard line twice.

He is a good competitor, not a great one. You have to fake it till you make it, sadly, Bear is a smol guy and Kyle is bigger and stronger than him. I felt so bad for Bear during the final round when he had an open bucket and got chase down blocked by Kyle as if Kyle was LeBron James. I hope Bear returns next season, I would love to see how he operates in a different format.

DaVonne: She no longer has to deal with Bear and his shenanigans. Huge win for Mamma Day. She needs to win next week because she has no major allies among the remaining women.

Wes: He’s not fast. Wes has gotten back in shape and has the cardio to run miles, but his speed and explosiveness has declined quite a bit (part of getting older). Straddling the wall opposite of the ball deposit area was idiotic because even though you get to steady yourself, you’re taking the brunt of the wind. Again, a skilled Mario Kart would never have made that choice.

I think Wes is in a good spot. If Hunter continues to be an asshole, I believe Wes can continue to avoid eliminations as Hunter will be the bigger target and he won’t be called out by Hunter either.

Dee: She sucked at the daily challenge. It was sad watching her drop the ball multiple times after getting so close to the goal.

Hunter: He’s made it to the end and lost right before the final in the past (Invasion and Dirty 30). Hunter needs to win out to make it to the final. To be completely honest, I was a bit disappointed that Hunter did not get to face Bear in elimination. The two have been at odds for a while.

Georgia: We finally know Georgia’s weakness! Her weight. She is fit and athletic, but the wind does not care for these things if you don’t weigh enough. She got tossed around like a bag in this daily challenge. I did not feel bad watching her cry when Bear got eliminated mostly because I believe she can do so much better than him.



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