Challenge Vendettas Trailer Breakdown

I wasn’t excited for the new season and was upset to hear the news that the trailer would be dropping so soon. Then I saw the trailer, and it’s fair to say I’m hooked once again. Last season, I broke down the full trailer in detail screenshot by screenshot. There might be some spoilers in here, but I am not going to be giving any spoilers, only blanket speculation based on the photos, and pointing the same stuff that we can all see.

For those not interested, we are going to start going through photos and breaking down what we can find.

MTV’s release

MTV gave Entertainment Weekly this statement in regards to what the Vendettas format will mean in the game.

“The winners of each challenge will receive money for their individual bank accounts, but once players are eliminated, their money is added to the final prize pot. In a major game twist this season, ‘Grenades’ will be awarded to players surviving grueling elimination rounds, giving them a chance to get back at anyone else in the house they may have a vendetta against. With everyone out for themselves, stealing an entire bank account from another player, forcing players to be shackled together during another challenge or selecting players to stay up the entire night before a challenge, will surely shake up the competition and heighten the drama, doubt, and deception in the house.”

Take that for what you will.

For those that still haven’t seen the trailer, here it is

My apologies for some screenshot quality, as I screenshotted from Twitter when it was the only link available.

Onto some photos:

They actually begin with showing clips from Dirty 30 with people who are not even on this season.

The first looks of the season are a daily challenge and an elimination. One challenge looks like the Human Bubble challenge from Free Agents, and the other is two soccer goals with fire in the middle of a court. Intense.

We then see the episode one looks of the big faces of the franchise. You can hear Nelson talk about targeting Bananas.

This looks like Ex on the Beach UK star Melissa Reeves. She is getting into it with Jemmye, and AYTO Season 5 rookie Kam Williams.

We are teased with hookups. One is of Brad Fiorenza and Britni Thornton, Bratni is their ship name. Then we get two shots of Cara Maria hooking up. Even on Invasion and Dirty 30, her and Abram still had a somewhat FWB relationship. Single for the first time in years, she is getting it on. In one shot it’s with Nicole Zanatta (probably to get back at Laurel). And the other is with Kyle Christie from the Geordie Shore UK (the tattoos give it away).

Then anger and fights are teased. We see Kam, Jemmye, and Nelson getting into it. And then Shane Landrum calling someone crazy.

It teases how dirty some of the fights get. One of the scenes is Marie calling Brad an idiot. Another is Nelson getting into it with security, and Jemmye talking him down the cliff by telling him not to do the same dumb shit he did last season.

We get a montage of the competitions. The hamster ball mission reappears. Nelson appears to be in an elimination similar to the one he competed in on Dirty 30. Marie and Alicia Wright (Are You The One Season 5) are in tears. And then there are two shots of what looks like a challenge where players have to retrieve a ball from a giant soapy trough and bring it back up a hill. Marie and other girls are struggling, while Cara Maria looks like she is doing well in the background. It is very reminiscent to a challenge played on Exes 1 where Diem and Camila went at it in the final round.

More photos of people in missions and eliminations. In the first photo, we see girls playing a game where they retrieve rings and are putting them either on their own, or someones post. The next photo is Tony declaring he could take anyone on in a 1 v 1 match-up. We then see Joss Mooney (Geordie Shore UK) in an elimination setting going against Derrick Kosinski (who isn’t on the main cast). Brad is seen falling after taking a tumble during a mission where players are jumping from car to car while being an obscene amount feet over the water.

The trailer becomes a bit more random. We see Nicole getting into with people on the bus. Devin and Britni are streaking (you can tell it is Devin by the lack of back muscles). The British bunch(Kyle Christie, Melissa Reeves, and Rogan O’Connor) seem wiped out during a mission. And it looks like there’s an early season challenge where everyone is tied together.

We see multiple action shots including a possibly concussed LeRoy. Don’t worry, he is dancing with Marie in the next shot. My favorite shot is there is either a night swimming mission, or night swimming in the final.

We are left with a shot of TJ in a suit, and a kick ass logo.

Hope you are excited for the Challenge Vendettas.



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