Challenge Vendettas: Inside PizzaGate with Marie Roda

As a die-hard pizza fan, watching people fight over pizza makes total sense. If you’ve ever showed up for a slice and found an open, empty pizza box, you’ve probably felt: shocked, angered, panicked, frantic, sad, and disappointed. While pizza has the uncanny ability to unite and bring people together, Brad and Marie’s tiff, on episode four of the Challenge Vendettas, showed how this magnificent creation can also divide, more than you could ever imagine. In order to get the scoop, I interviewed Marie Roda about the incident, now titled “PizzaGate”.

Q: Before we start this, what is your personal history with pizza? What is your personal connection with pizza?

Marie: Haha, I’m from Staten Island and we LOVE our pizza here. That being said, I’m not married to pizza!

Q: In your own words, break down what happened on Pizzagate?

Marie: The catering we had was absolutely terrible, so production finally caved and ordered us a TON of pizza. My roommates (and others) as Brad noted, were outside drinking. I grabbed a box and put it aside for them, and let them know there was pizza set aside once they were finished. Since I hadn’t planned on eating the pizza I put in my room (since it was for my girls,) I went back and grabbed a slice for myself. Brad then started freaking out, it was really odd. I didn’t want to jeopardize my game over pizza, so I actually went to my room and returned it. Brad continued to freak out afterwards and that’s when Shane and I thought it would be funny to bring some of the leftover pizza (since there was SO much) back to Brad. He freaked out, obviously, but Britni was a good sport and actually thanked me. She loves sex and pizza, so receiving both was great for her. haha — — I think anyone with a brain could see that Brad overreacted, especially since numerous cast members commented on his psych throughout the episode.

Q: Do you have any regrets about bringing Brad’s kids into the matter?

Marie: Of course, I apologized immediately. In fact, not only did I say it in my interviews (which weren’t shown), I also wrote him an apology letter. They part where they flash to of me in the room, drawing on a pizza box was actually me writing that note. It said, “I don’t mean to be CHEESY, but PIZZA believe me, I’m sorry.” Regardless, it wasn’t cool to bring up the kids, but I made it clear to Brad almost immediately after that I regretted it. Sometimes in the heat of the moment we say things we wish we hadn’t.

Q: Out of 10, what would you have rated the pizza?

Marie: haha I’d say 8. We were all really hungry (and hangry) clearly — — but nothing compares to NYC pizza.

Q: Should pineapple go on pizza?

Marie: To each his own, I’m not a huge fan of it. I typically stick to plain.

Q: If you had to describe yourself as a pizza, what would it be, like what style, what toppings?

Marie: I’d say a well done plain pie. I’m pretty basic and my brain is kind of fried…… plus my humor is pretty cheesy.

Q: Why did you save pizza, then later waste it by throwing it at Brad?

Marie: The pizza I saved was eventually eaten by whomever came back inside as I returned it. I knew better than to waste the pizza I threw on Brad by keeping the boxes closed. Had I opened them, then I would consider that being pizza wasted. The three boxes I threw were all returned to the kitchen for everyone to enjoy.

Q: Do you plan to continue eating pizza in your life?

Marie: As much as possible!!!

— Marie was incredibly courteous and fun to talk to (as always). She truly feels bad for taking low blows at Brad, but she is an unapologetic when it comes to pizza and her sense of humor. Make sure to stay updated as I have more interviews coming down the pipe this season.

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