Challenge Total Madness Player Preview: Chris “Swaggy C” Williams

Allan Aguirre
6 min readMar 9, 2020


Easily the most controversial cast member entering the season. In the Big Brother community, Christopher Williams, aka Swaggy C, is one of the most disliked cast members in recent years.

He was the second player evicted out of 16 cast members, yet, he had a lingering impact on the show as most of the alliance he formed ended up making the jury phase, his friends wore his “Swaggy C” branded t-shirts, and he was able to have a presence on Social Media where he could tweet for 60+ days about the show he was on. There was a very unfortunate miscarriage that occurred between him and his showmance Bayleigh (S35 competitor and his current wife), while she was in the jury house. Swaggy then stole the show even more during the Reunion by proposing to Bayleigh despite only having been in her presence for only 23 total days.

Most Big Brother fans were not a fan of Swaggy taking up so much attention when he was an early exit. They hated his confidence (which was sometimes cockiness). However, Swaggy does have a passionate minority section of fans, which at the end of the day, most players would take over being generally well-liked.

I can tell you this: Swaggy C is going to make a significant impression on you, and you are likely to have a strong opinion. Not sure if it is going to be good, and I’m not sure it will be bad either, but he’ll have you tweeting about him.

Introducing Swaggy C: Christopher Williams is a reality television star focused on his brand. When he entered the Big Brother house, he came in with a plethora of “Swaggy C” shirts with different designs. While most players try to keep a low profile, Swaggy C was trying to dominate the game by leading his alliance and also pushing his merchandise. He overexposes himself in attempting to advertise himself while competing. Most pro athletes became celebrities as they excel in their field of competition and then crossover into commercials and merchandise. Swaggy is very confident in himself, but he needs to channel the confidence and focus on doing well in the game over everything. If Swaggy goes all out as a competitor, then he could gain the respect of fans. Once you have the fan respect, you can do anything.

He enters the Challenge house with his #1 ally from Big Brother in Fessy, and his Wife, Bayleigh. They are an impressive trio with both Swaggy and Fessy having played college sports, and I believe Bayleigh may have run track at Baylor, or at the very least, was a decent runner in high school. It will be fascinating to watch how Swaggy and Bayleigh integrate as rookies who are married. We haven’t seen a married couple on the show since Brad and Tori on Cutthroat (resulted in a win for both). However, Brad and Tori were established veterans, while Swaggy and Bayleigh are rookies from Big Brother. They might be ostracized or they will be seen as a package deal who players can align with knowing it adds 2 people to their alliance guaranteed.

Player Vitals

Christopher Williams: 25 Years Old, 6'4, 200 lbs, Season, ROOKIE, Division I Basketball Player (ish)

Skills and Physical Strength: I was surprised to find out Swaggy C is 6'4. His college basketball scouting page also listed him as 200 lbs, though I’d guess he’s probably closer to 180–185 considering how lean he is. We have seen many challengers use height and size to their advantage to dominate smaller competitors in the past. Although, the last college basketball player to debut on the Challenge was Derrick Henry, and he struggled mightily in all the challenges and eliminations. On Big Brother, Swaggy C won a balance/endurance type competition. If he is nimble on his feet, then he should do well in the many height based challenges.

On paper, the guy has a killer athletic build. However, because he was eliminated early on Big Brother, we don’t know his strengths and weaknesses. We don’t know if he is good with puzzles, or if he can eat gross things, or if he has good cardio. I would bet considering his build, he probably is one of the most explosive athletes on the cast and would beat most players in a sprint. The question is, does he know how to tackle someone when sprinting at them? These are huge question marks.

I wanted to see if there were any videos of him playing college basketball, but he only played for a total of two minutes while at Saint Peters University. Though it was a Division 1 team, so to have a scholarship, he is, at the very least, miles better than the average basketball player.

SSMP (Social, Strategic, Mental, and Political) Game: His social game on Big Brother was atrocious. He was a go-getter in the sense that he formed his own alliance, but he did not take account for the feelings and thoughts of players outside of his alliance well. Swaggy lacked self-awareness. If he learns from his mistakes from Big Brother, then he has the potential to be a great social player. He is charismatic and has the confidence of a leader. Yet, it won’t matter if he can’t look farther than his personal goals. A good social game is a give and take. His strategy should be to optimally get him, Fessy, and Bayleigh to the end, but to be a potent political player, he needs to tidy up his social game.

The best strategy for Swaggy is to attempt to get his trio of he, Bayleigh, and Fessy to conglomerate onto a bigger fish like Bananas or Wes. They can guarantee three votes on whatever side they play with. Historically, Wes is more loyal to rookies. Playing with Wes gets messy at the midway point, but getting to the midway point is not a big problem for a rookie when most rookies get taken out early.

Swaggy has the initiative to make power moves, form alliances, and take a shot at the top. Even with those ambitions — if he’s at the bottom of the totem pole, he will get thrown into elimination over and over again. I am unsure if he will be good with puzzles. Only time will tell.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: Besides Theo, most of the tall challenge competitors have subpar elimination records: Zach is 4–5, Tony 3–4, Derrick H 0–2, MJ 2–2, Big Easy 4–5, and even CT’s official record is 5–4.

While raw physical eliminations reward size, most other eliminations cater to those with better hand-eye coordination and those who can think on their feet. Wes, Jordan, Derrick, and Nelson are the four best male elimination competitors all-time, and the tallest is about 5'9. Last season, we saw Theo struggle using a sledgehammer, partially due to the fact a sledgehammer needs a precise and efficient swing, and his body is so gangly that over time, his swings regressed harshly. Swaggy might be able to outsprint his castmates, but it’s little the carnival stuff that matters.

Can Swaggy win this season? I honestly don’t think so. He is a tremendous character, and he will likely make an impact on the game and social media. It’s difficult to see him not becoming a giant target. Chris is in a relationship that is easy to target, comes from Big Brother, is branded as a rookie, and CALLS HIMSELF SWAGGY C. He’s going to see an elimination, maybe five. I hope he can learn from his experience on the show to improve for future seasons.

I’m also crossing my fingers that fan opinion of him shifts more positively.

Swaggy C’s Overall Rating: 73/100



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