Challenge Vendettas Episode 13 Recap: From 5 Seconds to the Final

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6 min readMar 28, 2018


Tuesday’s episode kicked off with TJ revealing the mountain race Purge’s results. Zach and Nicole won the mission, giving them 25k dollars to split. The eliminated female was Jemmye, and the eliminated male was Devin (losing to Kyle by 5 seconds). Devin is proud that he played a game where he wasn’t afraid to make big moves. Kyle is incredibly shocked to find he’s still in the game and admits he was nowhere near the best, but he will maintain the confidence of a winner. Kyle is oddly endearing.

When the players return to the house, most get small confessionals of what they would do with the money: Nelson (family), Kam (donate), Cara (obstacle course gym), and so on. Brad has the best one; he reminds everyone that the last time he was in the Czech Republic, he was atop a castle, winning 120k dollars with Tori, on Cutthroat. He really wants to win for his family.

The Daily Challenge

Players are hooked to a moving semi truck and forced to traverse from the truck to a dangling pillar with boxes in-between. The players must go back and forth while avoiding the boxes. The boxes have varying point values. If a player fails to make the transfer, they will receive a transfer penalty. Those with the least points wins. Winners receive a spot in the final, and the losers’ faith remains unknown (at the time). We later find out that the last place male score is automatically eliminated.

0 Point Finishes.

Zach, Tony, Kyle, Brad, Kailah, Nicole, and Cara Maria all finish their round with 0 points. Kyle is the most terrified while doing the challenge. Because so many people finished with 0 points, they are all going a second time at a much faster pace.

Non 0 Point Finishes.

Leroy is the first person to go and is doing well until he is caught in an awkward middle ground. He shakes around like Peter Pan and eventually hits the final pillar of boxes. Leroy totals 4 points.

Kam is doing well and is confident until her butt hits a box at the end, also scoring her four points.

Nelson does incredibly well until he goes too hard into the truck and clings onto it, missing a transfer. He is given a transfer penalty of 7 points, which is more than if he had just decided to hit the boxes.

Nelson has the worst score and finds out that he’s not going into the elimination arena…he is ELIMINATED. Because he chose to cling on instead of get hit, he was eliminated from a game where he did not even know he could go home. Purges are a dirty part of the game, but if you are not going to tell the person BEFORE the challenge starts that last place eliminates them, then the game becomes kind of bullshit. Obviously, Nelson was saved by the first ever elimination draw in Challenge history, however, punishing him without telling everyone prior is simply unfair.

Round Two

Nicole goes first and hits one of the middle boxes hard. They have this weird rule where if you are in the middle ground and happen to not hit a box, you do not get a transfer penalty. She scores 5 points.

Zach and Kyle had identical 5 point performances where they could not keep up with the speed.

Tony gets 4 points for the same transfer failure that Nelson did. Brad got 3 points for hitting a box, and then immediately got the same transfer failure as Tony. Tony scores 4 points, and Brad scores 7.

Cara and Kailah show that being smaller might be a big advantage in this mission. They both end up hitting a box or two. Cara scores 4 points, and Kailah scores 2.


Kailah and Tony are the winners for each sex. They split 25k, which is huge for Kailah who has been needing a win all season. Cara also gets to be in the Troika. They find out all the girls get to go to the final.

The Troika must nominate three people for elimination with only four eligible. Tony is very attracted to Zach’s 37k bank account. Kailah and Cara defend him and make sure he is safe. Brad, Kyle, and Leroy are nominated.


Brad — Pleads his case by saying he is someone you want to run a final with, plus he is playing for his family.

Leroy — Expects them to save him as he has been loyal to most of them the entire game. He has Cara as his #2, Kailah as his #3, and he is friends with Tony.

Kyle — Tells Tony he views him as a brother, and tries to convince Cara he is a changed person because of her.


When they arrive to the arena, TJ informs them they will be voting on who to save. Cara is given the first vote and she chooses to save Kyle (because they have been hooking up). Leroy is distraught and calls this a betrayal. She argues that Kyle has shown heart and completely earned his spot in the final while protecting her (which is true).

Kailah votes to save Leroy as she has no incentive to save Kyle or Brad. Tony makes the choice to save Kyle. Leroy flat out calls Tony a bitch. He says he is afraid of him in the final and should just say that instead of hiding behind lies. Leroy is FUCKING PISSED. This man is on a mission and is ready to kick some ass.

Brad and Leroy are going up against each other, however, they are only showing an angry Leroy really.

The game is called HeadBanger. Players will have to break through two walls to get to a heavy set of boxing gloves. They must smash the gloves against a third middle wall to release a tiny ball from the glove. Once you have both balls, you win the elimination. Leroy was an amateur boxer for a bit so he has a tiny edge. The last time Brad was eliminated, it was because he took some swings to the face from a Golden Gloves boxer (Darrell).

When the round begins, Leroy bursts through the first wall like a brick house. Brad makes a dent and then his comes tumbling down (honestly, I’m shocked he didn’t get a restart). Leroy gets through the second wall, while Brad struggles because he must run at the wall while the other wall is on the floor in the way. Leroy gets through first and decides to only swing with his right arm. He backs up and throws strong hooks. Brad finally gets through and tries to hit with both hands to bad results.

Leroy gets the first ball out while Brad struggles with gripping the handles to even work. Leroy swings hard, gets the second ball, and it is over. Brad’s season is over after he has been fighting with his back against the wall. A sad finish for a former champion.

As you can see, Brad was not happy. Leroy is hyped and ready to get back at Tony and Cara once he has the chance.

Going into next week’s final, here are the bank accounts:

Tony 39,625
Zach 36,625
Nicole 26,625
Kailah 20,695
Kam 17,125
Kyle 10,625
Cara 8,750
Leroy 0,000



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