Challenge Vendettas Episode 6 Recap: Hold Your Breath

Tonight’s episode began with the Red Room alliance of Sylvia, Kam, Kailah, and Marie celebrating Sylvia’s elimination win. This is reminiscent of the Lavender Ladies celebration after her win on Invasion. Sylvia is on top of the world except for one thing… she is still deathly sick and its worse than ever after fighting in an oil pit for an hour at night while barely clothed. Nicole has a broke heart over her sex doll getting eliminated. Meanwhile, Nelson and Kayleigh are enjoying each other’s presence in her bed. The next day the girls are able to enjoy a view of Victor and Joss oiled up in tiny shorts. Shane is also enjoying the view and Victor says in confessional that he’d love to play the game with Shane.

In the guys room consisting of Brad, Nelson, Shane, Victor, Joss, and Devin, they try to get on the same page of gunning for Bananas. Shane is not talking much about it as he wants to float onto whatever side will be the most advantageous for him. Devin, Nelson, and Brad are the ones who really want to gun for Bananas. In the girls room, the beginning of “NoteGate” occurs. This is way less fun than when Marie threw pizza on Brad while he was having sex.

This leads to a ton of hearsay and jibber jabber, people creating reasons for why they didn’t write the note, etc. Here are the prime suspects:

Marie: Who everyone thinks did it the most. Later in the episode when a second note appears she is by the door in their room, making one believe it is her playing the prank. Marie is supposedly friends with both Veronica and Jemmye.

Shane: While Shane is asleep when the person leaves the note, he is still a suspect because he is Shady Shane.

Britni & Cara: There is a conspiracy that Britni or Cara wrote the note and are doing it in order to create a riff between Marie’s room and the Blue Room. Which is a shady move, but a good one considering they don’t have the numbers.

Bananas: He is always a suspect.

The Daily Challenge

They show up to the mission without Natalie and Sylvia. Both are sick and cannot compete for the day. This is inconsequential due to it being a guys elimination day. They will be swimming fifteen feet under water and then must grab a ring where they will traverse up to 150 ft while under the water. There will be gender-less teams of five. Most distance traveled wins, if there is a tie it will come down to time. 25k is up for grabs for the winning team, top three out of the winning teams end up the Troika, and the last place team will vote a guy into elimination. There will be air pumps that the players can use at checkpoints if they get to them. Also, it will be at night.

Because Sylvia is not competing, she cannot use her grenade. TJ says the teams will be random, however, we learn after that the Troika from last week picked the order. They choose the teams specifically to give Tony/Zach the win, and to get Brad in the elimination arena.

The teams are:

Team 1: Brad, Nelson, Kam, Kayleigh, Marie
Team 2: Joss, Victor, Britni, Veronica, Cara
Team 3: Devin, Shane, LeRoy, Nicole, Jemmye
Team 4: Bananas, Zach, Kyle, Tony, Kailah

Team 1 vs Team 2

Brad 150 vs Joss 0 : It ends up being a quick exit for Joss due to his mask immediately getting filled with water as he did not properly put it on beforehand. Brad shows his fins as she gets a perfect 150.

Nelson 0 vs Victor 150 : Another solid performance from the Big Brother alum. He gets a strong 150. Nelson, known for being an awful swimmer gets a 0.

Kayleigh 0 vs Britni 35: A bit of a disappointing performance from a supposed strong swimmer like Britni. She does end up having one of the better girl scores in the end. Kayleigh has been consistently at the bottom this season.

Kam 0 vs Cara 0: Cara is a decent over water swimmer, but you can’t doggy paddle under water as well. Kam is either bad at swimming or throwing it, or both.

Marie 5 vs Veronica 0: Marie is throwing it, though she still gets 5 feet, which makes her one of the girls to not get a 0. A bad performance by Veronica.

Team 1 (155 ft) vs Team 2 (185 ft)

Team 3 vs Team 4

Shane 150* vs Bananas 150: This is the heavyweight match-up. Historically, Bananas in an average swimmer who has excelled when it comes to under water swimming. Shane did swimming in high school and at the UNC swim club. He possibly puts up the fastest time out of anyone, either first or second.

Nicole 80 vs Kyle 50: Nicole puts up the strongest performance by a female competition to nobodies surprise. Once you take out the mental aspect, Nicole rises to the top. Kyle does solid.

Jemmye 40 vs Zach 45: As a former life guard, Jemmye puts up a good performance, the second best female score.

Devin 0 vs Kailah 20: Apparently Devin didn’t practice swimming while burning off his dad bod. Kailah doesn’t get a 0, but it’s a bad performance as she called herself the top female swimmer in a confessional.

LeRoy 12 vs Tony 150: While a 12 is not impressive, it is a big feat for LeRoy, one of the worst swimmers in Challenge history who has made an effort over the years to improve. Tony puts up a monster performance as he skips the air pumps due to not being able to find them. It’s between him and Shane for the best overall time (we won’t know).

Team 3 (282 ft) vs Team 4 (415 ft)

Winners: Bananas, Tony, Kyle, Kailah, and Zach
Troika: Bananas, Tony, and Kyle.

Bottom Team: Brad, Nelson, Kayleigh, Marie, Kam
Voted into elim: Brad

Post Elimination

Brad is excited to be back in the elimination arena as it has been a decade since he competed in one. Natalie wants Bananas to vote in Victor to get her Vendetta out of the game for her. When Tony, Kyle, and Bananas decide what three players to nominate for the Inquistion, they talk about five different people: Devin, Nelson, Joss, Shane, and Victor.

Kyle picks Shane as he finds him annoying, Bananas gets Victor put in, and they decide to put Devin in third as they do not find Nelson to be a threat. When the nominees get revealed, Shane is pissed that they put him in instead of Joss. Devin feels safe as Victor/Shane are the real targets.


Bananas asks the players to spill all their secrets and tea. Devin being anti-Bananas figures he shouldn’t do it. Victor is focused on being likable and not laying out his game. And then you have Shane revealing that the entire room of people that he sleeps with are all going for Bananas. Victor gets angry at Shane for revealing this, not realizing the Challenge is a more overt and honest game.

Devin tries to tell Kyle and Tony that they don’t need to only follow Bananas. Tony replies yelling that he’s Scottie Pippen and he has to protect Michael Jordan. It’s weird.

Night at the Club

While at the club, Victor tries to get Bananas to not throw him in. Shane comes after him for kissing ass and trying to be nice. Victor takes this as an afront to his character. Kyle makes out with Nicole for fun, and Cara makes out with Britni. Bananas is flirting with Kayleigh and is keeping her around as his side piece. She calls him an older uglier version of Mark Wahlberg and that she’s only attracted to his personality.

To Be Continued



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