Challenge Vendettas Player Preview: LeRoy Garrett

LeRoy is easily is one of the most beloved Challenge players all time. Anyone who dislikes LeRoy is because of the way he inactively plays the game, not because of him as a human being. On Dirty 30 where LeRoy took a complete backseat from the drama, he somehow found himself at the center of biggest moment of the season when Camila came out of nowhere in a drunken tirade and went off on him. In the face of someone absolutely trying to attack and demean him, LeRoy showed a great amount of patience and strength by brushing her off and going on with his life. Even on after shows LeRoy was the most sympathetic towards Camila when everyone was vocally upset around him. The people’s champion is Mr. Roy Lee.

One of the best qualities as a challenger for LeRoy is how much he appreciates doing the shows. As a bartender and former garbageman, LeRoy understands how to make an honest living in order to survive. He is one of the few people who will be fine when his time in front of the camera ends. Until then, LeRoy loves being able to take a vacation, make money from being on a competition where he can make more money, spend time with friends, and possibly get laid. At this point, LeRoy might as well become the official bartender of the Challenge. He is good comedy and doesn’t want to get into any of the drama. However, LeRoy does a find a way to associate himself with people always starting drama (Jemmye, Bananas, Tony).

Onto his review as a competitor.

Skills & Physical Strength: Pound for pound, LeRoy is one of the strongest guys in challenge history. After CT, LeRoy is one of the scariest people in physical eliminations in the history of the show. Most of it is due to LeRoy’s insane grip strength. With gorilla hands, LeRoy could rip apart any of his fellow competitors when he wants to. In regards to many of the skilled activities the Challenge makes competitors do, LeRoy is only average. It is physical his bruiting physical abilities that allow him to compete with the elites.

He has done well with obstacle courses, heights challenges (even though he is terrified of heights), and climbing missions. LeRoy struggles with anything involving water or core strength. The big question for LeRoy is whether he still has the same explosiveness that he used to. After his back injuries from previous life injuries that re-sparked before filming Rivals 3, LeRoy didn’t have the same oomph when it came to the physical competitions on Dirty 30. He can still beat someone’s ass, but the same explosiveness is gone.

The other question mark for LeRoy is his endurance. It’s been four years since he competed in a final. Is he ready to run one after the back injuries?

Mental, Social, & Political Game: LeRoy is a complete non-factor in regard to puzzles and trivia. As long he doesn’t end up in elimination, he is happy to cut his losses short and move on with his life. His political game is he waits for Johnny to make his game-plan, and hides behind him as the bigger target. Solid plan.

His biggest strength is his social game. Everyone in the house loves LeRoy. Even people on the opposite side of the house have a respect for LeRoy because he is never mean or malicious towards them. Many of the female competitors adore him. In many ways, LeRoy is the female Jenna. If you don’t like them it’s usually a problem you have with yourself, or a ploy for drama. Expect LeRoy to make it to the half-way point provided he doesn’t get injured.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: Tied for third all time in male elimination wins, LeRoy is not a person you want to stare down in an elimination. He lost last season in shocking 2–0 fashion to Hunter. LeRoy underestimated him and didn’t bring it until it mattered. This season expect him to go all out. LeRoy can feel his Challenge window closing if he isn’t able to pull out something big this season.

If LeRoy does not win this season, it may be over for him. Nobody has ever won their first Challenge after their 9th season, and the only person to do it in their 9th appearance after not having done so before is CT. In order for LeRoy to win he needs to guarantee that Bananas and Nelson are out. Nelson is like LeRoy except with more endurance for a final, and Bananas is the most ready person on the cast to run a final. There are still people on this cast who can beat him, but those are two he needs to ensure aren’t running the final with him to win. The tough part is Bananas is his best friend in the game.

Overall Rating: 85/100



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