Challenge Vendettas Episode 3 Recap: #MelissaIsHot

Good morning sports fans! Episode three has been the weakest thus far into the season, though it was still an enjoyable episode that is integral to the overall season. We picked up where we left off last week with the Nelson-Cory elimination. TJ informs them the winner will be receiving a “grenade”

Nelson and Cory’s elimination is a soccer shootout where the ball is lit on fire, and they must shoot at one another while wearing flame retardant clothes. Nelson discloses before the elimination that he has never played soccer. This elimination is tragic. After twelve shots, Nelson is nowhere close to scoring, and Cory either shoots them at Nelson or at the moon. Out of pity, TJ tells them they will be shooting with open nets — if someone makes one, and the other misses, the scorer wins. Nelson shoots a straight on the ground pass down the center and it rolls into the net. Out of fear, Cory attempts a safe weak shot that lands a few feet off from the goal line. In defense of the two guys, neither have any life experience playing soccer. Shooting a soccer ball for accuracy, speed, and strength is incredibly difficult if you haven’t done it your whole life, almost like being thrown into a pool for the first time. The ball is also somewhat flat, on fire, and they are playing on a sand court.

It is over. Nelson wins, he is 6–1 in eliminations (fourth all-time among males) and has beaten both his fellow Young Bucs in eliminations. As Hunter would say Nelson beat Alicia’s mans. Alicia is visibly upset over her beau getting eliminated. If you feel bad Cory, the benefit of losing so early is he got to film the US Version of Ex on the Beach before the Challenge Vendettas filming ended.

TJ informs Nelson and the cast the power of the grenade and its three forms. The following challenge, Nelson will have three choices:
1. Take 5k from any cast member with money in their bank account.
2. Automatically become part of the Troika.
3. Send anyone straight to the Inquisition.

Following the elimination, Nelson asks Kyle why he reneged on their handshake deal. Kyle plays dumb and acts like he is some British dude who doesn’t understand the game. Meanwhile, Melissa and Britni are swimming naked in the pool. Melissa invited Nicole to join her; the two go a jaunt to the bathroom, where the two have a fun time together. The guys love Melissa because she is crazy hot, and she flirts with Nicole as a way to further herself in the game (Polilicking).

The following day at the pool, Kayleigh tells Alicia that she would be 100% into Nelson if he shaved his facial hair. Natalie also goes to Alicia to inform her that she is scared about her relationship with Bananas getting in the way of her game, though she is attracted to him.

This happens:

The cut on her foot disqualifies Melissa from competing in any elimination involving water. So when they arrive at the daily challenge, she learns she is automatically going into the elimination arena, as they are playing #HashtagVendettas. Nicole is more upset than Melissa.

In the game, players will place hashtags on their opponents posts. Once they place a hashtag on four different posts, they must get back to their pole, and their time will be up. Male and female winner split 25k, top three overall end up part of the Troika. No traditional last place in this one as people know Melissa is going in; the heats end once three people are done. Nelson uses his grenade to steal 5k from Joss.

Round 1: Tony, Joss, Nelson, Shane, Victor, and Zach.

Shane drops to the floor and spends most of his time crawling (he has a fear of walking over heights). Joss and Tony struggle a bit. This challenge is similar to Big Brother competitions where speed and balance are involved. Victor kills it and finishes in 1st, Nelson and Zach follow 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Round 2: Natalie, Nicole, Alicia, Kayleigh, Veronica, Britni

The shocker of this competition is Natalie. She flies through it and uses her gymnast background to earn 1st. Nicole Z gets 2nd, and while trying to look cool, she unnecessarily pushes Alicia off the platform. Veronica finishes 3rd. When they get back to water, everyone views Nicole as a dick. Alicia does not forgive her.

Round 3: Bananas, Brad, Kyle, Devin, LeRoy

In a mission involving little athleticism, Devin shines as he is fearless when it comes to running across the platform. He finishes in first, and Bananas finishes closely in second out of fear of Devin having power. Brad finishes in third.

Round 4: Sylvia, Cara Maria, Kailah, Kam, Marie, Jemmye

Everyone is surprised to see Sylvia do well as she finishes first in her heat. Her two friends Marie and Kailah finish after. Cara and Kam surprisingly not in the top 3.

Money Winners: Devin Walker and Natalie Negrotti
Troika: Devin, Natalie, Bananas

If I had to guess how the top 12 finished: 1 Natalie 2 Devin 3 Bananas 4 Victor 5 Brad 6 Sylvia 7 Nelson 8 Marie 9 Nicole 10 Zach 11 Kailah 12 Veronica

After the mission, Natalie has conversations with Veronica and Kailah to see where their heads are at. They are awkward conversations because Natalie is over-playing the game.

When doing nominations Devin, Natalie, and Bananas all agree to nominate Alicia as she has no ties in the game. They also choose Kam and Kayleigh as it feels easy to put up rookies. Devin realizes that Natalie only cares about people seeing her as nice, not about furthering her game competitively.

Kam is disappointed to see herself nominated and wants vengeance.

The Inquisition

At the Inquisition, Alicia makes her plea to not put her in because a rookie going in is boring and played out, not realizing everyone up for elimination is a rookie.

Kam walked in with a fur coat, looking like she was on Game of Thrones. She is hellbent on finding out who put her in, and that she will be looking to get them back.

Money Leaderboard:
1 Joss 20,000
2 Bananas 12,500
2 Natalie 12,5000
2 Britni 12,5000
2 Devin 12,500
6 Nelson 5,000



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