Challenge Vendettas Player Preview: Alicia Wright

Funny thing, I wrote a player preview last season for Alicia. Why did I do that? Because Alicia was supposed to be on the cast, but shockingly ended up having to drop out due to a burst appendix the day before departure. Jenna ended up replacing her, and Alicia lost out on her shot to be on the Challenge. You can even find a photo of Alicia on the Dirty 30 Pop Art piece mural in the Redemption house. They were able to switch her out in the main house, but they forgot they had the original still in the other house.

Alicia now gets her chance after a tiny delay. Missing one season is fine because they film 800 shows a year now. For those of you unaware, Alicia’s original show is Are You The One? Season 5.

The moment she is particularly known for is was having sex with somebodies perfect math the night before they left for the honeymoon suite. If you are unaware about how Are You The One? works, the cast has ten “weeks” to find their perfect math, and every week they get an opportunity to find a confirmed perfect math in something called the Truth Booth. Kam Williams and Eddie Williams (both rookies this season) ended being confirmed matches and were going to leave the house to live in the honeymoon suite where they get to bond together alone. Alicia had feeling for Eddie, so she slept with him the night before he left for the remainder of the show, killing any friendship or trust between her and Kam.

Did Alicia snake Kam? Because they were somewhat friends in the house, yes. Did Eddie snake Kam? 100%. Is this drama going to be played out this season? 150%.

Alicia is also known for being a bit promiscuous. She is the female Cory trying to conquer as many guys as she can. She is living the dreams of people watching these shows as she is smashing their crushes.

People who are bad at fighting usually clap while talking. Take that for what you will.

Skills & Physical Strength: Alicia did appear on Are You The One Second Chances, the Amazing Race/Challenge spin-off of AYTO. She finished in fifth place (out of 10 teams) with her perfect match (Mike Cerasani — that might not be correct, he’s not relevant enough to check). Alicia was better than the half of the cast she beat in the game. She was not as good as the girls who made it to the final. In the one extremely physical mission of the season, she stumbled through and had struggles with simple parts of the competition, finishing almost last. Then again, she could have been hung over, or maybe she has committed more time to the gym since then. Nobody ever expected Kailah to become some beast, so there is a chance for Alicia.

By looking at Alicia’s photos, she hits the gym. She doesn’t it for the functional fitness the Challenge requires, she does it to keep her body looking good. There’s nothing wrong with that, most people want to look good in 2017 for Instagram. She does her squats and stays toned. Alicia doesn’t want to be bulky or super muscular.

Social, Mental & Political Game: If Alicia can focus on making female friends rather than attaching herself to a male, she could get farther in this game. Then again, there are rumors she was dating Cory Wharton before going on this show. Cory is not only not a top tier player, but he has a gigantic target on his back from the veteran alliance. He would put a target on himself, and her. When you are a rookie in this game, you don’t need to create a bigger target than what already exists.

Alicia is friends with Marie and Jemmye, or at the very least they hung out together after the filming on Dirty 30. Both of those girls do not win challenges and look out for themselves. She has an enemy in Kam, and Eddie is her ex boyfriend. Basically, she has set herself up for a tough time on this season. She has no political game because she will have no power unless she can win challenges somehow.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: Here is a spoiler that probably isn’t a spoiler but is, Alicia is definitely not going to be winning this season. When you look at the odds stacked against her with people who do not like or care for her, the fact she is a rookie, and probably isn’t a dominant athlete, she will not make it far unless there is a kill card in this season. And even then, she is at great to risk be simply voted into eliminations.

A successful season for Alicia would be her winning one or two eliminations this season and being decent in challenges. While she has been good television, her own personal image has fans viewing her a bit more negatively than one would like. Coming on the show and being able to compete would change people’s opinions. She may not care about their opinions, which is completely fine too.

Overall Rating: 64/100



26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.