Challenge Vendettas Player Preview: Melissa Reeves

The final female rookie player preview of the season is for the incredibly entertaining Melissa Reeves. Her Instagram name is djmelreeves because she is a professional international DJ. I have no clue how good of a DJ she is, or how often she does it these days. What is clear is Melissa is a beautiful girl who has used this quality in order to leverage herself into new opportunities and she has taken advantage of it.

Melissa has her own personal site:

In it you can find her DJ event schedule, contact information, photos from her modelling work, and a mini biography of her. Turns out Melissa has been pretty set out on gaining fame since she was young, and has taken main different routes to get there. Everyone on these shows wants to be famous, Melissa is honest about it and is pursuing her career. The Challenge is the next step for her.

What makes Melissa perfect for reality television in general is she plays the perfect villain, whether she is being real or fake, she makes people hate or love her.

As you can tell from the video, Melissa is open sexually and does not care about the repercussions. She cares about herself, which makes her a bad human being, but good for television. Melissa believes in herself, and because of this, others fall into the trap of believing in her. Her Vendetta this season is Kayleigh Morris. The two are former best friends who became rivals and enemies due to Melissa hooking up with one of Kayleigh’s significant others for who she still had lingering feelings for. She has no remorse for girl code because she lives by Melissa’s code.

Her fights with Kayleigh on Ex on the Beach have been legendary. It will be interesting to see if the two get into it while in the US, or whether they will put their egos aside to play the game together. I would guess the former.

Skills & Physical Strength: By the looks of social media, Melissa enjoyed her time on the Challenge based on the amount of screen caps she has posted of herself on Twitter and Instagram. The positive about Melissa is she models a ton, meaning she focuses on her body looking good and fit. She posts photos in fit wear, so hopefully she hits the gym. According to an old modelling profile, Melissa is 5'7. Which is believable as in some photos she looks quite tall, while in others her petite look makes her seem like she is barely 5'0.

Then again, Melissa finds herself in the arms of much larger men, so it’s not surprising to find out she is actually quite tall. The best comparison physically is Ashley Mitchell. Someone who is incredibly skinny and at times looks small, but in the Challenges is able to use their size to their advantage. One of the critical differences is Ashley had a decently long athletic history growing up, whereas most of Melissa’s athletic history is in the dance category. Many times there are good athletes who have never tested themselves and actively find out later in life to have natural ability. Others find out the hard way that they are not athletes. Melissa will either sink or swim on this show.

Melissa’s biggest skill in the physical realm is her cutthroat nature. She is not afraid of physical altercations with other females, and is the type of person to take a cheap shot if it will help her win.

Social, Mental, & Political Game:

It must be noted that everyone in the house hated Melissa for actions done by her either during the show, prior to the show in real life, and/or on a previous show. What Melissa does well is she finds people’s weaknesses and insecurities, pinpoints them, and tears them apart using it. She will find the thing you care the most about and exploit it. If she see a girl falling in love with a guy and the girl does her wrong, she will go and take him. Melissa can vary between a sweet girl and an awful person. At the end of the day, she cares about herself.

If Melissa can find a way to take her evil social skills and become nice or use it to her advantage on the Challenge, you are looking at a potential social and political powerhouse.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: In the trailers you can clearly see Melissa is in an elimination this season. From a size point of view, she is taller than most of the girls, but she also does not weigh very much. If she had to see a rookie like Kam in an elimination where she can sit on her and win, then that’s not a good match-up. It will be fascinating how she does against girls more her size, like Nicole, Britni, Kayleigh, etc.

Do I think Melissa will win? No, she is a rookie who has a hunger for starting drama. If Melissa is getting camera time, then her season is a success.

Overall Rating: 69/100



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