Challenge Vendettas Player Preview: Nicole Ramos

Never forget that Nicole Ramos invests in high quality eyelashes and good glue because she is a high quality girl. After doing her first two seasons with her cousin Nany, Nicole competed on the Dirty 30 solo and is back again for Vendettas. My apologies to Nicole for mentioning Nany, she was such a big character in Challenge history and is the reason Nicole is part of our world today. People will always mention her, because the two are synonymous with each other. The good thing for Nicole is she showed on Dirty 30 that she can stand alone, be her own character, and fill a role in the game.

The best thing Nicole brings to the game is her confessionals. In recent seasons, competitors have struggled with their confessionals being natural, funny, and sometimes just being grammatically correct (looks at Nelson). Nicole is woke as fuck. She was one of the first people to point out Camila for being totally whack, and not a good person. While others would make excuses for her, Nicole was straight up about it all. In her confessionals last season, she kept dragging Camila because she wasn’t afraid of her or anyone. Nicole is aware Camila is the better physical player, at the same time losing isn’t a big deal, her life isn’t decided by how she does on any one challenge — unlike Camila. She is low-key all in on the drama.

What Nicole has shown in recent seasons is she understands how to play the game, does not take things personally, and simply wants a chance to show what she can do.

Skills & Physical Strength: Nicole is one of the smallest girls from the weight perspective. She is 5'5 and tops out around 105 lbs. We saw last season when she faced Britni in elimination that her size will always make her the underdog in anything physical. She put up a decent fight, only to come up short.

Last season was one of highs and lows for Nicole from the competitive standpoint. She won the first daily mission of the season along with the three girls who made the final. Nicole used her size to her advantage as she was able to stay on the wall as she had less weight to hold up.

After outlasting almost all the other girls in the house in the first challenge, she was not picked for a team at all in the second challenge. Nicole does not mind failing in a challenge, however you have to give her a fair shot to try it first, and that is what gets under her skin. At the end of the day, everyone wants a chance. You never know whether you’ll be good at something unless you try.

We are in Nicole’s fourth season, and there are still a lot of questions regarding her as a competitor. Can Nicole run a long distance like a final? She has been in mini final type missions, but still nothing like a final. Can she swim well? She lives in Florida, so maybe. Will she try at least? Of course.

Social, Mental, & Political Game: Her social game will be fine. She has made friends from these shows like Cara Maria and Britni. Nicole also probably finds herself aligned with the Marie, Veronica, and Sylvia group. Her and Kailah were a bit chippy on Dirty 30, but it seems from social media that Kailah made friends this season, so maybe the two of them hashed out their differences. Compared to Dirty 30 where she had to establish relationships, Nicole has the benefit of knowing people this season.

Her mental game is her biggest strength. Nicole might be afraid of heights, she doesn’t really show it and doesn’t care. She knows it is only part of the game at the end of the day she isn’t dying. During the trivia challenge last season, Nicole got every single question correct and only lost due to the format where players could eliminate opponents with correct answer choices. She has also showed her mental strength when facing Aneesa in Redemption. Nicole was doing better until she literally couldn’t physically chew and swallow the food into small enough pieces. A good winner and a graceful loser.

She needs to gain power in order to have a political game.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: With a career elimination record of 1–2, it shows she can win an elimination as she had done it in the past, but it is something she should stay away from. Eliminations are increasingly becoming about raw physical strength and size, something Nicole does not have. In this cast there are many girls who actually have similar builds to her, so Nicole could beat some of them theoretically. She is intelligent, and that matters in the elimination arena when you have to think on your feet.

I do not think Nicole can win this season. There is a path for her to make it to the final. The female cast this season is very middling on the female side. If Nicole can use her brain, her social and mental skills, and hang around till the end, she can slide till the end. At the same time, she doesn’t really have a true best friend on this show. Nicole could easily get thrown in because nobody has a significant tie to her. Either way, as long as she stays for a while and kills her confessionals, Nicole’s season will be a success.

Overall Rating: 75/100




25 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

Allan Aguirre

25 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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