Challenge Vendettas Player Preview: Kam Williams

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From the last few years, I have learned to give everyone a chance on these shows their first seasons. Sylvia, Kailah, Nelson, Amanda, Ammo, and Jenna are some of the competitors in recent seasons where the expectations were low based on their original season or based on their original show. One would not have thought of them as solid competitors, and some have even become elite competitors. Kam seemed like a big personality on her season of AYTO, but she did not get to show it.

Lucky for me, minutes before posting the preview, this was posted:

Kam went from being a flight attendant to on Season 5 of Are You The One? last year with the hope of either finding love or making it on television (likely the latter). Her presence on the show was cut off by the game itself. On Are You The One?, the goal is to find your perfect match, and Kam did it in Week 5 via the “Truth Booth”. She became a confirmed perfect match with Eddie Williams. Seems great that she found her perfect match, right? Wrong. Confirmed perfect matches essentially leave the show once they are confirmed and go to the Honeymoon Suite. For literally half the show, Kam was not on television, and for the first half we were still barely getting to know her. What made it even worse is Alicia Wright (also on the cast), slept with Eddie prior to them departing for the honeymoon. She left the show with a perfect match she couldn’t trust.

The good thing about reality television is she went on to be part of the reunion, doing YouTube videos and interviews about her experience on the show, and from there we got to formulate more opinions of Kam. Still there is a lot to be desired, and we get to see it this season.

Skills & Physical Strength: Here is a photo:

Even accounting for possible shoe differences, Kam has a good amount of height over the rest of the girls. Marie is 5'8….Kam might be towering over all the other girls this season.

Kam self-described herself as an “alpha” on AYTO. This made fans roll their eyes as the only type of alpha personality possible on AYTO is yelling at other girls. On the Challenge, if she could get in the elimination arena and pulverize the other girls, then maybe she is an alpha. The last time we saw a girl of Kam’s size debut on the Challenge was Nia. And while Nia has mixed reviews among fans, she won three eliminations on Battle of the Exes 2, and likely would have won four and made it to the final if not for her DQ.

To win in the daily challenges you need speed, intelligence, strategy, and strength. And then sometimes all you need is size. Going all the way back to the Gauntlet 2 with Beth vs Ruthie, the giant size difference between girls can decide the entire fate of a challenge or elimination. Kam is scary in theory, but we do not know if she is skilled or coordinated yet. The unknown is the most fascinating part of new competitors entering the Challenge universe.

Social, Mental, & Political Game: Her personality may be a perfect mesh for the Challenge, and could also lead to disaster. Kam lives with a certain girl code and does not take any BS. She may quickly make friends with some of the more strong willed girls in the game. Kam might also put a gigantic target on her back with her “alpha personality”. What Kam has going for her is the British girls (Kayleigh and Melissa) are giant drama queens, nobody likes Alicia, and then there is a Cara/Kailah feud going on. With a weak female cast full of drama starters rather than competitors, it is the best time to compete for a rookie trying to make it under the radar.

If Kam can win challenges, she can gain political power. The positive outlook for Kam comes with the fact her fellow competitors from Vendettas seem to have a positive opinion of her. She is already hanging out with Kailah, Marie, and Sylvia, showing they created some of sort of bond or friendship. Ironically, most of them disliked Cara Maria prior.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: Any rookie has an almost non-existent chance of winning. The last “true rookie” to win a season of the Challenge was five years ago on Battle of the Seasons, and then before that it was all the way back on Gauntlet 3. There is a path for Kam making it to the final. If you watched Dirty 30, most of the eliminations were overtly physical or the bigger person was often given an advantage.

Take a moment and look at Kam’s competition outside of the three best girls (Cara, Kailah, and Nicole Z). Kam outweighs and is bigger than Melissa, Kayleigh, Natalie, Alicia, Veronica, Britni, Sylvia, and Jemmye. One of the girls near her size is Marie, and most people view Marie as not a great competitor. In a physical elimination, Kam can absolutely devour them because of her shear size. While going through Kam’s photos looking for her strengths and weaknesses, I found she has these strong looking calves. Most of the girls on the cast have tiny and dainty legs. Add that in with her size, and she can drive straight through any of the smaller girls — Kam’s only fear should be facing one of the elite girls in elimination.

Overall Rating: 75/100



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