Challenge Vendettas Episode 12 Recap: Swimming is sometimes hard

Tuesday’s episode begins with Natalie giving her teary-eyed apology to Nelson. After Nelson made moves in the game to help Natalie, she has continued to not help him in order to protect only her game. They make amends. However, Nelson shows no remorse for her in his confessionals.

The Daily Challenge

We move forward into the next day’s challenge. TJ informs them they will be split into two teams selected by the Troika where they will compete in an underwater swimming challenge. A member of their team will swim out and collect a ball (dodgeball size), they will swim under the water to the ball in a submerged net. Once they have enough balls in the net (about 16), their treasure chest will rise up and they can run it to shore, stopping their time. The fastest team wins 25k, Troika selection, and the Troika gets Burger King. Losing team must vote a girl into elimination.

Kam chooses to use her grenade on Cara Maria, adding an extra minute to whatever team takes Cara Maria. Brad is then asked how he will use his grenade. Upset, Brad asks why the Troika can pick the teams after he potentially use a grenade. Zach and Tony promise to put Brad on their team. Brad chooses to use his grenade to tie up Kyle’s legs for the challenge, making him ineligible for the mission. In his confessional, Kyle calls Brad a prick and is now gunning for him.

Tony, Zach, and Natalie choose to pick the teams. Natalie goes back on her word again and puts Nelson on the bad team. Considering he is an awful swimmer, can you really blame her?


Good Team: Tony, Zach, Brad, Devin, Nicole, Jemmye, and Natalie
Losing Team: Nelson, Leroy, Cara Maria, Kam, Kailah, Kyle (can’t compete)

The Tony team is very impressive as they are all the best swimmers. They finish in an impressive 14:35. Does this time matter? Not at all because the other team cannot even get one ball in the net as none of them are strong enough swimmers.

Following the win, there is a debate among the winning team of who should be the Troika. Zach and Tony want to be in it no matter what as they were the ones who stacked the teams in their favor. The girls are initially upset as it is a female elimination day. Eventually, Jemmye lets it be all guys in the Troika so there is a higher chance she is not nominated for elimination. The problem is if they had let all three girls be the Troika, then none of them would have any chance of entering the elimination arena. They promise not to vote in any of their girls.

The losing team is forced to vote for a girl into elimination. Nelson, Kam, and Kailah vote for Cara Maria, while Kyle, Cara Maria, and Leroy vote for Kailah, leading to two stalemates. This allows the Troika to vote anyone into elimination, so they choose Kam. Kam is upset because Leroy’s choice to not vote for Cara Maria put her in elimination.

Nominations and Inquisition

Brad, Tony, and Zach get a massage after a ride in sports cars while being treated to Burger King. Then they get to nominating three females for elimination. They choose Kailah, Cara, and Natalie. Natalie feels blind-sided.

At the Inquisition, Tony tells Cara Maria she is the best choice for a person to eliminate Kam. Cara says she would prefer not to. Eventually, the Inquisition breaks down into a fight between Natalie and Kailah over who is stronger and who they would want to run a final with. Natalie has out-performed Kailah all season and is looking a stronger person to keep around. Except for the fact that Natalie has 32,000+ dollars in her individual bank account. Natalie has almost as much as Derrick won on Dirty 30 and this is still before the final. This is too tantalizing for Zach and Tony who have their eyes on the final.


Brad, Zach, and Tony all vote for Natalie to go into elimination. The dominant female rookies are going up against one another. Kam has defeated two mercenaries, and Natalie has the most money in the game.

The elimination is a tightrope race. Players will traverse a tightrope to a finish line with a bell. First to ring the bell wins. This seems like Natalie’s game as a gymnast.

When the elimination gets going, Natalie takes a quick lead. The two girls quickly realize these ropes are not strong enough to glide across and are both flipped upside down. Once a player is flipped, they must now traverse the ropes using their arms. This is where Kam pulls ahead. Natalie is more agile and balanced, but Kam is much stronger. Natalie gets frantic and eventually is stuck. Kam pulls out her third elimination win of the season, putting her in an exclusive territory.

She gets three grenade options:
— Steal someone’s entire bank
— Force someone to do 30 burpees before the challenge
— Add time to a person in the next challenge

TJ informs the house the next challenge will not have an elimination after it and for them to be ready to leave for the Czech Republic.

Next Day

The group arrives at a field in Spain. TJ informs them they are having a Purge. Players will have an uphill race including a zip line that will decide who gets to go the Czech Republic. Players will run at staggered times. Worst guy and girl time gets eliminated. Kam chooses to use her second grenade on Devin, to take his 16,000 dollars, which is important as Kam only had 3,000 in her bank with the final approaching. Cara with a time crunch will most likely still beat a regular Jemmye.

Educated Guesses of Results. They leave us on to be continued, except they reveal that Zach and Nicole win this challenge (earning them 12,500 each). However, it seemed like this:

1 Zach
2 Nelson
3 Tony
4 Leroy
5 Brad
Toss Up: Devin and Kyle

1 Nicole
2 Cara
3 Kailah
4 Kam
5 Jemmye

Devin and Kyle have had great seasons each, watching either go home at this point is painful. Jemmye, congrats on making it this far, hope you enjoyed your vacation.



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