Challenge Invasion Finale Episode 1: I’d feel bad for Camila if it was not for her demeanor

Camila has had one of the most conflicting seasons in Challenge history when it comes to whether or not you would want to root for her.

She came into this Challenge in the best shape of her life, she worked hard in order to show up, do well, and be a legitimate top tier competitor. Camila has done impressively in many of the daily missions and beat Laurel in the final elimination — a feat that had never been done.

What brought her down is some of the side stuff. After her exit on Rivals 3, she posted that she would grow up and be more mature on these shows, turn over a new leaf. Instead, she got in an embarrassing fight with Amanda. Not embarrassing because of the actions of either during it, but for the fact that Camila was not even involved, and made herself the center of attention. I do not like to use the phrase “camera whore”, as these people are on reality TV and inherently are all there for camera time, but Camila just gets into the business of other people that are not her own. A terrible quality.

She also got into a friends with benefits relationship with Cory this season. While Cory is very good looking and fun as a possible one night stand, his personality has really dragged on this season, and he’s been a somewhat all around flop as a competitor.

Now let’s talk about her interesting episode 1 of the final.

Day 1 Partnered With CT

Camila destroys the swimming portion as she beats everyone, including CT. She waits for CT to get up to shore, they proceed to the puzzle. From there she ends up doing the entire puzzle, does the math, and unlocks the key. Her and CT run to the kayak, and they have to do a simple jigsaw/sliders puzzle. They are trailed by Nelson and Ashley, despite them getting torched on the swim. Camila and CT finish first, as expected. They killed it. Camila should be proud.

Here’s the problem: Camila cannot stop finding reasons to complain. She talks about how she “wasted” having CT as a partner, and that he basically held her back as she killed the swim and did the puzzles herself. Camila said that he didn’t do enough to help her to win. Then, Ashley gets excited over her close finish, Camila decides to deride by saying she “shit the bed on the swim”. Which may be true, but considering they were only a couple minutes behind her and CT, shows that Camila didn’t do as well on the puzzle.

My problem with that assertion is that Camila’s default setting is that it is only her game that mattered and not her partner’s. If it was an individual game, yes, she could have finished first overall anyway. However, it is not an individual game, flat out. In order to win, you need to rely on your partner at each station, be calm, supportive, and communicate well.

I dislike Johnny Bananas, but one of the reasons he is a winner is because he is an incredibly supportive partner who gets the best out of the people he works with. Same goes for Landon, Wes (later in his career), and CT.

It does not matter how freaking awesome you are, if you are not helping your partner. To top that off, Ashley was pretty close to Camila, and she had to wait way more time for Nelson to catch up to her than Camila had to wait for CT. Had this been individual, it could of been a toss up for first place on day 1.

Day 2 partnered with Cory

She worked with Cory, which, if you’ve followed the series the past couple years, you would have known that Cory has terrible endurance. She also decides that when communicating with him that she should use tough love and yelling. I think besides Abram using tough love with Laurel on Cutthroat, I don’t remember tough love ever being an effective with way of working with someone. Cory is also hypersensitive, so trying emasculate will only make him quit.

I did like watching that Camila was able to pull the rickshaw after Cory got gassed. That was truly impressive. My problem is that her inability to work with her teammate, led to their ultimate downfall on the big puzzle at the end of the episode where after finishing they realized they had been doing the puzzle on the wrong pole stand, meaning they would have to start over again. My favorite part was that Camila said she was not going to yell, when she basically yelled the whole time, and acted super passive aggressive.

I feel terribly that Camila did well all season, is mostly killing the final, and now find herself in deep 3rd place on the second day of the final. Her and Cory were already in last with a time penalty, now she could see herself in possibly 3rd place in the overall in the standings at the end of the day. I hope she can recuperate ground on the final day, I just want her to have a better mindset when competing. As long as she is paired up, it’s not just her final, and she needs to understand that to win.



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Allan Aguirre

Allan Aguirre


26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.