Challenge Vendettas Episode 9 Recap: Basket Case

Episode 9 commences with the aftermath of Kam voting her friend Marie into elimination in order to save herself. Kailah is questioning Kam’s loyalty as the three of them are in alliance together.

In another room, Jemmye and Cara Maria are trying to convince Natalie to nominate Kailah and vote her into the elimination. This is because Kailah is Cara’s Vendetta, and Jemmye is keeping herself out of the elimination. Meanwhile, Kailah is trying to cut a deal with Bananas in order to keep herself out. She reveals her top three male allies; Zach, Tony and Leroy (all members of Bananas’ alliance). However, with the game dwindling down, she reveals that, at best, he is 4th out of 8. Kyle notes she’s fake in his confessional, and Bananas calls her idiotic in his. Kailah is not realizing this is about the short game, not the long game anymore.

Before the Troika decides who to nominate, Marie tries to get Bananas to put Jemmye into the elimination. He rebuffs her.

Troika Nominations and Inquisition

The Troika all agree to nominate Nicole and Kailah. They nominate Nicole to figure out her true alliances, and Kailah because they don’t trust her. Bananas and Natalie want to nominate Kam, but Nelson won’t as he and Kam are close, and he believes that she saved him a few weeks prior. Nelson is able to force a Cara Maria nomination despite her being alliance with Bananas and Natalie, and the fact she was a part of their winning team that week. Nelson is not the smartest competitor, you cannot say he is not loyal though.

The Inquisition is a formality. Kailah reveals she is stretching herself too thin, Nicole is aligned with everyone, and Cara Maria is only there because her and Nelson are simply not aligned. It seems inevitable Kailah is going in.


Nelson votes for Cara Maria, and Bananas/Natalie vote for Kailah. It is Kailah vs Marie, Battle of the Dolphin Room.

The elimination is called Basket Case. Players will be sealed in a wicker basket of sorts and are forced to break out. They will then solve a jigsaw puzzle which is a map of Spain. First to finish, wins.

The elimination begins and after a while they both realize they have to break through the top of the basket and not the side. Kailah gets out much sooner than Marie and spends a good amount of time solving her puzzle. Marie’s foot gets stuck in the basket, and she has to remove her shoe in order to eventually break through. Production had to cut the shoe from the basket after the elimination (not shown in the episode). The massive time difference is too much to overcome and Kailah solves the puzzle first, eliminating Marie. Marie is eliminated, and we are left with eight girls and eight guys.

Kailah’s Grenades

Grenade 1: Take someone’s entire account (for reference, Bananas has 26k in his bank!!).

Grenade 2: Pick the teams for the next challenge.

Grenade 3: Be part of the Troika or put someone in the Inquisition automatically.

These are the best grenades so far and because we’re past the halfway point, we may see the grenades amp up massively.

Post Elimination and the next daily challenge

They arrive at a bullring for the next daily challenge. TJ reveals the fate of Leroy…and he’s back ready to compete! TJ tells them they will be playing a game of soccer. However, this is no regular game of soccer, they will be playing on Pogo Stilts, while in giant plastic bubbles, with a giant workout ball. The game is played in three rounds, and first to score two goals wins. There will be 8 players on each team, 6 players trying to score, and 2 players running around picking up their teammates who have fallen down.

Kailah decides to pick the teams for the challenge instead of taking someone’s money. This is a smart decision, because had she not picked the teams, Bananas would have, and he is thoroughly anti-Kailah at this point.

Blue Team: Zach, Tony, Kyle, Brad, Kailah, Natalie, Nicole, Kam

Green Team: Bananas, Devin, Nelson, Leroy, Kayleigh, Cara Maria, Britni, Jemmye

Kailah not only has the better guys, she gave Bananas’ team the three worst girls.

The game is bad. After a ton of stumbling, Devin is able to force a goal in for the Green Team to give them a 1–0 lead. Surprisingly, Devin is one of the best players on field, he excels at the silly stuff. Following the first goal, the Blue Team goes turbo with Zach, Tony, and Brad running at full speed to score. Nelson and Leroy are flat out struggling to stay up, yet they are still their team’s best defenders because the girls are struggling far more. Tony gets an incredible strike to tie the game.

When the game is tied, Devin is fully focused on scoring in order to save himself. He even has a breakaway where he takes a great strike at the net. As goalie, Kam dives for the ball and makes the play of the game. The Blue Team is able to put together another attack and Zach forces the ball in the goal as the Green Team can barely stand up.

The Blue Team wins 2–1, and is forced to pick a Troika for their team. They agree on putting Kailah in as she used the grenade to make the teams. Brad really wants in the Troika, but Zach and Tony do not want that at all. They agree that they will not vote anyone on their team in if Zach and Tony get to be in the Troika.

On the other side, the Green Team has to vote a guy into elimination. With the first vote, Bananas pulls out all the stops and says it’s time to vote in the lay-up (Devin). Devin tosses a vote back at Bananas. Leroy and Nelson throw votes at Devin and Bananas to protect their respective #1’s in the game. Cara votes in Devin and Britni votes in Bananas. It comes down to Jemmye and Kayleigh. Jemmye has been made fun of so many times by Bananas and she complains that people consistently play into his hands too. What does Jemmye do? SHE VOTES FOR DEVIN!?!

It is now a 4–3 vote, and with one vote left, people expect Kayleigh to vote for Bananas as she is hooking up with Nelson. She says that Bananas is the person she trusts most in this game and has to vote for Devin, which makes everyone scratch their head. Devin tells the Troika he wants Bananas.

Post Challenge

Nelson is upset that Kayleigh basically shat on him by voting in Devin instead of Bananas. The rumors that Bananas and Kayleigh were hooking up on the down-low are looking more real than ever. Devin has a conversation with Jemmye about why she voted him in over Bananas.

Bananas tells Devin to stop bullying girls. This leads to a mini-fight between them where Bananas tries to flex on Devin. Devin wants Bananas in elimination and hopefully we get that next week.



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