Challenge Vendettas Player Preview: Eddie Williams

If you don’t watch Are You The One?, you might not know Eddie, and if you do watch AYTO, you still probably don’t know who he is. Eddie’s only moment in the spotlight was a bit of an infamous moment. Mentioned in yesterday’s player preview of Alicia Wright, Eddie was at the forefront of the show’s drama when he slept with Alicia the night before leaving the main house for the fantasy suite with his perfect match (Kam Williams). Eddie’s move was one of betrayal, and the only one of note for him. Kam was interested in him, he had shown interest in her, and Alicia was her “friend”. He never talked much, or at all on his Are You The One? season.

MTV’s decision to cast Eddie is head-scratching. Never has there been a less relevant cast member put on the Challenge. Most of the time people like Eddie are cast because they are production favorites, not because they bring a ton to the show. People who are compliant who gain a good rapport with casting directors find their ways onto shows. It is why Derrick Henry got to be on four shows in one year despite never accomplishing anything on any of them.

Maybe Eddie has more in him?

Skills & Physical Strength: Eddie prides himself on his body and his looks. His Instagram is Thee_topmalemodel …. Consume that knowledge and take it for what it is worth. My issue with him is he always posting heavily and heavily filtered shirtless photos of himself.

In his photos, he looks massive and jacked without his shirt. With clothes on he is much smaller. On AYTO, he had nice abs, but again, in a crowd he was one of the smallest guys there. He is putting out an image of himself that when in front of a real camera he won’t put out the same look.

When it comes to the strength arena, he is out-weighed by most of the other guys. His arms are jacked and he can probably do a ton of pull ups. Not a ton of expectations for the “top male model”.

Mental, Social, & Political Game: If Eddie can find a way in with Cory and Nelson, he may have friends in the game. They usually love to let in Are You The One? people into their alliance. Eddie was at the Dirty 30 reunion.

He is a twenty-two year old who avoided college for a modelling career. Not sure how bright he is.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: Do not bet on Eddie winning this season. He checks off all the signs of an early exit: 1. Are You The One 2. Rookie 3. Wall Paper 4. People on the cast who do not like him anymore (Kam, Alicia) 5. He has a major ego.

Final Rating: 64/100

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