Challenge Vendettas Final Preview: Cara and Zach versus themselves

Zach and Cara Maria the two challengers running the Vendettas final that have previously won a Challenge. After this final they will either jump into elite status, definitively, or remain in a group of challengers who are very good and in for a long time. Both are going for their second win, but what does a win mean for each of them?

Zach Nichols

Above are images from the Zach’s last final. Zach has had to live down his performance in that final over the last several years. In one moment, a dominant physical competitor was reduced to a crying child by the altitudes of Villarica, Chile. Zach’s performance in the Free Agents final was so poor, he finished two hours behind Johnny Bananas and Johnny Reilly, AND he almost lost the final for Laurel (who finished or tied for first in every other portion of the final for the girls).

Following Free Agents, Zach had a dysfunctional run in Battle of the Exes 2 which ended in a 6th place finish, and a quick out in Invasion of the Champions, in which he lost to a rejuvenated Darrell. These losses have stacked up and made many fans believe Zach is an overrated competitor. This season, Zach proved otherwise.

It may not have been the most dominating physical performance, but Zach consistently performed near the top of the competition, or, at the very worst average. He finished 2nd in the Gibraltar purge, completed the car hopping challenge despite shattering the glass of of his cars, and found himself in four Troikas (including three of the last four). Of all the guys, Zach played the best political game because he didn’t make any major moves to overtly back-stab anyone, and let Tony take the fall for the actions he followed.

Zach has proved his cardio is top-notch these days and he wants to win so badly. Remember, Zach won his last Challenge during Obama’s first term! He constantly refers to himself as one of the top athletes in Challenge history and if he can pull of a second win in an individual format, there’s a lot more validity to those claims. If he can’t, he will remain in the group of Champions who do not stack up to the elites.

Cara Maria Sorbello

Last fall in New York City, Cara Maria pulled the final double cross, revealing she finished in 2nd on Dirty 30. After dominating the daily challenges, she came up short against Camila in a final where she got ran out the building. For Cara Maria, the loss was a tough one as, after ten seasons, she was hoping to put together her second win. Finals have always been tough for Cara; on the one hand, she has never placed lower than 2nd in 5 finals appearances; on the flip side, she has lost four finals compared to only one win. She is going into a record-breaking 6th final appearance (no other female competitor has been in more than five).

At this point, a loss for Cara would be just as bad as losing the first week. We all know Cara can win an elimination, a daily challenge, or make it to a final. What we need to see is Cara winning another Challenge to prove she is truly elite and deserves to be among the conversation of top five female competitors. This has not been the best all-around season for Cara, but that does not matter, if she can pull out the win like a champion does when they get to the final, then all will be remembered is her greatness.

In order for Cara to win, she will need to set the pace, finish first in all the puzzles, and give it 110%. She has the most experience out of anyone and she needs to show it.



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