Challenge Vendettas Player Preview: Joss Mooney

Meet Joss.

If you read yesterday’s preview of Rogan, this one is going to be a bit similar. Fun fact: Joss and Rogan are great friends, work out together, do events, and are coming to rock this show.

Joss debuted on the original season of Ex on the Beach UK with his golden blonde hair and had to deal with an ex where there were still feelings after the relationship and drama he had in the house. He later showed up for Season 5 (All Stars) only at the end of the show. His Vendetta is Kayleigh Morris. They dated for a while, and he thought she was crazy. A solid reason for ending a relationship.

My job is to give the inside scoop on these players and give you a preview/evaluation. The problem with Joss is he hard to describe outside of watching him on the show. Joss is a charming and nice guy who you will probably enjoy on your television. He has a gravitas to him that ropes people in. There simply isn’t a quality or characteristic you can pinpoint to why they are good television. Joss posts pictures of himself either shirtless or with fitness gear. His life is fitness. Everything is fitness. Does that make him boring? Maybe. For him it is a career. Not everyone cares about being eight hundred different things, some people like to relax and do sit ups for a living.

Skills & Physical Strength: Looking at Joss’s body, I would compare it to a more fit and muscular version of Ryan Goselin. According to Sylvia, Jemmye, and Marie (from an Instagram live they did), Joss does not eat carbs, and he only ate tuna while in the house. It shows two things: Joss is not a good person to go on a lunch date with, and he is fully committed to his body and fitness.

According to an online fitness profile, Joss is 5'11 and somewhere between 215–225 lbs. His mass is impressive consider how trim and defined his abs are. Looking at his photos, Joss has a giant chest, big arms, and then the size of his waist/abs gets way tinier and cut like diamonds. His one possible weakness is his leg strength. Joss wears skinny pants, but in shorts they look quite muscular.

Wanna watch him work out?

For reference, I do not think he is sponsored by Adidas. Unlike this preview, brought to you by Adidas!

His athletic history of sports is soccer and rugby. Soccer translates incredibly well to the Challenge because of the natural amount of endurance, agility, and footwork that comes from playing the sport. You take the history of playing those sports for Joss and add on extra muscle and size, he comes in as a legitimate threat in the game.

Social, Mental, & Political Game: Another revealing thing of Joss from the Instagram live by the girls was they said the main thing they disliked about Joss was him being in a committed relationship. Everyone in the house found him to be fun and good looking. Joss just was not looking to hook up. He ruins the potential of his game by not going out there and trying to Polidick.

Rogan, Kyle, and Joss seem to be legitimate competitors who can stir the pot immediately. They have the chance to be a good rookie alliance. Especially if they are able to get the Young Bucs and Devin on their side. Ironically, the British could be starting a great revolution.

In order to have a political game, one needs to win mission. If Joss can win, he can make moves.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: His history as a rugby player should make him ready to enter the elimination arena. Anyone who plays a physical tackle sport like rugby with no pads will be ready to smash heads in a game like Hall Brawl. This season has so much potential with the male competitors. LeRoy, Rogan, Nelson, Brad, Joss, and Zach are looking huge entering the season. MTV needs to give these guy physical games to go at one another.

Can Joss win? He is a rookie, so history says no. Could he win? He has potential with his charm and physical ability. We need to watch what he can do first.

Overall Rating: 77/100



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