Challenge Total Madness Player Preview: Kaycee Clark

Allan Aguirre
5 min readMar 28, 2020

Kaycee Clark is known for two things: winning Big Brother 20 and being a professional women’s football player. The girl played one of the best games in Big Brother history as she stayed completely under the radar until the jury phase. Once the game got real, Kaycee turned it on and won 5 out of the last 6 Power of Veto competitions to guarantee safety and ensure she would be in the final 3. Kaycee then won the final head of household competition and took home a 5–4 jury vote win. Even more impressively, most of the vetos she won were memory competitions and problem-solving competitions. Kaycee proved she has a high level of social awareness, can win challenges, and has the intelligence needed to solve puzzles. Then you add the fact she is crazy athletic and physically imposing.

She has a great shot of winning her rookie season and being a dominant force on this show as well. The problem with Kaycee is she was boring for a majority of Big Brother. Kaycee played so low-key that some fans were referring to her as a piece of furniture in the house. Once the game got going, she showed much more personality. Hopefully, she becomes more adventurous on the Challenge as the game has an entirely different atmosphere.

Introducing Kaycee: Her entry into reality television was Big Brother 20. Kaycee had been a long-time superfan of the show, and she entered the game with the strategy of laying as low as possible in the early stages as she understood the people who talk too much early on put giant targets on themselves. Fellow new Challenge rookies Bayleigh and Swaggy C did what Kaycee was trying not to do. They coupled up from the jump, were huge personalities and finished 11th and 15th out of 16, respectively. Swaggy and Bayleigh made a more immediate impact, and nobody called them boring like they did Kaycee. However, Kaycee proved that in the long-run, people care about winning more. Kaycee has 321k Instagram followers compared to Swaggy’s 126k and Bayleigh’s 148k (less combined than Kaycee). Provided Kaycee can win as she did on Big Brother; she will have a lasting impact on the Challenge.

The Challenge is similar, but producers generally will prefer people like Swaggy and Bayleigh in terms of creating drama, story-lines, and getting fans to live tweet. If Kaycee goes out early or even midway through, then fans will be quick to label her a piece of wallpaper. She enters handcuffed by the fact she is in a committed relationship. In a party environment with tons of girls who are either fluid or willing to experiment, Kaycee would be fun to watch. On Big Brother, the hookup element of the game was not there for her, and she knew that in a voting game, a showmance is a trouble anyway.

Player Vitals

Kaycee Clark: 32 Years Old, 5'10, 132 lbs, ROOKIE, Big Brother 20 Winner

Skills and Physical Strength: Looking at pictures of her in the football gear with pads and the fact she is a whopping 5'10 makes her seem like a behemoth. However, in August, I met her at Challenge Mania in Las Vegas, I was shocked that she was rail thin. This girl has minimal body fat % and a ton of muscle. As a woman’s football player, she is automatically the favorite for any Hall Brawl or Balls In type competition. Considering she was a wide receiver, one has to assume Kaycee is likely the fastest person in a dead-sprint. You also have to think she has good hands, and her grip strength must be incredible.

There are only a few question marks for Kaycee. Can she swim? Is she afraid of heights? What is her experience running long-distances? If she is competent at those three things, then the other women on the cast should be terrified of her.

SSMP (Social, Strategic, Mental, and Political) Game: I think Kaycee might be in a tight spot politically. She is friends with Kailah as they would hang out in Vegas together (along with Kailah’s ex-boyfriend and their friends). The problem with that is Kailah’s #1 and #2 are Jenna and Nany. Kailah won’t be gunning for Kaycee, but her theoretical #1 ally won’t be actively looking out for her. Kaycee could align with the other three Big Brother rookies, but the other three players were entirely against Kaycee and her alliance on BB20. Even if they agree to work with her early on, they might be silently be trying to get revenge, or hell, they might go for her from the jump.

Kaycee should attempt to align with people like Mattie, Jenny, and Dee. Girls who are still new to the franchise and already established as strong players. We saw on Big Brother that Kaycee could be under the radar, but she needs strong connections on the Challenge, or else people will be forced to put in her by default eventually. As we saw on Big Brother, Kaycee is solid with mental challenges.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: Kaycee should strike fear in others in daily challenges. Power of Veto competitions is the closest thing to eliminations, and Kaycee dominated them. Her ability to work quickly under pressure and mental duress will make puzzles and carnival games easy for her in theory. Likewise, she can physically dominate the other girls. Kaycee is like a much taller, more athletic version of Nicole Zanatta, except also mentally fierce.

Can she win? Yes. What will hold her back in a final is inexperience. The fact is, regardless of how in shape you are, you don’t know what a final will be until you get there. Kaycee has all the tools to wins in terms of fitness and mental ability; it’s just whether she knows how to pace herself and if she can do little things like eating gross food, kayak, swim, etc.

Kaycee’s Overall Rating: 87/100



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