Challenge Retrospective Awards Compilation: Fresh Meat 1 — Invasion

Here is the page where you can find all of the Retrospectives. I started this series back in early April and now it is finished. I may pick up and do from Battle of the Sexes 1 or the origin Battle of the Seasons, but for now, that’s on the back-burners, focusing on pursuing something different for a bit.

Fun stats:


3x Male MVPs: Chris Tamburello (Duel 1, Rivals 1, Rivals 2) Wes Bergmann (Fresh Meat 1, the Ruins, Exes 2) Johnny Bananas (Exes 1, Free Agents, Rivals 3)

2x Male MVPs: Abram Boise (Cutthroat, Bloodlines) Kenny Santucci (the Island, Fresh Meat 2)

1x Male MVPs: Frank Sweeney (Seasons) Shane Landrum (Invasion) Evan Starkman (Duel 2) Frank Roessler (Gauntlet 3)

4x Female MVPs: Laurel Stucky (Fresh Meat 2, Cutthroat, Rivals 1, Free Agents)

3x Female MVPs: Sarah Rice (Seasons, Exes 2, Rivals 3)

2x Female MVPs: Susie Meister (Inferno 3, the Ruins)

1x Female MVPs: Emily Schromm (Rivals 2) Camila Nakagawa (Exes 1), Tonya Cooley (Inferno 3) Jillian Zoboroski (Gauntlet 3) Jodi Weatherton (Duel 1) Coral Smith (Fresh Meat 1) Rachel Robinson (Duel 2) Evelyn Smith (the Island) Ashley Mitchell (Invasion) Cara Maria Sorbello (Bloodlines)

Best Physical Players

5x Male: Chris Tamburello (Duel 1, Rivals 1, Exes 1, Rivals 2, Free Agents)

2x Male: Derrick Kosinski (the Ruins, the Island) Johnny Bananas (Bloodlines, Rivals 3) Darrell Taylor (Fresh Meat 1, Invasion) Evan Starkman (Duel 2, Fresh Meat 1), Landon Lueck (Fresh Meat 2, Duel 2) Abram Boise (Inferno 3, Cutthroat)

1x Male: Kenny Santucci (Fresh Meat 2), CJ Koegel (Seasons)

4x Female: Laurel Stucky (Fresh Meat 2, Cutthroat, Free Agents, Invasion) Evelyn Smith (Inferno 3, Gauntlet 3, the Island, Rivals 1)

2x Female: Emily Schromm (Exes 1, Rivals 2) Sarah Rice (Seasons, Rivals 3)

1x Female: Jodi Weatherton (Duel 1) Coral Smith (Fresh Meat 1) KellyAnne Judd (the Ruins) Cara Maria Sorbello (Bloodlines) Rachel Robinson (Duel 2) Theresa Gonzalez (Exes 2)



26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre