Challenge Vendettas Episode 10 Recap: A Slam Dunk

Allan Aguirre
6 min readMar 8, 2018

The episode begins with Devin starting his campaign to face Bananas in elimination. He approaches Kailah and she thinks that she can make it happen. Devin decides against approaching Zach, as he knows Zach will not blow up his game at this point. He eventually gets Tony to think about it as well.


The Troika get together and they nominate Leroy because he is yet to win a single challenge all season. They also nominate Nelson and Bananas as the two sides of the house. Kyle and Brad can’t be nominated because they made an agreement to not nominate anyone on their winning team into elimination the previous week. Zach wants to vote for Nelson, Kailah wants to vote for Bananas, and Tony is split.

When the nominations are revealed, Devin and Nelson are hyped to see Bananas’ reaction. Bananas does not even go to see if he is nominated, and is surprised to hear the news. He goes up to Zach and Tony and questions what is up, looking more at Zach (Zach has crossed him in the past). Tony says he is not being voted in, and he had to get him back for the first nomination. Bananas is a bit shaken.


Nelson points out Bananas and Leroy’s alliance. Leroy notes that everyone has alliances in the game, and if the elimination is physical, they know he is coming back. The Troika believe all three will win if it’s physical, but Nelson suggests that Devin could beat Bananas. Bananas retorts, saying he can beat Devin’s ass while in a wheelchair. Eventually, Bananas looks at Tony and tells him if he votes him in, he will have to deal with Bananas coming back at him, either on this season, or for every season after it. Bananas admits the Challenge is his whole life, and he is playing for Season 35, as much as he is playing for Vendettas.

House Life

Devin reveals shocking news to Nelson: he saw Bananas making out with Kayleigh. This is Nelson’s face:

Devin has been holding on to this and waiting for the right time to strike. He knows he has to stir the pot to get an edge on Bananas. Nelson starts spreading the rumor and wants to tell Natalie. As more girls find out, they can’t believe it. However, they realize Kayleigh voting in Devin instead of Bananas is the clearest evidence of all.

When Nelson tells Natalie, she says he can do whatever he wants. She is mad and upset, but she doesn’t want to show it. Bananas notes that the rumors are merely desperate shots to get him in elimination. In another room, Kayleigh yells at Nelson that Bananas was better than him.

With Kyle and Cara, she confirms that Bananas did make out with her, and possibly more. Bananas rejects the idea as it will blow up his alliance with Natalie, and Kayleigh apparently thinks Bananas is ugly. Bananas is frazzled and tells the guys the rumors are dumb and won’t get him in elimination. Meanwhile, Tony and Zach remain tight-lipped about the situation.

At the club, Natalie feels sad and angry about the entire situation. When Kayleigh attempts to sit beside Kailah, Britni and Natalie, Kailah denies her. Kailah spearheads a mean girls group against Kayleigh. When they return to the house, Jemmye, Britni and Kailah throw Kayleigh’s bed and her suitcase over the staircase from the second floor. A stunned Kayleigh removes her heels and runs up the stairs to fight. Nicole and Kyle hold her back from throwing any punches. The girls who threw the suitcase are talking shit from afar and staying away. Kam tells Kailah she has to go downstairs and tackle her actions head-on, because where she is from, they confront people 1 on 1, and they do not gang up.

Kyle, Cara, Leroy, and Kayleigh all point out that what the girls did was bullying. However, the trio are trying to avoid these claims, in order to maintain their reputations and save face. This one will be hard to recover from, especially for Kailah and Jemmye. Kayleigh stays in a hotel for the evening, and returns the next morning. She is jarred.


Before the elimination, TJ talks reprimands Kailah, Britni, and Jemmye like a disappointed father. MTV is anti-bullying, which is great to see, however, it makes you wonder why they did not come down harder in past situations. Zach votes in Nelson, Kailah votes in Bananas. Tony notes that he’s always looked up to Bananas and that Nelson is his Vendetta. Yet, he has to vote in Bananas as he has to look out for his own game.

This is Nelson’s face when it happened:

According to Devin and some others, Bananas didn’t even pack his bags. Devin is hyped to face Bananas. The elimination is a Memorization Game. They will press a button, lighting up a board (20 feet away?). Many of the lights will be off, and they have to memorize these ones, run over and turn them on, and eventually light up the entire board.

Devin’s approach: He separates the board into six compartmentalized sections. It is a slow but efficient tactic.

Bananas’ approach: Speed and don’t look back. He is also tackling the board somewhat linearly, except he is focusing on going back and forth as fast as he can.

During the elimination, the crowd can’t tell who is winning. Kailah and Tony note they would crumble in this elimination. For much of the elimination, Bananas is leading, up until about 80% completion.

Nearing the end, Devin’s approach turned out to be genius, as one of his final two columns was essentially a straight line which he could knock out in one run. Devin wins with Bananas having only three lights unlit. It’s Devin and Tony’s time because Bananas is out. For the third straight season, Bananas does not even make it into the top five.

When Devin wins, he yells: “You know what’s close to a lay-up? A SLAM DUNK!”

Tony high fives him and says he gave him the alley and all Devin needed to do was oop it. Bananas remarks that Tony has now started a war.

After the elimination, Kayleigh informs TJ she will be quitting, and TJ says it is fine and that he is not disappointed in her at all.

Devin’s Grenades

  1. Add weight to an opponent in the next challenge.
  2. Tie two opponents at the ankles in the next challenge.
  3. Pick teams.

The first two cannot be used against the Troika, so Zach can’t be a target next week. It will be interesting to see how Devin uses this power.



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