Challenge Invasion Season Awards

Not doing a full “retrospective” for this like I have with some season, but today I will be giving out major awards and fun awards for this season of the Challenge. If you do not know about the way I give awards, I like to base it not only on who wins and who dominates daily challenges. I enjoy writing about people who truly influenced the game or the “show” itself with hook-ups, pranks, fights, politics, story-lines, hotness, and overall house aura. Let us get going!

MVPs — Male: Shane Landrum Female: Ashley Mitchell

Shane was the biggest surprise in general this season. He was a great competitor who was always underrated back when he used to compete in the mid 2000’s. If you watch Fresh Meat 1, all the teams would talk about how Shane and his partner Linette would do way better than any of them expected. Based off his Instagram and Crossfit photos, I was excited for him to return to the show, but getting back into the Challenges was almost like riding a bike for him. He was an actual leader on his Underdog team, performed well each mission, and was the main reason for most of their wins. Shane also got into fights with Tony, Hunter, Cory, Nelson, Nicole, and Laurel. He almost made it to the final, and based on what we just saw, it feels as if he could have won this season had he been there instead of Cory.

Ashley had hookups, meltdowns, breakdowns, fights, and won the whole goddamn thing on her second Challenge. You might hate her or you might love her, but in the end she got a reaction out of you, and that shows she’s a true star of the show, with her win putting the exclamation point on the season.

Best booty — Male: Chris “CT” Tamburello Female: Kailah Casillas

Did anyone in the finale peek CT’s butt when he ran down the beach for the final stretch? Even with the dad bod it was popping. Looking good, CT.

While Ashley K brought her peach to the show for a couple episodes, and competitors like Jenna and Camila had good showings as always, the novelty of Kailah was very entertaining. She also wore clothes to own the fact that she loves her body and will flaunt it. Plus she put it to work with Cory.

Best elimination win — Male: Darrell against Bananas Female: Laurel against Cara Maria

Knot so fast is probably my favorite elimination in Challenge history, it’s a game of endurance that hides as a puzzle and strategy game. However, watching two legends in Bananas and Darrell smash heads with each other was much more enjoyable. Darrell returned for the first time in 7 years to take back the crown. And while he did not get the win, at least he gave Bananas a concussion.

Cara versus Laurel was fun to have as a fan of Challenge history.

Rookie of the Year — Male: Hunter Barfield Female: Nicole Zanatta

These two with their accents was such strong meme material. Hunter had his fits where he pointed a water gun like a real pistol at Amanda, got into with Shane, and yelled who could beat me? Simple math could beat you, Hunter. I also loved him getting into Cory’s face after winning the 2nd daily challenge, as well as the first Champs vs Underdogs mission where he pinned down Bananas for a good five to ten seconds.

Nicole was a total jabroni, but getting into a relationship with the greatest female in Challenge history while making the final is a top honor in my books.

Best Abs — Male: Nelson Thomas Female: Cara Maria Sorbello

Nelson’s body was so defined that when his shirt got wet it would cling to his body making a sharp outline of a 6 pack. It wasn’t as vein-y as Hunter’s either. Cara looked great this season.

Best Hair — Male: Johnny Bananas Female: Cara Maria Sorbello

Maybe it was the shelter that hurt the health of the hair of the females this season, but they were all missing something. When Cara showed up with her bright red hair, it looked very healthy and sharp this season.

Contenders for the guys were Tony and Dario. However, Bananas hair was super floppy and had a ton of volume. As much as I hate his guts, the dude’s hair looked pretty sexy. Best hair he’s had in any of his years on the show.

Best future Exes: Hunter and Ashley

Kailah and Camila are solid female athletes, but sadly for them they would have to compete with Cory, which is like playing with Cory. Which is something bad. Laurel and Nicole are an interesting pair, but as long as they are up against same sex couples, it will be tough for them to win.

Dario and Ashley K is a couple I hope stays together, they also are not as good as Hunter and Ashley. Nelson’s hook ups are weak competitors, Jenna with Zach could actually be good, but Bruno is the more interesting one.

This southern couple could actually win a Challenge, maybe?

Best Wallpaper — Male Dario Medrano Female Jenna Compono

Jenna gets the award for the fourth season while straight. Dario was very likable this season, maybe because he was away from the camera?



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