Challenge Vendettas Player Preview: Kayleigh Morris

Allan Aguirre
4 min readDec 12, 2017

Many of you are probably upset over MTV’s decision to include outsiders on the Challenge. Change is scary especially for a franchise that had twenty-five seasons of shows that comprised of two shows: Real World and Road Rules. Yes, there were Fresh Meat, but those players were people who missed the final cut for Real World. MTV branching out to AYTO was a move for the future of AYTO and the franchise. Likewise, the move to add people from the UK and Big Brother might be a terrible or awesome move for the future of the show.

The best part about people coming over from other shows is that we are in theory getting the prime meat of other shows. Over the years MTV has had to cast people who simply couldn’t cut it — RW GBOGH cast (minus Kailah/Ammo), RW Bad Blood cast, RW DC cast, AYTO S4 cast (minus Tori). And the casts who underwhelmed — almost all the Bloodlines, RW St. Thomas, RW Hollywood, and AYTO S2. Now, MTV can cast the best from every reality show and make this a truly all star reality competition. Why deal with Christina LeBlanc or Nate Siebenmark when you could have someone who has shown the ability to carry another show or has charisma.

Welcome Ex on the Beach All Star, Kayleigh Morris.

She is more or less known for being a smoke show. In all of her shows, her boobs become a character in the edit and she showcases them. Kayleigh using her body will be a key to the season as getting in good with the veteran guys can get you far in the game. On Exes 2, Jenna came in as fresh meat with veteran guys who fell in love with her body. It looks like she may have done that:

Usually, most cast-mates would be joking. I can’t tell with Kayleigh, mostly because she is crazy territorial. For the people who love the Challenge as an athletic competition, Kayleigh is not the person for you. She is cast for the people who love sloppy drama:

She was also on Big Brother UK.

Kayleigh was removed from the show for threats of violence. The difference between Kayleigh and some of the drama starters from recent seasons is those people were somewhat putting up a front, while Kayleigh legitimately gives no fucks. How she does on the Challenge will be fascinating.

Skills & Physical Strength: According to her modelling profile, Kayleigh is 5'3 and a quite a bit petite. Nothing from Kayleigh being on Ex on the Beach is representative for how she will do on the Challenge. The show is only about hooking up, creating drama, and maybe finding a real relationship for after the show.

Kayleigh works out on social media. Then again, most people do in 2017. We will not truly know until she starts competing.

Mental, Social, & Political Game: The mental toll that the Challenge takes on a person is hard to quantify. Kayleigh has done multiple shows in the past, so she is used to being in those environments. The bad part is Kayleigh has gotten into physical scuffles and kicked off of shows for bad behavior. While she is used to the conditions of MTV, MTV US seems to be a lot tamer when it comes to alcohol, language, and physical restrictions. Living conditions also seem nicer on the UK shows. Compile all of this and throw in the fact that she is coming from a completely different country and has to deal with people who are pros at getting under other people’s skins, and people she has prior bad relationships Joss (her ex), and Melissa (rival/ex best friend).

Her social and political game is reliant on if the rookies can find a way to use their extraordinary amount of numbers (10/28). Or we could end up watching them get picked off one by one like most rookies.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: Kayleigh was not brought in to win Vendettas. She was brought in to stir the pot, maybe hook up, and if she is a legitimate competitor than it is sprinkles on top of the Kayleigh Morris drama sundae.

For Kayleigh to succeed she needs to socially manuever herself in the best position possible. Make friends with male veterans. They often are the crucial votes to keep you safe.

When it comes to eliminations, you have to like Kayleigh’s willingness to fight and be crazy. Some of the best elimination competitors are the ones who are used to being up against a wall trying to protect themselves.

Overall Rating: 69/100



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