Challenge Vendettas Episode 4 Recap: Who wants Pizza?

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5 min readJan 24, 2018


This week’s episode literally picks up where last week left off, and even backtracked a bit to the beginning of the Inquisition. Natalie admits to voting Kam into the Inquisition, and attempts to spin it by saying she “wants to get know her better”. Natalie needs to learn that you can’t be everyone’s friend on the Challenge, any move against someone is a THREAT. It is evident that Kayleigh is not going in. Alicia is the favorite, with Kam deciding her own fate based on how much she intimidates and flexes on Natalie.

Night at the Club & Post Troika

Unseen footage is Cara Maria doing the worm and busting her chin open (tragic). Nelson and Kayleigh hit it off, she thinks he’s a nice guy, and he loves that she is hot (he didn’t say this, but you could tell).


Alicia is voted in. She feels confident that she can beat Melissa, and Melissa feels the same about Alicia. In the elimination, the players have to create a chain ladder using tiny metal pipes, climb it, ring the bell, and win. If this were a guys round, this would have been way more difficult because the guys are massive and the pipes are tiny. For the girls, the elimination was boring Melissa won despite injuring her foot the previous week.

TJ then reveals the Grenades for the week:

1. Pick the teams for the next challenge

2. Make someone drink a liter of cream before the challenge

3. Sit someone out of the next challenge

Post Elimination

Following her win, Nicole and Melissa have a great night in bed together. The following night, pizza is delivered to the house for dinner, and all hell breaks loose.

Marie grabs a whole box of pizza and stashes it in her room in order to save it for her friends. She then grabs different slice for herself. After witnessing her take all this pizza, Brad yells at her for being selfish. They both get over-dramatic, and Brad gets into a conversation about what’s good for the community. It seems as though the general crowd does not side with Brad. Zach, LeRoy, and Bananas talk about how Brad is going through a mid-life crisis, and they need to dump him and Britni as soon as they can.

Britni asks Brad if he wants to “fuck”, they censor it with f***. While in bed together, Marie decides to take the remaining pizza boxes and toss it on top of Brad/Britni as they are fucking. THIS IS WILD. An angry Brad gets out bed, and the two begin spatting. Brad calls her broke for some odd reason, she goes after his kids, and overall it’s just a fucking mess.

Daily Challenge

The game is FOOD WARS. It is trivia meets eating competition, with 7 teams of 3 and 1 team of 2. Teams will get a question; the team that buzzes in first and answers correctly may exempt themselves and another team from eating gross food. This team also picks which food will be eaten. Each round, losing teams then designate one person to be their eater. Melissa uses her grenade to pick the teams in her favor. Here is who ended up being paired:

1. Melissa, Devin, Shane

2. Kayleigh, Cara, Bananas

3. Sylvia, Joss, Brad

4. Nicole, Jemmye, Veronica

5. LeRoy, Britni, Kyle

6. Zach, Tony, Marie

7. Nelson, Kam, Natalie

8. Victor, Kailah

As a 2-time trivia winner, Zach feels confident, and he also has Tony, last season’s trivia winner on his team.

Round 1 Question: Capital of Spain?

Round 1 Answer: Bananas buzzes in and looks at Kayleigh, who whispers Portugal, then says Madrid outloud.

Bananas saves LeRoy’s team, and picks Rotten Cheese as the food to be eaten by the losers. The selected eaters are: Shane, Sylvia, Nicole, Tony, Nelson, and Victor. Everyone judges Brad (too afraid) and Joss (carbs) for sending in Sylvia.

The players have five minutes to eat a block of rotten cheese. All of them struggle with it. Sylvia is holding in tears while eating, Shane and Nelson are puking it up, and Tony is the only person to finish his plate. Everyone is eliminated, excluding Tony.

Round 2 Question: Who would be the worst boyfriend? Cory, Tony or Nelson?

Round 2 Answer: Bananas buzzes in fast again, and, after contemplating together, they answer Tony.

Tony is upset that his past keeps being brought up. He wants to shed his negative image so badly. Tony chooses to eat again to win it for them. Bananas picks marshmallows for the round because LeRoy likes boobs, and they are the closest to boobs. This ends up being another win for Tony.

Final Round: No trivia, an eat off.

Cara Maria decides to represent her team as she has won the eating challenge on Champs vs Pros. Tony is a man possessed. Marie and Zach view it as not benching their star quarterback in Super Bowl. The players are forced to eat a giant bowl of mayonnaise. To no surprise, Tony wins again. During the challenge, he is gagging and dry heaving throughout. It did not stop him from downing all his mayo, and proving that he WANTS to win this season more than anything.

Because there was a five-way tie for last place, Tony’s team picks a last place team who then have to send someone within their team to elimination. Since Tony has two Vendettas in Brad, Sylvia, and Joss’ team, he picks them. To save his own ass from going into elimination, Brad makes a scared move and votes in Sylvia. Sylvia is irritated because she ate for her team and now they have voted her into elimination. It is thus a girls elimination, and Brad has possibly put Britni in danger as well.

After the challenge, Sylvia is huddled in a blanket with the chills. Kailah and her talk about them needing to make sure Britni gets thrown in against her for the elimination because Britni is both annoying and weak. This show is getting good.



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